Database Design : Compound key vs surrogate key

I've got two questions.

The first, which is better a compound key or surrogate key I was under the impression that a compound key compossed of a user entered string and foreign key id will be slower and can cause more problems when compared to a surrogate key. Am I mistaken

Secondly, there was mention in another thread that it would be wise to use the abreviated value of states in an address table as opposed to placing the states in a look up table and joining the two tables. I understand that having to join two tables will result in slower query times but won't the size of the database be larger when compared to having two seperate tables and doesn't that break a rule of normalization

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try without the ORDER BY and don't forget, it has to look at all rows in the table, unless you have an index on "field" and/or "$field"
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I am in the process of installing and configuring MySQL and PHP internally on my Macintosh so that I can go through the tutorials in the book "Build Your Own Database Driven website using PHP & MySQL." I am on the step where I have to change my root password. I'm pretty sure that I've done everything up to this point correctly. I just keep getting the same error message when I try to connect to my MySQL database using this command: mysql -u root mysql Upon pressing enter, I get the following error message: -bash: mysql: command not found Please excuse my igonrance if this is an obvious question, but I am pretty clueless about all of this stuff. I've never even used the application Terminal before, so I am a total rookie.
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The sql file is too big for phpmyadmin, and they suggest ssh, but im not so good with it, and i have tried every combination of command I have found when researching on google. I then came across a script called "bigdump". I have all tyhe settings correct in the bigdump.php but I keep getting this error: Database connection failed due to Access denied for user 'USERNAME'@'cgihost' (using password: YES) they ask to change these settings which i have the correct DB username and pass. The server isnt "localhost" with my new hosting company. (netfirms) $db_server = 'MYSQLHOST'; $db_name = 'NAME'; $db_username = 'NAME'; $db_password = 'XXXXX'; I have tried changing permissions and following all directions from bigdump. could someone please help me
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hello I'm in the proces of creating a new website that in potention could become huge and could attrack many tousands of visitors who will register themself. The database will become very simple, only fields: Name, Email address, Password, country and some similar fields containing numbers only which all should be inserted through the website. I like to hear opinions about which database i should use for this website because my knowledge about databases is very slim. 1. Access -> I have experience with using Access with websites so i could build this myself but i heared this database type is more suitable for smaller number of records etc. Also i have experience that Access regular give errors because multiple users are accessing the Access database at the same time And how about speed with an access DB has for example 500.000 records 2. SQL -> What i understand more suitable for larger databases, no problems with users accessing the database at the same time Problem with implementing SQL is that i have no knowledge how to build this If SQL is the most suitable option i will consider to hire someone to build it for me. How is the speed with SQL databse when reaching lots of records 3. Other databases Hope to hear some suggestion from you ! Kind regards Database Newbie