database problem

I received this from my host this morn

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Dear Sir or Madam:

We have been contacted by our database administration team regarding an issue with your hosting account for The database 'expat' associated with this hosting account was performing an excessive number of simultanious write queries (update, insert, delete) that were causing an adverse affect on the database server as a whole and impacting the performance of other customer queries. Due to this issue, we have been forced to disable the associated database user at this time. In order to regain access to this database, you will need to modify the associated code issuing these calls. Alternatively you may wish to consider a dedicated server if you require this level of performance from your database application.

Should you require further assistance on this or any other issue, don't

so they shut down my database and wont do anything til I modify the code.

what code are they talking about the php files that contain sql commands i can update that with the latest updates supplied by the software vendor.

BTW the traffic they refer to was not real visitor traffic--something went wrong--the day before I manually activated about 20 registrant members--I dont knowm if that had anything to do with it or not

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