Need code for get data web auto refresh

.I am new in Android and I want to make a simple application for android connect to arduino.I need get data from url and display to main activity with auto refresh page....I need analytical code for eclipse

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When can I expect to see a virtual keyboard?   (172 Views)
I'm just curious. I'm getting the G1 next weekend and am wondering how long until a virtual keyboard will be available. I really like the idea of having a full slide-out keyboard but I would also like a virtual one so if I'm not wanting to say much I can just use the virtual keyboard or if I'm in an area where it needs to be quiet I don't need to have the sound of the keyboard sliding open. I think that this is the right section to ask but I would like to say sorry if it is not.
USB Communication   (179 Views)
, Currently I am using samsung mobile with android 2.2, now i need two way communication from my PC to mobile through USB cable. The text which i type from my phone should simultaneously be visible in PC. Other way, text I typed in PC hyper terminal should display in mobile application How I can achieve this
Google Now not showing drive time to appointments   (173 Views)
Google Now doesn't seem to want to give me drive times to items in my calendar as they approach. Even put in a couple test appointments with unambiguous map locations (1 map search result). I have everything checked under the "card appears" setting, so I dunno what's going on here.
Still Having Trouble With Tasker   (177 Views)
The one task I really want my phone to do is to be silent when I'm sleeping, but allow calls from 5 contacts in my contact list in case of an emergency. I followed these steps: Automating Android Using Tasker | to the tee. I just tested it tonight. I had the volume up & dialed my phone from my husband's (a contact I want to allow to ring thru) and it rang thru. I turned the volume down & it just vibrated. I removed him from my allowed contacts & with the volume up tried calling again & it rang thru. The task settings I have are: Sleep Mode (from 22:00 until 07:30) Silent Mode: On Vibrate in notify: off Vibrate on ringer: off Variable set: %WeekSleep to 1 What did I do wrong I also had my daughter try to call me (another allowed person), & with the volume down it just vibrated. Am I supposed to leave the volume up I'm very unsure.
moving apps with their settings to a new phone?   (166 Views)
trying this again, had this question in another thread, but not really getting the answer I need. Moving from droid A to droid B. For example, I have tapatalk setup on A, with 10 different forums I follow. Have tapatalk setup on B, but now I have to find each forum, then remember my name and pwd! I would think there must be a simpler way of somehow moving the database files over so tapatalk would just be running on new phone like old without doing anything...
Changing a ringtone ?   (187 Views)
Hi all 1 - I have somehow set a ringtone for someone in my phone list- how do I change this to. Nicer ringtone 2- My tariff has 500mb data allowance and when I first got this phone my allowance ran out within 2 weeks, I am now in the second month and again the allowance has ran out with still 13 days to go for next months allowance. My question is apart from switching on the wi-fi - how can I check what is running in the background silently . 3- the battery life on my Samsung galaxy s2 needs charging again around 5-6pm after charging it all night- is this normal I had a blackberry 9900 before this and had the same problem but having 3 faulty blackberries I was given the optin to opt for a diff phone hence why I choose Samsung s2. I seem to be suffering the same problem in respect of the battery draining. I might add I am not using the phone excessively. Thank you in advance Hugs xx
Saving favorite apps   (191 Views)
Hi all, is there a way to save, I mean a similar way to bookmark favorite apps in google play so that we can download them later
Problem on Installing Application?   (172 Views)
. I've just downloaded this application named "DECOPIC, KawaiiPhotoEditing" application. In the market it says the application requires 2.2 operating system and higher. My cellphone is Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570, with Froyo 2.2 as the operating system. I tried to install the application but I failed to do so. It keeps saying "application not installed". My friend suggested to download the ".apk" file, and I did. But the same problem keep happening. It says, "application not installed" Other application works out fine. Except for this application. I wonder what's wrong Or should I update my operating system to 2.3 Is there anything I can do to fix this problem
help with google voice   (191 Views)
when I go to install it and it gets to verify your # it gives and error saying "we could not set your google voice #" this is on the Evo 3D and sprint any idea
Looking for Ringtone Manager similar to Photo Contacts Pro   (177 Views)
I used to have Photo Contacts Pro on my old Windows Mobile phones. The software had issues, but did some things extremely well, and I can't find a similar app for Android. The key is I want an app to MANAGE ringtones for contacts and groups. I have tried Contacts GroupU, but all this does is a one time assignment of a ringtone to an individual contact or group. In other words, I assign Ringtone A to my wife, who is in the category "Family." I then assign Ringtone B to the category "Family." My assignment of Ringtone A to my wife is overwritten, and it is now Ringtone B. Another scenario - I assign Ringtone B to the category "Family." I then add a new contact, and assign the category "Family." This contact will now have the default ringtone, instead of Ringtone B. What Photo Contacts Pro did well was MANAGE ringtones, so that the Family category always had Ringtone B, unless a specific contact had a ringtone otherwise assigned. Does this make sense I want is for my contacts to have ringtones assigned and not to have to be updating them all the time. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts.
Screen Lock   (178 Views)
hi i have a LG optimus one p500 whit android 2.2 i wonder if i can change ma lock screen for a different design i'm searching the net and i can't find nothing please someone help me i really want to change that lock screen
"X started using Facebook for Android" facebook wall post   (195 Views)
Helo I just realised that HTC Sense app posted "X started using Facebook for Android" on my wall. It is 'public' and visible by . The funny thing is, it's not visible by me, therefore I can't remove it. Does anyone know how to remove this
10p promo apps disappeared from my market   (203 Views)
gone. thought it was for 10 days, but seems to have disappeared after 4! anyone else still seeing it
ICS-like Lockscreen   (198 Views)
For anyone trying to get the new ice cream sandwich look for their phone's lock screen, I just found an app that does a good job. It's called Magiclocker. It has quite a few themes and the Android 4 theme does a great job of recreating ics's lock screen. You can unlock to either home, text messages, camera or phone. The pro version of the theme offers more customizations. yu.android4free I had tried the updated Widgetlocker with the ics lock and for me, it left more to be deed. I am not in any way affiliated with the dev of this app. I just wanted to put it out there.
Which is the default camera app?   (183 Views)
Hi! I have a Galaxy and I can't take a photo when the battery is low. I like the default and simple camera app and I tried some apps from market but they're slow. I want install the default camera application in Android (not the default Galaxy app). Please, could you tell me the name of the default camera application in Android
Maps in Locations   (165 Views)
The maps downloaded in Locations app do not show in the My Licenses & Content tab. At a loss on this one. The download completes normally but nothing is there, I get a pin on a blank screen. Any ideas
Bbm type messenger for all platforms   (194 Views)
Hi . I'm looking for the best BBM type messenger for a small business. I need a program where all the colleagues can see every message that comes through. A friend mentioned to me a program called Yammer and I just wanted to know if there were other ones that would be more recommended. The only criteria I need is that the program works on Android Blackberry and possible Apple.
So is the original Angry Birds after the last few updates working for you?   (175 Views)
3 updates ago Angry Birds broke on my Droid Incredible and I have not been able to load the game since. I have seen some others complain in reviews that the game is not working for them as well. Anyone know what the deal is here I guess this is specific to certain phones
Can Android be Tethered to iPad *without* rooting?   (194 Views)
Does anyone know of a way to tether an ipad to an Android phone without rooting it first
camouflage an incoming call(not block)   (192 Views)
Everyone seems to notice that there call is being blocked cause is goes straight to voicemail. Sometimes I don't want to block the call just excuse myself and go answer it privately. Is there a way to just camouflage who is calling you so no one can know you are getting a call but it does not block their call
Droid X 16 GB SD Card Only Showing   (186 Views)
all, I just purchased a Droid X (through verizon) and love it! The SD card is supposed to be 16 GB, but is only showing total space as 1.83 GB. Any ideas
PDAnet or EasyTether ?? (paid versions)   (213 Views)
My trial period for both applications has ended. EasyTether Lite with a blocked secure sites in the free version left a sour taste on my bids but again they are $20 cheaper. It may not be much but it is worth 2 lunches at work or 4 trips to the unnamed coffee joint, if I were a crappacino junkie. My need is quite simple and limited but may be a bit more than the average user. Connecting to secure sites for email and some other purposes is a given but it is available on both tethering app.s I also need to use this app, to connect to my workplace VPN as a backup to my home broadband connection, as I work in IT and have a substantial on-call duty. Which one of these applications would you prefer and why Or do you prefer something totally different Again why
screen lock widget on/off   (161 Views)
I had this app back in 2.1 it was a widget that looked like a door it would let you turn on/off the screen lock option. I can't remember the name of the app...anybody know of anything similar
Video of google sky map , google maps 3D in Samsung galaxy Ace   (179 Views)
As title suggests this is a video , in which I am showing Google sky map , 3D Google maps and some more fun apps.
How do you set up sipdroid/GV to leave message to self?   (182 Views)
I set my phone so I can leave a message to myself on google voice by checking "no" under voicemail setting but when I use sipdroid I get the prompts. Can I make sipdroid go directly to voicemail to leave myself a message
htc evo weather widget not changing location when traveling   (189 Views)
hi, new to the forum and this phone, just got it, loving it so far, but ive had a few little issues. my biggest one was this, when i got the phone, i came home, it automatically put my home city on the weather/clock widget as my actual current city, st. gabriel, la, which suprised me because its a small rural town. i added baton rouge, the city i use to live in and often find myself in. when i unlock my phone, it shows st gabriel, if i open the widget it shows st gabriel, and i can scroll to baton rouge to check the weather in both cities. my trouble is, this past weekend, i went stayed with my cousin in metairie, la, and the next morning me and a friend went fishing in myrtle grove, la. i stayed in metairie for more than 6 hours, and in myrtle grove for more than 6 hours, but my weather widget still always said st gabriel. i have it set to update every hour, but it still never changed the city. is there something i can do or something im doing wrong i would like it to show the city im in when im traveling.
My top 7 free Android apps   (171 Views)
It's been a month since I got my Android phone and after using Windows Mobile for 7 years, I can say Android is much better than Windows OS. Huge part of that is the ease of searching for your apps that is mostly free. 1. RunKeeper Pro - RunKeeper uses GPS to track your fitness activities, including distance, time, pace, calories, heart rate, and path traveled on a map. This app will make you train more because you can see your progress and stats. 2. CSIPSimple - This is a softphone for SIP based voip services. This app saves me money by letting me use my Onesuite VoIP service for calling international numbers on my cellphone and not using my mobile minutes. Simple to use with recording feature. Can be integrated with your native dialer so no need to run the program first before dialing. 3. Angry Birds Seasons - This is very addicting and one of the most popular games for Smart phones. I can't put my phone down whenever I start playing Angry Birds. Angry Birds Seasons is a free Angry Birds version that consist of Xmas season plus it also contains the previously unreleased Halloween Levels! 4. OsmAnd - This is a mapping application which allows you to use a map anywhere you need it without having a data connection. It also has online routing and audible navigation. This application is an open source and the offline data is based on OpenStreetMap - the free wiki map (OSM). I really love this app. Makes navigating Metro Manila and nearby provinces much much easier. You can even "make" your own map and download it to your phone. 5. Handcent SMS - One of the best if not the best SMS app you can find for your Android phone. Enough said. 6. Call & SMS Filter - Like else, I receive unwanted calls and unsolicited SMS from time to time. Call & SMS Filter provides you an easy and effective way to block unwanted SMS & calls. 7. Documents To Go 3.0 - Last but not the least is your "Office" application for your Android device. View MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint files & attachments (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx). You need the paid version to edit and create documents. I will probably change this if I find a free app that can edit and create documents. So there you go. If I can only install 7 applications in my phone then I will pick those I mentioned above. So whats your top Android apps
How to hide your location   (175 Views)
Hi and gals, Does anyone have a clue how you can stop, with a widget or an app, that your phone continuously disseminates your physical location
Bricklaying apps   (185 Views)
all, I'm at college studing Bricklaying and someone told me about an app that converts the measurements into the amount of bricks needed and how much sand and cement would be needed. I'm not sure if this app was on the iphone or android, if such a thing like this is even out there has anyone run in to something like this app
Google Shopper vs. Barcode Scanner?   (174 Views)
Is there any reason to have both of these It seems Barcode Scanner also scans QR codes and Shopper doesn't, so is there anything Shopper does that BS doesn't do I also already have the Amazon app, which can scan barcodes (but maybe just finds them only on Amazon) and Goggles, which seems to do a Google search for them. Basically, I'm wondering what the best barcode scanner app is without having to juggle four different ones.
Power control plus   (165 Views)
Just installed the above, and also set it up on my home page, but I cant get past the first set of instructions that tells me how to set up the widget shortcut. In short, I am not seeing the controls setup coming up. Anyone with an ideas
adult app for android :)   (174 Views)
here is a small adult app i made, its only a test at the moment thats why its a small app. but install it, Enjoy and have fun, was made in the app inventor, if any wierd permissions come up ignore them, they cannot be changed in app inventor. uploaded to mediafire, so just download, install, enjoy... download link --->
App introductory video maker   (186 Views)
Woudn't it be nice if there was app to record all user input from the phone and the screen actions so you could easily make introduction video to your great app by adding audio on top of the recorded video. One problem i can see with this is that it might slow the phone too much while recording. The input from user could be drawn on top of the phone screen or shown as separate easy to understand images next to phone screen actions video. (orientation of phone could be small 3d image of phone) I think it would be useful for people to be able to view introductory video to application they might load/buy and if it was easy to create an introductory video it could become a standard to have one.
Notepad by BanderLabs - where do the files get stored?   (197 Views)
I installed this nice little app today, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do - it makes notes, but being a Windows man, I'm always curious about where the files get stored. On Windows you just search for the text (.txt) files, but when I search on Android using ASTRO, I can't find the files anywhere. Don't get my wrong, when I open up the app, there they are, but say I want to back them up or something. Where are they located on my Droid Are they in the internal memory...the sd card Again, searches don't work. I try searching the title or text within the notepad, but nothing is ever found. So to any of you Android wizards out there, where do the files get stored
Open Home: Screenshot app HELP!   (212 Views)
After taking a screenshot where or how can i find the image to use and upload it. Can someone please explain the steps i need to take to find a screenshot taken on my phone with Open Home. Thank you
car locator? anyone know dev   (163 Views)
Ok my problem is i bought this app months ago, now all of a sudden i update it go to use it and its asking for a key. How can google market let things like this happen, i also had problem with imusic tao doing same thing after i purchased it once they updated to a different name same app but you had to buy all over again. Car locator is awsome app but ive sent three emails to dev, tried to call, and to no response. Anyone else having trouble with this Or if any devs know this guy maybe direct him here or something.
How to make application show in front of standby screen   (186 Views)
I am trying to make an application which will triggered by SMS, and show in front of the standby screen. My application will only use a small portion of the full screen, and the background is the android standby screen. I have searched some android examples but those application will always fill full of the screen, can anyone give me some guideline on how to make an such application It shall looks like that ------------------ | | | | | the android | | system | | background | | | |-----------------| | my app | |-----------------| | | -------------------
Google Map Help   (167 Views)
My Moto Droid is still a hving a very difficult time finding the GPS when trying to run navigation. As I stated before, the phone next to me can pick it up instantly. Sometimes it can take as much as 20 minutes in an area that shouldn't. (Yesterday worked instantly. today, in the same spot, took 15 minutes) Is it something I'm doing or a setting on the phone FYI...I also have Weather Channel set to pick up the weather in my current location. Could that be affecting the satellite strength Any thoughts would be appreciated. It is VERY frustrating.
Do ANY of the Android IM apps actually stay connected?!?!?!   (160 Views)
I'm upset, folks. After months of trying, I STILL cannot find a single instant messaging app for my HTC Eris (2.1) that will STAY CONNECTED. I primarily want to connect to MSN (Windows Live, whatever they call it now) as well as Yahoo and AIM, though if I could only get MSN to work I'd be satisfied. However all the apps I've tried (ALL OF THEM!) behave the same way.... Each one will connect, and either not show me as online to the rest of the world (verified my by gf), show my friends as not being signed in (when they actually are), and randomly disconnect me and NEVER RECONNECT ME unless I manually bring up the app on the screen. It's as if the apps have no connection to the IM's servers, or reality itself. I have tried MSN Talk, Meebo, Ebuddy, Nimbuzz. Each one of these claims to automatically reconnect if there's a problem, but NONE of them ACTUALLY DO. No matter what, I drop off, I'm shown as "signed out" to the outside world, and the apps will only reconnect (or pretend to reconnect) when I manually bring the app to the screen. I would expect that any IM might disconnect if I went out of signal range and came back, however this happens even when the signal is strong and uninterrupted. And it NEVER reconnects if I leave the phone alone. ONLY if I manually bring the IM app up does it even go through the motions of a reconnect. I can try messaging people even when it looks like it's connected to the server(s), but over half the time, the messages don't make it, because it's not REALLY connected at all. Again, this is using ALL IM apps I've tried so far. I refuse to believe that Android has ZERO working IM apps available, so... is there one that actually works properly Is there some setting or tweak that will "keep-alive" the connection Is there a problem with my Eris Or... are there really no working IM apps for Android
Which Task Manager/Killer is this ?   (169 Views)
I had a very good task manager when I first got my phone (2 weeks ago) but have since then uninstalled it. I know task killers a basically useless but I do have the odd instance where and program crashes and I need to kill the process. From what I can remember the task manager had 3 screens which had the following :- Screen 1 Currently running programs, press the app to kill it. Screen 2 The uninstall screen. Screen 3 Cpu % used and space remaining on the phone and SD. Any idea's
How safe is it to let swftkey know all your texting?   (181 Views)
I've just installed Swiftkey and am now worrying about letting it know all my passwords! A lot of people seem to use it, is it safe
Disabling SMS notifications   (769 Views)
hey , I am new to developing apps for android. But I am developing one now. As a part of the app I need to disable some SMS notifications. That is, when the app is running and I receive an SMS it shouldn't be displayed to the user. I need my app to intercept it before it goes to the inbox and handle accordingly. Please tell me how I have to proceed along these lines. If I cannot intercept an SMS, is there a way to hide the notifications and notify only certain messages after reading their contents.
Turn off calling and use data only?   (187 Views)
, I am using PDANET and tethered to my laptop. My laptop is sharing my connection with my XBOX 360 at work (lol). Works unbelievably well. My only problem is, I need to stop my a-hole friends from calling me while I'm at work playing some games. Is there a way to prevent phone calls and text messages to inhibit those from kicking my data connection off while tethered using PDANET Any help will be awesome. I have done searches all afternoon and can't find anything relating to it. Please don't suggest Airplane mode lol, that doesn't help.... Dave
Is there an app which reckrdall calls, messages and data used through my phone?   (177 Views)
My bad. Sorry!
Any video recording app other than default?   (172 Views)
I'm looking for an video recording app that is separate from the built-in camcorder application for the Motorola Droid. I noticed someone else asked a similar question but received no replies. My reason is the same. I would like more functionality/settings for recording video. Specifically, i want a bit more control over the resulting file size of the video.
My Contributions to Android   (164 Views)
I have decided to provide many android resources/tutorials/notes below enjoy
Can I use the apps on the regular Android market on my Archos?   (209 Views)
I was wondering if I can download apps from my computer and place them on my Archos 5 Internet Tablet since Archos made their own stupid market place with less apps.
current windows mobile user   (183 Views)
I am considering getting a new phone in the very near future. One of the phones on my radar is the new HTC Hero. Currently I have a WinMo based phone (Samsung BlackJack II), and I use a database application that was written for Windows Mobile. In an x86 Linux environment, if I wanted to run a windows app, I would install Wine and run the app that way. Is there something similar for Linux-based phones, specifically Android phones The WinMo application is already compiled for the ARM architecture, and it formatted for 320x400 or whatever the phone resolution is. It's really the only thing that keeps me going back to WinMo phones. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!
ChompSMS and time stamps???   (190 Views)
Anyway to have a time stamp on every message I miss being able to tell when I sent the message that says I'll be 20 minutes. and well its just nice to know in general.
Automated backup?   (190 Views)
I was just wondering if there are any apps that will run an automated wireless backup at a specified time Let's say I want my G1 to back itself up at 4AM each day. And then at this time, it will run a backup, and then email the backup file to another email address I have I don't have a G1 yet, ordered it yesterday, so I'm not sure if it already has something like this in place.