2 tables one search


I have a problem, that effects my navigation system, I have three tables:

1 which lists all my product info



1 that is a contents map of all my navigation links



And one that sort of links the two


product_id (this is the same product_id the in the product_tbl)
product_link_id (this relates to one of the sub_id(number) in the navigation_tbl)

what i want to do is create a sql statement that when I have selected all the products I have, it will get all the links i need.

So i have a sql statement to get the products

select * from product_tbl which sport='football'

which will get all my products

but then I need to get the navigation ids relating to the products within that search from the category_tbl and then use that to get all the links from the navigation_tbl

Background is I have set it up like this as I need to add more than one category to each product and the old system I had was very processor heavy, so i am looking for a better way, and think this to be it.

Any advice would be appriciated, I am programming in asp and the DB is mysql.

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