Help!!On how to code A-Z title search, PLEEEAASE!

Originally posted by : Trinity (
To anyone out there, I really need some help for my school project, on how to code an
A-Z title link search.
For example: if the user clicks on C, it will take he/she to a page with all the movies starting
with the letter C.
I need to see what the SQL query would look like for this type of search.
My html file will have something like this...

View showtimes for movie titles that begin with:

I got this little code of some web site. I've just started learning ASP on the side, therefore I'm not
very familiar with it.
I do not understand why they're using the '#' in the HREF.
I have successfully built in a little ASP prototype that selects all the movie title from
my database. But the question is now, how to do this particular feature A-Z

Thank you for taking your time to ready my humble help message.
I would reaaaally appreciate if anybody could help on this ASAP.

Thaks again

Trinity )

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