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Ajax Control : How passing variabels from pages ajax control   (Views   2301)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:02:33 AM
How passing variables from pages used ajax control on grid view in asp.netWhat is the called ajax control used for passing variables Show More

Ajax Control : ModalPopupExtender Set Position   (Views   315)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:02:30 AM
I have 60 Pages and each page hasModalPopupExtender. I need set the postion ofModalPopupExtender as center. Whether i need to change all 60 pages or any other options to change globally.Show More

Ajax Control : Gridview Filter Creates Problem   (Views   354)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:02:27 AM
, I have one gridview with 1000 items. Each page contains 10 items means 100 pages. when i filter the items it shows some items like 200 means 20 pages. when i am going to second page the gridview reload and fill all 1000 items. How can i resolve this.Show More

Ajax Control : GridLines   (Views   311)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:02:24 AM
HI,I have a GridView , i set the GridLines property ="None". But i have a 2 columns in my Grid i want to divide this 2 columns by line only.What is my requirement is i want to display line only in between col not in row wise and border also.Show More

Ajax Control : Timer Control not working in disabling Javascript   (Views   276)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:02:22 AM
Programmers:I am making a Quiz app. where i restrict the user to complete the quiz in 60 minutes and i have used Timer control to decrement the minutes after every 1 minute. And when the time = 0 then the quiz will be qutomatically submit and the user will be redirected...Show More

Ajax Control : ModalPopupExtender Scrollbars   (Views   323)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:02:18 AM
I have a modalPopupwhich works perfectly. The problem is, it's a little too high for some users screens. I need the popup to scroll when the screen happens to be too short. I've tried getting creative with overflow and the height. Sometimes the scrollbars have actually appeared,...Show More

Ajax Control : Ajax Calendarextendar and updatepanel   (Views   315)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:02:14 AM
I have added calendarextendar inside updatepanel, but it is not working properly. When I select date it will work.After a postback the date become invalid(eg:0008/20/12). Why this is happeningPls help.Show More

Ajax Control : Ajaxtimer doen't work + can't get values of dynamically generated controls...   (Views   216)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:02:08 AM
I think you must have a debug first with IE Developer Tools or VS.Any more question, please feel free to reply.Show More

Ajax Control : Expand Grid view with a comment box and 2 button   (Views   302)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:02:05 AM
Hi ,Please help me with code likea gridview that having coment box and two button.How it should work likeIn a row the when the user clicking one comment box should expand and having two button like procees and closewhen the user type some thing...Show More

Ajax Control : Ajax Toolkit HtmlEditor control is not displaying correctly in aspx page   (Views   307)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:02:01 AM
The html editor looks fine on my local machine, but is missing the toolbar images after the website was deployed to production. When this image urlis entered in the address bar of the Google Chrome browser, this is the error message: "The specified URL cannot be found. ...Show More

Ajax Control : Can't load AjaxControlToolkit   (Views   292)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:53 AM
I am not able to compile and run my application:Error73Could not load file or assembly 'AjaxControlToolkit, Version=1.0.10618.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=28f01b0e84b6d53e' or one of its dependencies. Access is denied. What am I doing wrongShow More

Ajax Control : How to hide and show tabs in a tabContainer   (Views   294)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:50 AM
Hi ,I am using TabContainer to display 5 tabs, but one of them is hidden (3rd tab). In one of the visible tabs there is a LinkButton, when it is clicked the hidden tab must be shown and the tab with the LinkButton must be hidden.I have tried...Show More

Ajax Control : Retriving data from a table to label   (Views   288)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:47 AM
HiHi i have one table hotel with a number of columns.I retive all the details of a hotel using hotel id with LINQ.Ineed to display the data in label how to do thisvar hotelQuery = from c in db.tbl_HotelDetails where c.HotelID==...Show More

Ajax Control : RequiredFieldValidator Doesnt Work Properly   (Views   288)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:44 AM
hi,i have a text box and a butoon on my web form,i have added RequiredFieldValidator and set its Control To Validate Property to My TextBox,when I click On Button My Page Get Refresh And After That My RequiredFieldValidator Message DisplayS! But I Dont want To refresh My Webpage...Show More

Ajax Control : slideshow from url in database   (Views   317)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:38 AM
Please help. I have a database of urls that link to file system with folders containing images. I would like to use ajax slideshow to displaythe folder of images when user selects so I amthinking this,Show More

Ajax Control : ModalPopupExtender disables asp controls in in other webparts   (Views   315)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:32 AM
I am having problems getting aModalPopupExtender ajax control to work on a page.I have a single page containing 4 or 5 web parts displaying data from a sql database. I want to add aModalPopupExtender that will open a popup for me to enter data into the same...Show More

Ajax Control : Seadragon control, how to move to specific coordinate.   (Views   308)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:27 AM
,I have a simple page with a seadragon control on it. I can display the image without any problem.Now what Im trying to achieve is that a user would type in some info (in text box) , press a button and on the server side a would run a query and retrieve some...Show More

Ajax Control : ASP.NET AJAX not working after publishing the website online   (Views   387)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:25 AM
AJAX controls stop to work when I published the web site, before publishing online, everything works fine and the web site was installed locally on server, I tried with many suggestions but nothing works, some of the suggestions were:- Include...Show More

Ajax Control : Creating Rating Control Dynamically from C#   (Views   5)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:22 AM
I am using Ajax Rating Control, i want to create this control dynamically from C# code. and want to set the layout of all the created Rating controls to row by row. how can write this kind of codeShow More

Ajax Control : Button inside the update panel not working!   (Views   307)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:15 AM
I have got an update panel which contains 2 ASP.NETList boxes on its left and right sides and 2 HTML buttons on between which can swap list items back and forth between the 2 ASP.Net list boxes usingJavaScript.On the bottom of the UpdatePanel there...Show More

Ajax Control : Multiple Ajax Combobox causing error   (Views   301)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:11 AM
I have created a VB web form with 2 Ajax combobox controls that use the same object data source consisting of a collection of data from an AS400 system, but they use different data fields from that collection. I also have a button control that when clicked, I want to get data for...Show More

Ajax Control : How to maintain collapsed state of collapsible panel in   (Views   298)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:08 AM
I have a 3 collapsible panels in master page with buttons in it . when i click on those buttons page will be redirected to another page which has same master page the collapsible panel extender is closing how to make its colapsed state maintainedShow More

Ajax Control : UpdatePanel not working with GridView   (Views   317)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:05 AM
HiI have a Gridview nested inside an updatepanel. Basically, what happens is that on my gridview I have a button that executes a command to get the rowindex, and colours the row in a different colour. The rowindex is passed to a session to be used else where. What I am...Show More

Ajax Control : Issue with AjaxControlToolkit Javascript   (Views   249)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:03 AM
Hi ,App specs and environment:ASP.NET 4.0, using AjaxControl Toolkit v4.1.51116.0IIS 6.0 running on Windows Server 2003 SP 2 (not R2)Quad core VM with 4GB RAM.Plenty of HD space.I've been having a weird couple of errors the...Show More

Ajax Control : Ajax Drop down with editable text box   (Views   268)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:01:00 AM
Ima using Ajax combo box with editable text box and i need to do some validation on new item entered(ex it shuld be greater than 10 like tat).can any one tell how to do<Show More

Ajax Control : Microsoft JScript runtime error   (Views   284)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:00:55 AM
hello,i recently added page cache to my web application and it seemed to uncover a problem with the TookkitScriptManager. on a page load everything looks good, however, with a page refresh/postback, i receive this error:"Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unable to...Show More

Ajax Control : AjaxFileUpload Control   (Views   282)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:00:49 AM
Is there anyway to use the AjaxFileUpload control inside an asp website. I know that it can be used in a web app, but cannot get it to work in my website.Show More

Ajax Control : installing Ajax toolkit problem   (Views   342)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:00:43 AM
I'm running Visual Studio 2010 Professional at work and I can't get the Ajax Tookit Installed (I use Visual Web Developer Express at home and had no problem)... (with bot I followedShow More

Ajax Control : AJax Dop down items listed in next panel   (Views   269)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:00:41 AM
Iam using AJax drop down ,when i click the drop down button the drop down items are listed in next panel.please help me.I have attched the image .My code is Show More

Ajax Control : Something went wrong with Ajax Controls in toolbars of VisualStudio 2010   (Views   277)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 02:00:37 AM
when i drag and drop ajax controls, it does not happen and writes lots of xml code. as seen in attached image.Please advice, what went wrong and solution to it.Show More