Calling links from a database

Can anyone tell me how I links should be inputed into a MySQL database Also, how do I call the link in a web page I do not want the URL displayed, but want something like the example below done in HTML:

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The database describes some cables with exactly on plug at each end. The question is how to write a query that will return the id for the plug at the other end of the cable assuming we only know the id for the plug at this end. We do not know the cable id. the plug tables have two columns, id and cable_id the cable table has one column, id. Any takers Mike
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I'm actually totally lost and confused at this. In the past I have created a table for nested link's with a table with a PARENT ID and CHILD ID. But now it's broken down into table, like CATEGORY ID and SUBCATEGORY ID. That bit is fine, but I get stuck with this part, SOME subcategory id's have sub-subcategory id's. But what is the best way to create this these tables to ensure they run at their best and all data is brought back how you want it
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I'm sure this is a common occurrence, so there must be a common approach... I have a table with a column that contains a word. I'd like to have a row of 26 letters representing the first letter of the word. If the table contains any words that begin with that letter, the letter will link to a page that queries the db and presents all those words that begin with that letter. A B C D E F G H I J ... So, the question how to populate the row of letters. Most obviously, I could run 26 queries to see which letters are represented. Is this the best or only way
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I'm creating a 'Favourite Links' function on our Intranet, using PHP/MySQL. I'd really like some advice on the most efficient way of setting this up. Users login to the site and are either identified by a cookie or by a session. Their favourite links (ID, Title, URL, Description) will be displayed on their personalised homepage. We have about 230 users. I could set up a a table to hold the links for each user but that seems excessive. I could create the one table of links but with a field that records the owner/users ID but perhaps that would be a very memory-hungry query once the table gets really large. If anyone's had experience with this and can share some advice, that'd be great. Nick
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Code: SELECT clientes_alias. * , SUM( CASE WHEN cotizaciones_alias.estado > 2.00 THEN items_de_cotizaciones_alias.costo_total ELSE 0 END ) AS ventas_a_cliente FROM clientes clientes_alias LEFT OUTER JOIN clientes ON cotizaciones_alias.cliente = LEFT OUTER JOIN cotizaciones cotizaciones_alias ON items_de_cotizaciones_alias.cotizacion = GROUP BY SQL SAYS: Code: #1109 - Unknown table 'items_de_cotizaciones_alias' in field list
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, I have two databases on my website with the same tables. One with a 1665 members and the other with 33 members, I want to merge them together. is there a way other than typing each records by myself or ask the members to register again Thank you
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Just to see if it would work, I exported my database using phpmyadmin (as a SQL file), then I dropped the database. I also use a ulility (MYSQLautobackup) to do the same thing, only it emails me a gzip file. Now, when I try to import the emailed file, I get this (screenshot #1) But if I import the .sql file instead I get this (screenshot #2) and everything works. Am I doing something wrong
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hi , i have to delete data from database using checkbox.but there is one problem when i check any checkbox all checkboxes are automatically checked.but following codes are not execute.please help me. PHP Code: if($c[$j]==on) { echo""; echo""; //echo$row1[$i]; $d="deletefromfeedbackwheref_id='$a[$j]'"; mysqli_query($con1,$d); } here is my full code PHP Code:
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I need a MySQL worldwide city database. Anyone know where to find a similar sql dump
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I'm quite new to MySQL and have been thrown in at the deep-end to produce a website for my employers ( It uses a MySQL database to store news stories, cars for sale, events etc. I'm about to migrate to a dedicated server with root access. The problem is that the data that I've transfered over from the old server doesn't seem to display correctly on the new server (with question marks for characters like quotes and pound signs etc). This will almost certainly be a character set issue - but the problem is how to get around it The html on the old server is flagged as ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) If anyone could take a look at both of them: the old server webpage is the new server webpage is If anyone can enlighten me it would be gratefully appreciated! -- Rob Gould Art Editor Octane Magazine
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I think i will have to da a full resortation of a database. lets assume old database is deleted. So I go to my hosting control panel and create a new mysql database Use same username and password as used in original open phpmyadmin and do to the new database and select import-then import the file that I have as a backup--i have a file that I exported as a text file-a full databse export. it is about 4 mb so I hope can do it at one time Is that basically how I can do it
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I received this from my host this morn Discussion Notes Support Staff Response Dear Sir or Madam: We have been contacted by our database administration team regarding an issue with your hosting account for The database 'expat' associated with this hosting account was performing an excessive number of simultanious write queries (update, insert, delete) that were causing an adverse affect on the database server as a whole and impacting the performance of other customer queries. Due to this issue, we have been forced to disable the associated database user at this time. In order to regain access to this database, you will need to modify the associated code issuing these calls. Alternatively you may wish to consider a dedicated server if you require this level of performance from your database application. Should you require further assistance on this or any other issue, don't so they shut down my database and wont do anything til I modify the code. what code are they talking about the php files that contain sql commands i can update that with the latest updates supplied by the software vendor. BTW the traffic they refer to was not real visitor traffic--something went wrong--the day before I manually activated about 20 registrant members--I dont knowm if that had anything to do with it or not
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hello i have the following situation: table with about 20 columns and two of them are tolanguages and fromlanguages. User uses search form which is basically two fields(to from) and a button. What i am trying to do is to make a search by this two columns. I need that keywords from to field be searched in column tolanguages and from field in fromlanguages. I tried full text search but i don't think it should be used in this situation because it doesn't search specific keywords in specific column. I also have an idea of using regexp but don't know yet how; Example searches would be: 1. To: English; From: Chinese 2. To: Chinese, English; From: Russian PS my problem lies in multiple keywords like in ex. 2
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I have always been told, not to store images and files directly into the tables. For instance in blob-fields. But no one has ever told me the arguments for not doing so. Why is it considered not wise to store files in blob-fields in the database
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I have set up a mysql database with several tables on a shared server. I have raw data (sql) I want to populate the tables with and am using the command line in telnet. Can someone give me an example on how I would dump the data into the database using telnet or why I get the following error message when I try to execute the sql statement using my web browser. Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /usr/www/users/myaccount/test100/table10.php on line 259
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Are there Web hosting with simple menu for database creation We want to explore multi-user database from Web/WAP browser without knowledge of SQL. Access control is deable. For example, one client could create tables. Another could edit or write records. Few other people would search and read data. What's your mind
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Does anyone know how to setup a database linked to a website please I would like to setup a database so that when someone fills in their first name and email address to receive newsletters, it can automatically go into a database to be used later to email them their newsletters. The (mysql ), database in my cpanel is phpmyadmin version
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We are having problems with our banner ads - clicks deliver you to our homepage rather than the assigned URL. Our banners run on php/mysql based software and I believe the problem is a build up of logs and that cronjobs set to deal with them are not functioning as they should. Knowing very little about such things and awaiting tech support to look into it and resolve the issue I poked around the database and noticed the "Table Maintenance" area and a "FLUSH" link. MySQL says this clears the cache. I'm tempted to flush the tables I think are having problems to see if that resolves it temporarily but don't want to mess anything up. Any thoughts on all this Will "FLUSH" do anything I might regret
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When dealing with multi-million row tables, there are times where I have to write queries that could return wrong results (due to wrong JOIN or bad sql practice). What would be the best way to test such queries before running them on the server I see sometimes a wrong query can jam the whole database server. Even "EXPLAIN query" can jam the server. Does it make a difference to run the queries from out of phpmyadmin For example in Putty Anyways, tips would be very appreciated.