INSERT syntax issue

Hi thanks in advance to all who respond to this.

I have 1 database with 5 tables. The common field in all tables in the Student_Number field. PsWittStudents is a large table with all of the student names and addressses and such. PsWittMothers contains their mothers name and numbers. The PsWittStudents table has columns named Mother-First Mother-Last but there is no information there. It is all in the PsWittMothers tables. To get the data from the PsWittMothers table into the PsWittStudents tables I have been trying to use INSERT and have constantly come up short.

The code I have been trying to use is:
INSERT INTO `PsWittMothers` (`Mother-Last`,`Mother-First`,`MotherDayPhone`,`Mother_home_phone`)
SELECT `PsWittMother`.`Mother-last`,`PsWittMother`.`Mother-first`,`PsWittMother`.`Mother-work`,`PsWittMother`.`Mother-home`
FROM `PsWittMother`
WHERE `PsWittStudents`.`Student_Number`=`PsWittMother`.`Student_Number`;

I have played with the syntax on the mysql handbook site and I cannot see what I'm doing wrong. Any advice on how to insert that data would be most appreciated, as I am kind of under the gun at work about this

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