How passing variabels from pages ajax control

How passing variables from pages used ajax control on grid view in What is the called ajax control used for passing variables

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System.Web.Extensions version (htmleditor with visual studio 2005)   (190 Views)
hey i downloaded the new ajax toolkit with the html editor , now when i try to run the html editor i get this messege: BC32206: Indirect reference is being made to assembly System.Web.Extensions version, which contains 'AjaxControlToolkit.HTMLEditor.Editor'. This Project references a prior version of System.Web.Extensions version 1.0.61025.0. To use 'AjaxControlToolkit.HTMLEditor.Editor', you must replace the reference to System.Web.Extensions with version or higher. now i downloaded and install the .net 3.5 framework-im using visual studio 2005 can any one help me please.. thanks wisam hey i downloaded the new ajax toolkit with the html editor , now when i try to run the html editor i get this messege: BC32206: Indirect reference is being made to assembly System.Web.Extensions version, which contains 'AjaxControlToolkit.HTMLEditor.Editor'. This Project references a prior version of System.Web.Extensions version 1.0.61025.0. To use 'AjaxControlToolkit.HTMLEditor.Editor', you must replace the reference to System.Web.Extensions with version or higher. now i downloaded and install the .net 3.5 framework-im using visual studio 2005 can any one help me please.. thanks wisam
ScriptManager' is ambiguous error   (276 Views)
I built a site on my localhost but when I uploaded it (hosting it on GoDaddy) I receive the below error on each page with AJAX. The server tag 'asp:ScriptManager' is ambiguous. I have the following in my web.config Both my IIS and GoDaddy hosting account are running .NET 2.0 Framework.
Update Panel Trigger   (166 Views)
Hi. I am using a update panel and inside it a grid view and inside a gridview i use a template field as asp-imagebutton and if we click on the template field's image another grid view the whole page gets refereshed.any idea to avoid the whole page's refresh.
Missing Referenze to AjaxControlToolkit   (166 Views)
, I'm new at this Board :-) I got the following problem: When i do a Server.Transfer(), the site doesn't load and i get the warning, that the reference to the toolkit is missing! (Mainclass System.Web.UI.ScriptManager) I installed ASP.Net Framework 3.5 on the server. In the Bin-Directory of the site, there is a "AjaxControlToolkit.dll" and "BuildVSI.dll" this should work... not :-/ On my local PC it's working fine... Someone could help me please Sorry for my bad english! ;) Greets w3bbY , w3bbY, It sounds like you have all the correctcomponents installed on your server. Can you post the exact exception message Is the AjaxControlToolkit.dll in the bin directory copied from your dev environment Have you compared versoin numbers to make sure they are the same James
How to find a CollapsiblePanelExtender in a FormView?   (184 Views)
I'm trying to figure out how to find a Collapsible Panel inside a FormView with something like this: Dim cForm As FormView = caseFormView Dim cPanel As Panel = cForm.FindControl("Panel5") Dim cBox As CheckBox = cForm .FindControl("filter_Filter6CheckBox1") If cBox .Checked = False Then cPanel_CollapsiblePanelExtender0.Collapsed = True Else cPanel_CollapsiblePanelExtender0.Collapsed = False End If This doesn't work since cPanel_CollapsiblePanelExtender0 is not declared. But how do i declare it
UpdatePanelAnimationExtender=true in Client Script   (185 Views)
: I have defined the UpdatePanelAnimationExtender setting it to Enable=False In the Code Snipet I got the deed logic but, Can how can I enable UpdatePanelAnimationExtender1 Control in JS Code. function BeginRequestHandler(sender, args) { if (typeof(args.get_postBackElement()) === "undefined") { return; } var ctlr = args.get_postBackElement().id; // GridPager Events Fire UpdatePanelAnimation var controlTokens = ctlr.split('_'); if(controlTokens[controlTokens.length-2] == 'GridPager1') updatingFlag = true; // GridView Events Fire UpdatePanelAnimation if(controlTokens[controlTokens.length-1] == 'GridView1') updatingFlag = true; if (updatingFlag == true){ // -- UpdatePanelAnimationExtender1 Set to True } }
Getting the RowIndex of clicked row in gridviewrow   (308 Views)
{(...) # get data from sql Randomr=newRandom(); intval=r.Next(0,t.Rows.Count-1); varrow=t.Rows[val]; GridViewRowro=Pages.App.SilverlightApp.Get("TextContent="+row[0].ToString(),"XamlTag=textblock"); Debug.WriteLine("Index:"+ro.Index.ToString()); ro.User.Click(MouseClickType.LeftDoubleClick); } Can someone tell me how can I get the Index, RowIndex of this (ro) row. From Debug.WriteLine("Index:"+ro.Index.ToString()); I get always "0".
Updatepanel and an external webform   (154 Views)
I was wondering if anyone knows how to update a panel with an external web form. For example, I am trying to find out how to let users load and external asp web form into a asp panel using the ajax updatepanel. The users will click a button and the deed page will load within the updatepanel's pane. I would like to be able to update profile information within this pane. I've seen several example on how to update server information, but is it possible to load external editable web forms into the pane Can someone please give me a direction to work with
How to install the control toolkit correctly? Newbie   (188 Views)
I did the following: Installed Visual Web Developer 2008 express edition Downloaded AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5-NoSource Ran the AjaxControlExtender.vsi From the toolbox in VS added the AJAX controls by browsing to "AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5-NoSource\SampleWebSite\Bin" and selecting the AjaxControlToolkit.dll (took me a while to figure that out) (The complete path is C:\Documents and Settings\Barn\Skrivebord\AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5-NoSource\SampleWebSite\Bin\AjaxControlToolkit.dll) Opened up the sample website, looked around a bit and all seemed to work. I then tried to make my own first test, an autocomplete. (thats where I found out that the instructional videos apparently was made for VS2005, as there is some differences how to add the extender. in 2008 you add the extender by right clicking on the textbox, in 2005 you drag the extender onto the page, but all in all I succeeded in making the page) But when I tried to build the page I got the following error: Description: Unable to update auto-refresh reference 'ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll'. Cannot find assembly 'C:\Documents and Settings\Barn\Lokale indstillinger\Application Data\Microsoft\VWDExpress\9.0\ProjectAssemblies\x2ag6wgv01\AjaxControlToolkit.dll'. File: C:\Documents and Settings\Barn\Dokumenter\Visual Studio 2008\WebSites\WebSite1\Bin\ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll.refresh Apparently the path is wrong, but I don't really have a clue as to what is the correct path, where should I place the ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll
CalendarExtender in Datagrid   (179 Views)
What is the proper way to put use a calendarextendar in the template column on a Datagrid. I have tried with a textbox in the template column and the calendarExtender control in the template column referencing the id of the textbox as the control to render the calendar for. But it does not work. Is this possible
Modal Popup Problem   (151 Views)
Plz check My below code DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> Untitled Page function shopModalPopup(employeeID){ //show the ModalPopupExtender $get("").value = employeeID;return false; } .modalBackground { background-color:#000; -moz-opacity: 0.7; opacity:.70;filter: alpha(opacity=70); } Click To Display Authors Name:     Server Side: Sub fill_values() Label1.Text = "a" End Sub Protected Sub GV1_RowCommand(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewCommandEventArgs) Handles GV1.RowCommand If e.CommandName = "EditRow" Then fill_values() ModalPopupExtender2.Show() End If End Sub --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now when i click link button in datagrid....then server side code is executed named fill_values() and then to show Modal Popup showing those values... But now values are being filled but Modal Popu doesn't come... Plz help........
PageMethods don't regenerate on file change?   (302 Views)
If I define a new page method or change an existing page method I have to restart my dev server to see the change in the generated javascript (page prototype) anyone else having this problem
Separate accordion events with control events   (199 Views)
Hi [:)], I have an accordion and I am adding a checkbox and a button to its header. Is there a way to separate the events fired by clicking the checkbox and button, and that of the accordion itself
ModalPopUp Not Staying Open   (156 Views)
Try placing a div around your panel and remove the style from your panel. Also place theModalPopupExtender below the div. I think it will fix your problem. Free Checking $50 to open Free Visa Check Card with CapitalBank Rewards 5 Free Foreign ATM Uses Per month Unlimited Check Writing Free Check Images Free CapitalNet with Free Bill Pay Free Telephone banking No minimum balance required to avoid monthly maintenance fee
ReOrderList, ItemReordering Event   (170 Views)
I'd quite likefor the ReorderList to have an ItemReordering event fire before the reorder takes place. Currently it's got an event that firesafter the reorder. I've downloaded the code and added it for myself, butI'dlike to be using the standard build. In case anyones wondering why, I'm using ReOrderlist backed onto a SQLDataSource. My table has a unqiue index on the order/priority column. For the data source update to work I need to disable this index before the reordering takes place, so I do this in the Reordering event. I rebuild the index in the Reorderd event. I also renamed the events to be more consistent with the standard data server controls. Cheers, Graham
Making an Accordion Databound?   (169 Views)
, I checked on the site and have seen that this control can be made databound. I have now idea how to implement this. can someone please direct me to an article that explains this in detail how to make the header and the content, databound or can someone please give me a brief explaination on how this is done... so that the control is dynamically created according to values that are read from a datasource
Ajax not allowing Pop-up through Page.RegisterStartupScript   (157 Views)
Hi , Whenever i try to do some Client Side Programming by writing Page.RegisterStartupScript, because of Ajax1.0 it just doesnt work. I wrote one confirm statement in Page.RegisterStartupScript but still i dont see anything on the screen. Do we have any solution for such problems
Problem with AJAX user control   (157 Views)
Hi i have written a fairly simple user control using new ajax.... it's some what like this the btnGo_click function does some database updaions, and retrieval as well...., and updates the updatePanel I host this control in a page,which uses a master page, the Page load happens pretty fine, but it shows messagebox "Error Occurred" when i hit the submit button.... the same control works fine when i use it in a simple page Note - i am putting the scriptmanager in the parent page of this control..... I ahve played enough with __doPostback, but it didn't solved my prblem.... i am in the line of fire.....please help...... With CODE.....
Prototype and Rico library port of Rounded Corner functionality   (160 Views)
Good morning! As an exercise, I recently ported the rounded corner feature provided by the Rico javascript libraries based on the open source prototype libraries. I ported that function as an Extender in Atlas, and I it turned out pretty well. I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in checking it out. If so, I will post it on my web site for interested parties to download. Check out the Rico link above and view the "Rounded Corner" samples to see the functionality I am talking about. Answer here to let me know if there is interest, so I know to do it.
RadioButton with Ajax   (167 Views)
RadioButton CheckedChanged not firing back with AJAX .
can atlas toolkit help me here   (202 Views)
i want to construct a page similar to this one. basically i am looking for the drag and drop feature of one window over another window. canatlas help me in this regard or can someonecome with something to help me in this. thanks , now i want to create my own functionality of drag and drop .what i want is that after the person dropping one window from one webpartzone to another window containing in another webpartzone. the two windows should interexchanged. could someone point me to the article that producessomething like above.or some article that code everybit of drag and drop functionality so i can produce something like above or anything usefull. thanks
Disabling validators dynamically.   (198 Views)
I am using AJAX and I am having the following problem with validator getting triggered when I do not want them to get triggered. I have two panels on my page. The first panel contains text box controls and required field validators. The second panel contains radio box controls and no validators. When the page is first displayed the first panel is displayed. When clicking on a button I hide the first panel and show the second panel. When I click on the same button again I want to hide the second panel and display the first panel using AJAX. The problem I am having is the required field validators will get triggered eventhough the first panel is not visible. How can I make sure that the validators do not get triggerd in a pannel that I just hid using AJAX. The two panels are insite the same update panel. I tried to disable the validators in the partial postback and that did hot help.
Dynamic HTML ToolTip that loads OnHover/OnMouseOver   (184 Views)
right now i have a web app that has a repeater (rather large) with a literal for one of the columns. this literal is a number based on the amount of entries and on load has javascript added to it that displays row specific information built from a database when you hover over it. the problem is that every time the page loads, every tooltip is loaded. i want to only go to the DB and get this info when they hover over that literal. so onmouseover of this literal would trigger an event that builds the tooltip and displays it as before. i've searched this forum (which by the way isn't efficient) along with some good old Google hunting with no luck. can anyone point me in the right direction oh yeah, i also would prefer not to use some random 3rd party tool. =)
ScriptManager Work in Client side and not Work in server   (152 Views)
i have this line in my site ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Me, Me.GetType(), "script", "call3();", True) when i run my site in client (my computer) its work but when i copy my site to server not work or function call3(); not calling how can i solve my problem
JSON, server type and web services   (296 Views)
Just an oddity I am wondering about. The public variable __serverType gets set for objects embedded within an object returned by a webservice, however the object that gets returned by the webservice does not have a __serverType. For example: public class MyObject { public MySecondObject a = new MySecondObject(); } .... [WebMethod] public MyObject getMyObject() { return new MyObject; } On complete on client side: var myObj = on complete first param - result; var mySecondObj = myObj.a; now myObj has no __serverType and therefore I cannot test if a valid server type was even returned I can only test if(myObj.a). However, mySecondObj.__serverType is 'MySecondObject'. Doesn't seem to be too much reason to check the server type but can be easier than checking functionality of the object. There are many work arounds. Will __serverType be standard part of Atlas I'm scared to use it without an accessor but I guess the deserialization doesn't want to taint the object so there can't really be an getServerType method. Any thoughts AO
Atlas under J2EE   (206 Views)
Is anyone aware of any attempt to port the portable part of Atlas to a J2EE library (ala the PHP port)
Ajax 1.0 final and GAC   (181 Views)
Do ajax 1.0DLL-sneed to be added to GAC when a web application is deployed on a remote server or this has been changed in the final release
Debugging Asp.Net Ajax apps   (214 Views)
I wrote following code: function doDebug() {'stop here'); } The errorI get is, debug is 'undefined'. What did i do wrong
dopostbackElement??? progressUpdate error in Final version.   (182 Views)
Hi Have little problem. Doing a special solution with Ajax mush becuse i have no full time exploring all the freatures right now. I'm using a user control that uses a GridView and I add onclick event on everyrow, than I add the __doPostBack(....,....) script from Page.Scrip..... e.Row.Attributes.Add("onClick", Page.ClientScript.GetPostBackEventReference(this, e.Row.ID)); This will fire and RaisePostBackEvent witch is implemented on the usercontrol thar uses the GridView this method will then fire an event I have added on the Usercontrol: public void RaisePostBackEvent(string eventArgument) { if (RowSelectHandler != null) RowSelectHandler(eventArgument); } Then on my ASPX Page I add this UserControl and set this event on it... This UserControl are inserted Within one UpdatePanel: Then I add an new UpdatePanel with an trigger for this control. My OnRow_Click: protected void OnRow_Click(string argument) { MultiViewCarsInfo.SetActiveView(ViewCarInfo); UpdatePanelMultiView.Update(); } I must do the Update so my List executes... thsi code are also inserted within an UpdatePanel with UpdateMode="Conditional" ChildrenAsTriggers="false" This becuase my MultiView will not be updated... The Idea is when I press a Row I open an new view that show more data on it. The default view is an serachpage. Now when I add a Progress control the cklick on row will not work I got an error about a dopostbackelement problem. When I remove this Progress control my onclick works. So something happens with this __doDoPost back that makes the Progressbar not finding something. Why Is there any solution for this I really need to press the row and change the multiview from searchview to info view and see the progress bas when postbacks happens. Best Johan
Team System   (181 Views)
I use Team Suite andTFS for everything these days. I'm trying to get an idea what Microsoft's plans are for integration of "Atlas" with Team System. I wish to "Ajaxify" my web applications, but I have one major concern: Testing There is a Test component of Team System, which includes Web Testing. Now, as I understand, there is noajax support for Web Tests. I would very much like to continue having all my testing done through TFS. Now if I decide to use ajax for my existing web applications, will I need to throw away my web tests and start writing up manual tests Anyone have any experience in this area and can possible share how they go about generating test plans and specificationsforajax enabled web sites
missing atlas controls   (190 Views)
Ive downloaded and installed the atlas framework, toolkit controls and project template. The atlas toolkit controls have installed ok, but I cant find the update panels, script manager, triggers, extenders or timer controls. Do these have to be installed manually If so, where can I find them, the documentation makes no reference to manually installing them. tia Mark.
"Bug" in ConfirmButtonExtender   (137 Views)
Not really a bug but a problem that should be addressed. When you enter for the ConfirmText="Are you sure\n\nThis is a test of the emergency" You literally get Are you sure\n\nThis is a test second line But if I add an attribute in code behind to the same buttons onclick event like: Button1.Attributes.Add("onclick", "return(confirm('Are you sure\n\nThis is a test second line));") I get what I am expecting which is Are you sure This is a test second line Is there any way to put a line break into the code on the extender that I am missing I tried the \n as above, I tried which were also put in literally and I tried a vbCRLF and this crashed the web page.
what does double underscore mean?   (181 Views)
I was looking at some of the Web.Data classes. I see that the Web.Data.DataRow data has some members that have "__" in their name. Does that mean something different Wally -- Wallace B. McClure "The Harder I Work, the Luckier I Get." Listen to "The ASP.NET Podcast" at Database Award: Microsoft MVP - Visual Developer ASP/ASP.NET AspInsider "AJAX for ASP.NET" Coming Soon! ADO.NET Book: 865-693-3004 118 Durwood Rd. Knoxville, TN 37922 Blog:
Regarding update progress   (153 Views)
I have update progress control in master page i want this update progress to be fired when each and every page is loaded which uses that particular master update progress is not working during the page load but its working fine if we fire any event after the page got loaded. can any one guide me to solve this issue
AJAX?   (194 Views)
Sorry for such a basic question, but is there any beginning tutorials on AJAX for ASP.NET out there I can find a lot for PHP or standard ASP, but I was curious if ASP.NET supported it, in a way that made things easier (in some way)
ScriptResource.axd and Slideshow extender   (179 Views)
, Forgive me if this is not the correct forum to post this as I am not sure where it belongs. After adding the Slideshow Extender and a web service to populate the image control, I keep getting the following error immediately after the page loads in the scriptresource.axd file: Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.InvalidOperationException: Can't add a handler for the error event using this method. Please set the window.onerror property instead. Visual Studio highlights the following line on scriptresource.axd: if (eventName === "error") throw Error.invalidOperation(Sys.Res.addHandlerCantBeUsedForError); If I click the "Ignore" button at this point the page loads and the slideshowextender works as expected. If I click "Continue", the page loads with the error above and the slideshow does not work. We've recently upgraded from VS 2005 to VS 2008 rtm. I have spent virtually all day trying to fix this.
Attempting to get SilverlightApp Results in TimeoutException   (190 Views)
all, I'm currently experiencing an issue where when attempting to get the SilverlightApp, the automation experiences a Timeout. I've tried changing security settings as per instructions for setting up for WebAii, I've tried running as admin, impersonation, the works. I can access HTML elements without issue, however, when attempting to get the app, it finds the element (as reflected by debugging) for the Silverlight object, but the app reference fails return. Increasing the timeout only results in the exception coming later and does not improve the situation. The code here: this.Manager.LaunchNewBrowser(BrowserType.InternetExplorer, true, System.Diagnostics.ProcessWindowStyle.Maximized); this.ActiveBrowser.NavigateTo("https://ourwebsite/OurAppLocation/"); SilverlightAppsList appsList = this.ActiveBrowser.SilverlightApps(); SilverlightApp app = appsList[0]; results in the exception on the last line. I've tried other .NavigateTo()+ overloads as well, without success. Interestingly, this happens on my machine, by not my coworkers'. Another coworker is continually having issues getting an initial action from the navigation process to work, even after modifying the security settings for IE. We have yet to find a common problem here, other than WebAii is having a very difficult time getting the application handles, be it browser, or the SilverlightApp. Perhaps we're missing something vital My machine configuration: - Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate - Server 2003 - IE 7 - Default Template (VSUnit) At this rate, we've invested so much time, with little yield, we're becoming somewhat disenchanted. Any help to get us on track ASAP would be most beneficial. I'm trying this on another machine and will report back if the same results are observed there.
ajax study material   (188 Views)
Which book on ajaxis helpful for .net developers.
traceDebug error in IE7   (186 Views)
While debugging the application I'm working on, I ran into a problem calling Sys.Debug.traceDump(). Here's a repro using the RTM version: UntitledPage functionpageLoad() { island=document.getElementById('xml'); nodes=island.getElementsByTagName('item'); Sys.Debug.traceDump(nodes); } This works as expected in FireFox, and the collection of one node is output to the trace console. In IE7 however, I get an "Object doesn't support this action" javascript error in MicrosoftAjax.js at line 2273. (The line of code in question is "for (p in object)", so some issue iterating over this type of collection in IE7) Am I missing something here, can someone reproduce this
Multiple ListSearchExtender problems   (179 Views)
I have a UserControl which contains two dropdown lists. I had attached a ListSearchExtender to each one but I noticed that with two I was binding the data twice. If I either set the Enabled property of one of the ListSearchExtenders to false this goes away. It also goes away if I comment out one of the ListSearchExtenders. Has anyone noticed this problem or is this a known problem with the ListSearchExtender
collapsible panel not working after postbacks?   (196 Views)
I've gota page with several collapsible panels, some of whichhave an empty table in which I dynamically create n-number of user controls containing additional collapsible panels. After any kind of postback event, my collapsible panels with the user control children quit working. The other collapsible panels on the page that don't have any user controls /w nested collapsible panels work fine. Any ideas Script manager callback hookups getting messed up somehow
SlideShow with 2003 Server   (186 Views)
I am having a problem using the Slideshow with 2003 Server and IIS. My app works fine on my development machine (XP and IIS)but not when migrated to my server. I even stripped to just the app presented in the video and it won't work on my server. Any ideas on what settings I might have messed up I have the correct asp setting (2.0...) and have it set to scripts and executables. The slider and other controls work but not the slide show...
Sys.InvalidOperation Exception ScriptLoader.loadscript cannot be called while the script loader is already loading scrips   (209 Views)
I did do research and a I found a javascript CancelPostback.js file, but the scripts are still trying to load and therefore throw this very ugly error message. This is how I load my scripts in my code behind file.. I get the error message when clicking wildly on the search button. If Not IsPostBack Then Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(GetType(String), "NumberOfKeys", sNumberOfKeysScript) Else ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Me.Page, GetType(String), "NumberOfKeys", sNumberOfKeysScript, False) End If So my question is How can I avoid loading my scripts if loading of the scripts is alreayd in progress. The javascript file "CancelPostback.js" didn't work. If could tell me that I am posting back although an async postback is still processing but then would still try to load the scripts
Deploy Toolkit to Server   (180 Views)
Please help! My development box works gret with the latest toolkit. When I try to deploy to the production server, my popups do not work. I've installed the latest AJAX components per the instructions on the server and copies the latest AjaxControlToolkit.dll to the bin directory. What am I missing If this helps: The ScritManager output from the site that works is: // Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager._initialize('ScriptManager1', document.getElementById('form1')); Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance()._updateControls(['tupTable','tdateStart$UpdatePanel2','tdateEnd$UpdatePanel2'], [], [], 90); //]]> The ScritManager output from the site that does not work is missing the // Also, the page that does not work does not have any of the javascript create code from the toolkit. Any ideas
ModalPopup Abilitites   (204 Views)
Hi , Im having a few problems using the ModalPopup control and was wondering if anyone could help me out. Here goes: 1) If I want to use a user control as the popup control when using a modalpopup extender, is that possible I have seen other people asking it but it doesnt seem to be resolved whether one can specify the Ok Control and Cancel control as two controls within (children of) the usercontrol. 2) Is it possible to have more than one ok or cancel control for the popupmodal extender
Newbie: Creating ATLAS Javascript proxies for public Web Services ?   (154 Views)
I am new to the ATLAS Client Scripting Framework, and I am looking to use ATLAS to create Javascript proxies for publicWebservices (c.f. Amazon/ Google) - I have seen samples of creating proxies for developer ASMX services, and using but these samples are dependent upon ASP.NET and developer awareness/control. What is not clear is how I can develop ATLAS Javascript proxies to call directly into none asmx web servicies, but where I can extracttheWSDL Can someone explian how this is done on the client side. Cheers Jules>
Multiple UpdatePanels updated by single trigger -- bug or feature?   (152 Views)
This is not a bug, but the intended result. Clicking a server control that causes a postback (i.e. a link button or a normal button) when that server control is contained within the ContentTemplate of an UpdatePanel will cause that UpdatePanel to update even if it is not explicitly defined as a trigger. UpdatePanel1 is updating for this reason and UpdatePanel2 is updating because the control is defined as a triggering event.
When do I use ScriptManager's reference to custom .js script?   (174 Views)
Hi I have just a question. I've read an article "'Atlas' Client Library Concepts"(, and this article's last section mentioned like this. To reference a custom .js script, assign a value of custom to the scriptname attribute, and then add a path attribute and provide a path to the custom script. Iunderstand this meaning. But I don't know when I have to reference custom .js script. Is it to use for Custom UserControl
Nested properties   (174 Views)
Can this be done with the framework as it is A very crude example:
Ajax function works only on index page in MVC 3   (182 Views)
In the index page I have displayed the data and allow the user to do inline editing using jeditable (which also uses ajax function) and delete function. In the create page, obviously it allows the user to enter new the data but now I need to add a feature to allow the delete from the create page itself if the data already exists on the database. Shows confirmation box if the data already exists (in my case if Extension is not available) on Extension's textbox blur. I was using the ajax function for this feature but was not working, after spending hours on it, I was able to figure out the what was causing the problem. The ajax function was working only on the Index page, not the other page. I renamed the Create page as Index and the original Index to something else, well it worked this time but ajax stopped working on the original Index page which was renamed to something else. In the url if I load the index page as "http://localhost:1234/Controller/Index", the page loads fine but ajax functions do not work. In a simple way: Ajax functions works on http://localhost:1234/Controller Ajax functions do not work on http://localhost:1234/Controller/Create http://localhost:1234/Controller/ViewPage1 http://localhost:1234/Controller/Index If someone could explain why its behaving like this, it would be great to have solution for this and whats the alternative solution for this if it can be fixed. Javascript code $('#Extension').blur(function(){ $.post("CheckPeople/checkDelete", { Extension:this.value }, function(data){ alert(data); }); }); Controller: VB Code //GET: /People/ Function Index() As ViewResult ViewBag.CurrentPage = "People" Return View(db.Peoples.ToList()) End Function //GET: /People/Create Function Create() As ViewResult Return View() End Function //POST: /People/Create Function Create(ByVal people As People) As ActionResult If ModelState.IsValid Then db.Peoples.Add(people) db.SaveChanges() Return RedirectToAction("Index") End If Return View(people) End Function Public Function checkDelete(ByVal Extension As String) As JsonResult Dim result As String = "I got you " Return Json(result, JsonRequestBehavior.owGet) End Function