NULL field

Is there a way to run a query and check for a NULL field
I have a DB with a NULL field right now. If it happens to be NULL, the queries will completely skip it. For example, if I have a table with a name field and it is set to NULL and I run

Code: SELECT name FROM table WHERE name != 'bob'

Any and all NULL fields are skipped as if they dont exist. I even tried

Code: SELECT name FROM table WHERE name = NULL SELECT name FROM table WHERE name = 'NULL'

And I get nothing. What is the proper way, if any

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, I have an INT field which accepts NULL values and can accept 0 values, how do i select records which have NULL values without selecting records with 0 values i tried: Code: SELECT * from tbl WHERE field != 0 it doesn't return any records with zeros OR nulls, i want it to return records with NULLs.. Help is great appreciated,
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, When modifying a NULL column to NOT NULL, I am getting the error "ERROR 1265(01000): Data truncated for column ...." on mysql 5.0.27-community-nt (windows xp). When i try the same thing on 5.0.45-community(Redhat), I do not get any error. Here's the schema and some sample data. Code: create table check_null( id int auto_increment not null primary key, nname varchar(32) not null, phone varchar(16) )engine=innodb charset=utf8; insert into check_null (id,nname) values (null, 'Alpha'), (null, 'Beta'), (null, 'Gamma') ; Here's the sql statement for adding a not null constraint to a column. sql Code: Original - sql Code alter table check_null modify column phone varchar(16) not null;
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two Db's 1. clubs - clubId | clubName|..... 2. recentClubsList - id | clubId | dispOrder all clubs are listed in clubs. only a few are represented in recentClubsList. I want to query a result set that includes only clubs that do not show up in the recentClubsList Db. I have tried this query Code: SELECT CONCAT(clubName, ', ', state ) AS theName, c.clubId,, rc.clubId FROM clubs c LEFT JOIN recentClientsList rc ON (rc.clubId=c.clubId) ORDER BY c.clubName It is very close as it returns all clubs but with null values when there is no rows within recentClubsList. Queries confuse me so i may not even be close to right here. any ideas Ras , i got it working, though i went a different route. I added a column to the clubs Db that i can query over. Ras