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C sharp : Find Role of logged in user and redirect to specific page based on roles   (Views   2112)

Posted On: Saturday 29th of December 2012 01:27:11 AM
I am pretty new in ASP.NET c#. But i am getting a good hold of it. There are all the time new things a new learner comes up with though and spends hours together finding out a solution.Here is my issue.I have a ASP.NET membership setup. I have a asp login system...Show More

C sharp : Custom Control: Selected Index   (Views   320)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:02:13 PM
I am creating a custom control and have stumbled into something im not quite sure about. The control has a list collection of a class called Item. This class simply contains a string variable called Show More

C sharp : Visual Studio 2010   (Views   263)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:02:08 PM
I want to install visual studio 2010 to upgrade my level of productivity with the new features but I have the problem of sharing the code among my developer team when I make a project using VS 2010 can I share the code with other developers...Show More

C sharp : Connect C# to MySQL DB   (Views   42)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:01:59 PM
hiplease does someone knows the source of how to connect mysql server with c sharp 2010because i m actually trying to connect my program with c sharp but it showsme an error here is the code :using...Show More

C sharp : Adding a checkbox in a listview   (Views   299)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:01:48 PM
Hi.How can I add a checkbox and a checkbox header in a column inside a listview in windows formI have searched in Google but I can't find the exact one. Show More

C sharp : where can I find the ribbon tab in visual studio 2010   (Views   261)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:01:19 PM
Hi . I am a newbie in C# and visual studio 2010.I have problem in finding the ribbon tab and button that has been talking about. Does I need to install anything to use the ribbon function Actually, I was trying to develop an application...Show More

C sharp : File opening   (Views   251)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:01:14 PM
,I have a problem when opening word, excel files. It breaks down when a process starts in this line:intp = myProcess.MainWindowHandle;Maybe do you know where is the problem Or I should give more code.. Show More

C sharp : highlight the selected text in richtextbox   (Views   271)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:01:09 PM
I would like to highlight the selected text by the user with cursor. The highlight button has the same function with the one in office word. Besides that, can anyone provide me some information on how to do the function such as bolding, font size and etc...Show More

C sharp : Listbox Context Menu Problems   (Views   237)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:01:06 PM
!I have a simple listbox going and I want to add a context menu to it which gives a menu to remove/copy the item in the list or do nothing at all if there are no items in the listSo far I have some code but I am having trouble...Show More

C sharp : how to bold, italic and underline the same selected text   (Views   251)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:00:53 PM
Hi .I am trying to implement the office bold, italic and underline button. I created three different buttons in my program. Each of the button can perform their functions perfectly. However,when I bold an underlined text, the text will set to...Show More

C sharp : ListView selected Item   (Views   227)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:00:44 PM
Can someone help me how to set a MessageBox.Show for instanceIf a user does not select item in a ListView throw a message:MessageBox.Show("Please select an item from the list in order to remove it");Show More

C sharp : SQL Question   (Views   217)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:00:38 PM
I have three tables: inspectors, tickets and cupons and this query. For the moment the cupons table is not involved and I have to specify manually the cupons in the query. But for the future I want to read the cupons from the cupon table.Show More

C sharp : C# Mapping Mode   (Views   20)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:00:26 PM
dear friendsare there functions in C# like:SetMapModeShow More

C sharp : populating a form with data from a SQL server, then updating   (Views   223)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:00:20 PM
, I wrote a form which so far just consists of text fields and checkboxes. The data from previous entries is loaded when the page loads and then I set the values of each field (for example, contactname.Text = dbread["contactname"].ToString()). The...Show More

C sharp : c# loop with sentinel   (Views   99)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:00:14 PM
this i'm trying to make a loop that would read a list of character (including numbers) that you type in terminated by a period and that would only write the letters and ignore the other characters. How would i do this Thats the code ive been doing but...Show More

C sharp : StreamWriter   (Views   200)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:00:10 PM
im having issues getting my streamwriter to using C# in WinForms.the first line of coding does not have an issues, whereas the following three lines does by the "writer" section.It simply says that 'writer'is a field...Show More

C sharp : Multithreading for loop maintain order   (Views   220)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 09:00:02 PM
I started messing around with multithreading for a CPU intensive batch process I'm running, essentially I'm trying to condense multiple single page tiffs into single PDF documents. This works fine with a foreach loop or standard iteration but can be very...Show More

C sharp : convert the native database data format to their equivalent in C#   (Views   57)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:59 PM
Hi everybodyI wanted to retrieve data from sql server and save them in arrayList I use the following formatC# Syntax (Toggle Plain Text)sql="select bookid,bookname from BookTable";Sqlcommand cmd=new (sql,conn)// I define reader...Show More

C sharp : Console Application to winForms 2010   (Views   264)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:56 PM
, this is a personal project i am doing to test my abilities and also to learn more about winForms as i already have quite a lot of experience with Console Applications, and therefore would like to branch out on my personal knowledge of other Visual...Show More

C sharp : RichTextBox with table   (Views   240)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:51 PM
can we create the richtextbox with the tableit is possible to create the richtextbox with table as we create the the table in doc file througth the code Show More

C sharp : Jar file   (Views   241)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:48 PM
Hi!I'm trying to make a program that would add some Java classes into a Jar file.Now, with some help from a Show More

C sharp : Force Users To Assign A Property In Collection Editor   (Views   209)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:46 PM
I am designing a custom control which holds a List. In the designer it uses that automatic collection editor to add items to the list. Is there a ay I can force the user to assign a name to each item they add Or can I create a custom...Show More

C sharp : user interaction question   (Views   231)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:40 PM
Everyone, I'm new to C#. been doing VB for years and did c++ way back in school when compiles were DOS based. lol so after begin shown the XNA language and windows 7 I started to teach myself. My question is really just a preference from...Show More

C sharp : C# DataGridView   (Views   183)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:35 PM
Dear peopleCan someone help me please sort out this problem with DataGridView. On click event button I'm generating into dataGridView two Columns with the Rows provided, using the database query statement (see the code below) and in the mean...Show More

C sharp : Accessors and Mutators   (Views   183)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:31 PM
!I wonder why i need accessor "Set" functions. As i know it is just the same as custom constructors. When i have defined a private data field it cannot be accessed via the object level so i need to define a "Get" function to access the value...Show More

C sharp : compare 2 strings   (Views   208)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:28 PM
Hi everybody,I want to compare to strings, to see which one is bigger. string a="Anna";string b="David";a.CompareTo(b);how can I know that a is smaller than b can I use Show More

C sharp : NOOB DEBUGGING PROBLEM   (Views   199)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:23 PM
i am total noob to coding and i am learning c#. I am reading one book and i am about half way through, but i still have problems with debugging in WindowsForms. I understand its totaly noob question, so sorry about that. But any help would be a lot appreciated as i still am not able to...Show More

C sharp : accurate timer.tick event   (Views   243)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:21 PM
Hi I am looking for a more accurate timer.tick event. with this, i can only get upto mill sec. but i need something will can go upto microsec.. do you have some sample to show me..Show More

C sharp : Setting up sql class to use in other classes   (Views   199)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:15 PM
HiI am quite new at programming and would like a little guidance..I want to create a small windows program that can:1. connect to an existing database2. manipulate this databaseI've got the connection...Show More

C sharp : TextBox BackColor from hex value   (Views   199)

Posted On: Thursday 29th of November 2012 08:59:12 PM
hello, so i want to set the textbox backcolor to a certain value like 0xFF0000, of course i tried textbox.BackColor = Color.FromArgb(0xFF0000);but it throws an exception about the textbox not...Show More