deleting data from database using checkbox

hi ,

i have to delete data from database using checkbox.but there is one problem when i check any checkbox all checkboxes are automatically checked.but following codes are not execute.please help me.
PHP Code: if($c[$j]==on)

here is my full code
PHP Code:

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I have two tables in my database "bannerclicks" and "bannerviews". They list the times a banner is clicked or viewed, respectively. They contain similar data, namely: bannerclicks -------------- id INT clickdate DATE bannerid INT bannerviews -------------- id INT viewdate DATE bannerid INT What would my query be if I wanted to display the months in which ANY activity took place (either a banner was clicked, or a banner viewed) I've been playing around with queries like this: Code: SELECT DISTINCT MONTH(bannerclicks.clickdate) AS clickmonth, MONTH(bannerviews.viewdate) AS viewmonth FROM bannerclicks, bannerviews WHERE bannerclicks.bannerid=2 AND bannerviews.bannerid=2 ... but it was all no good. In the end I decided to create one table "Banneractivity" with an additional "action" field to contain either "view" or "click". (in retrospect this is a much cleaner approach anyway) But I'm still curious, how would I solve this problem in the future
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