INNER JOIN w/ some data not available

I have three major pieces I'm trying to accomplish, if possible, with a single mySQL query dealing w/ joining data from multiple tables. Here's the first piece I'm having a problem with. I'm simplifying to highlight just what I need.

Joining two tables, even if one in particular happens to not have associated data. Specifically, I have a table called events and a table called practitioners. Not all events will have practitioners, but for those that do, I want to display their practitioners. For those that don't, the event should still be shown, although with a blank practitioner.

Table Structure/Content

ID, date, practitionerID
1, 20091106, 0
2, 20091107, 8

ID, name
8, Jeremy

Deed Outcome
20091106, ''
20091107, 'Jeremy'

Current Code
PHP Code: $query="SELECTevents.ID,,events.practitionerID,";

20091107, 'Jeremy'

Because there is no matching practitionerID to the first event row (with a practitioner ID of 0), it fails to produce that row of data. I want it to return the data and just leave practitioner.lastName blank.

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: nvm i got help elsewhere
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