link table links the same table to itself

The database describes some cables with exactly on plug at each end.
The question is how to write a query that will return the id for the plug at the other end of the cable assuming we only know the id for the plug at this end. We do not know the cable id.
the plug tables have two columns, id and cable_id the cable table has one column, id.
Any takers

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Hi , I am trying to select from these tables: (seems I am not allowed to post links or images, so if you could be so kind if checking out the db schema at, it would be easier to see what I am looking for) I'm trying to write a query that, given a arbitrary id_tabla_enum, would answer back with: cf_cuadrante.id_fila, cf_cuadrante.id_colu, cf_cuadrante.valor, cf_fila.nombre, cf_fila.posicion cf_colu.nombre, cf_colu.posicion, I wont post the queries I am testing, because they are so bad it's not even funny. Hopefully the case is somewhat clear from what I posted and someone can lend a hand, at least cluing me in in what part of the FM should I be consulting.
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G'day all, After everybody help I managed to get my main table accessing keys from several other tables. Now comes the hard part ... trying to get data out from a search I have the following SELECT statement which will work when one of the FROM's comes into play but one I have it run 2+ it causes a ERROR 28 on the server (takes about 30/60 seconds) I am assuming that I have stuffed something and it is trying to grab way too much data Code: SELECT V.`vid`, V.`name`, V.`add1`, V.`add2`, V.`suburb`, V.`state`, V.`postcode`, V.`phone`, V.`fax`, V.`openhours`, V.`email`, V.`www`, V.`microimage`, L.`location`, C1.`cuisine` AS `cuisine1`, C2.`cuisine` AS `cuisine2`, S.`style` FROM `venue` AS V, `L_Location` AS L, `L_Style` AS S, `L_Cuisine` AS C1, `L_Cuisine` AS C2 WHERE V.`name` LIKE '%$search%' OR V.`suburb` LIKE '%$search%' OR V.`postcode` LIKE '%$search%' OR L.`location` LIKE '%$search%' OR S.`style` LIKE '%$search%' OR C1.`cuisine` LIKE '%$search%' OR C2.`cuisine` LIKE '%$search%' AND V.`ftype1` = C1.`lcid` AND V.`ftype2` = C2.`lcid` AND V.`location` = L.`llid` AND V.`style` = S.`lsid` ORDER BY V.`name` ASC What I am trying to do as you have probably guessed is search my database. Now I have read that FULLTEXT is the way to go but everythign I have read says that the fields for FULLTEXT searching need to be text - I can't do that (I think) because some of my feilds are keys
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dear all, i have the following tables: client - table of client details, name etc property - table of addresses, coordinates etc pro2cli - a link table, containing id's of clients and id's of properties they are associated with this is so i can associate many addresses witha single client (home, work, etc). can someone help me out with a query to select a single client, and all of the addresses they are associated with (if any). i have played with joins and stuff, but just need a little nudge in the right direction i think as i am not getting the results i excpet many thanks in advance. what i have tried... Code: $sql = "SELECT * FROM client LEFT JOIN pro2cli ON pro2cli.p2c_cli = client.cli_id LEFT JOIN property ON pro2cli.p2c_pro = property.pro_id WHERE cli_id = '".$cli_id."'"; - only shows me a single property, even through the client has 2 in the link table
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I am having to construct a database by hand from a specification given to us by an outside client. Their table layout examples have: Field, Attribute, Type, Link. In link are (as example) MOD_CODE and MOD_TYPE - both are other tables in the database. Are these foreign keys And if so what do I need to do to set up those links
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, I'm wondering if a link table can be populated automatically Here's the example Table1 is a list of movies (movie_id, name) Table2 is a list of producers (producer_id, name) Table3 is the link table (movie_id, producer_id) When I insert into both the movies and the producers table, is there a way that the link table can be inserted with both ids automatically or do I have to do a select on both tables, then insert into Table3 I assume once the database is populated, I will have to do selects on the producer table to see if he/she already exists, but for the time being, I'd like to know based on inserting into both tables.
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, I have a table that has two values, author_id and approver_id. Both of these refer to the value id in my users table. Is it possible to use a left join and have the query get the author and approver name (also in the users table) Or will I have to use multiple queries (Can't use nested selects, this particular server is still running MySQL3 -sigh-).
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Hi ! I have a MySQL database dificult (for me anyway..). I have a ecommerce site with a table of products. Now I want to create a new table with a list of stores where clients can find near home those products. In a limit situation I can have a list of all products indexed in one store (and the products list is increasing everyday, the same with the list of store...). I want this feature to be capable of introdution of new products in a store that already as several products. My idea is to develop 3 tables: Products +----+-----------+--------------+ | id | name | description | +----+-----------+--------------+ | 1 | xxxxx | aasa... | | 2 | vvvvvv | asasasasas... | +----+-----------+--------------+ Stores +----+-------------------+-----------+ | id | store | address | +----+-------------------+----------+ | 1 | aaaaa | street1... | | 2 | bbbbbb | street2... | +----+-------------------+-----------+ Linking stores with products +----+-------------------+-------------+ | id | store id | products id | +----+-------------------+-------------+ | 1 | 1 | 1;2 | | 2 | 2 | 2 | +----+-------------------+-------------+ Can I implement this in MySQL I mean how can (if I can) place several ids in a field and how can I do the query in order to list the products inside a store Hope that I made my self clear. If not please do not hesitate to request further information.
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