help to make query work on version 5.0.51a

can someone help me make this query work on version 5
it was working fine on version 4, but now it gives me the message
#1054 - Unknown column 'massage_charge.patient_id' in 'on clause'

, massage_schedule.finish
, massage_charge.service_date
, massage_charge.amount
, massage_charge.tip
, massage_patients.first
, massage_patients.last
, massage_patients.ES
, massage_patients.massages
, massage_patients.date_created
, massage_schedule.finish
CASE WHEN DATE_ADD(massage_therapists.hire, INTERVAL 90 DAY) > CURDATE()
THEN CASE WHEN massage_schedule.finish = 60
WHEN massage_schedule.finish = 90
WHEN massage_schedule.finish = 120
WHEN DATE_ADD(massage_therapists.hire, INTERVAL 180 DAY) > CURDATE()
THEN CASE WHEN massage_schedule.finish = 60
WHEN massage_schedule.finish = 90
WHEN massage_schedule.finish = 120
WHEN DATE_ADD(massage_therapists.hire, INTERVAL 6 MONTH) = DATE_SUB('2008-09-03',INTERVAL 6 DAY)
AND massage_charge.service_date

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