JTable printing problem

I have sample of JTable with data that i would like to be right aligned, also orange background color cell renderer is applied, and font is set to be Tahoma BoldItalic with font size of 13.

Problems that arise are, grid lines are over cell text, and also applied background color looks strange when PDF printer is used and document is zoomed.

Interesting thing is that when font is set to be even grid lines doesn't intersect cell text.

import java.awt.BorderLayout; import java.awt.Color; import java.awt.Component; import java.awt.Font; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import java.awt.print.Printable; import java.awt.print.PrinterException; import java.awt.print.PrinterJob; import javax.swing.JButton; import javax.swing.JFrame; import javax.swing.JLabel; import javax.swing.JPanel; import javax.swing.JScrollPane; import javax.swing.JTable; import javax.swing.SwingConstants; import javax.swing.SwingUtilities; import javax.swing.JTable.PrintMode; import javax.swing.table.DefaultTableCellRenderer; import javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel; public class TablePrintTest extends JFrame { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; private static final Object[] COLUMN_NAMES = { "Column1", "Column2", "Column3" }; private static final Object[][] CELL_VALUES = { { 1, 2, 3 }, { 4, 5, 6 }, { 7, 8, 9 } }; private JButton printButton; private JTable table; public TablePrintTest() { super("TablePrintTest"); createGui(); setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); } private void createGui() { table = new JTable(new DefaultTableModel() { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; @Override public Class getColumnClass(int columnIndex) { return Number.class; } @Override public int getColumnCount() { return COLUMN_NAMES.length; } @Override public int getRowCount() { return CELL_VALUES.length; } @Override public String getColumnName(int column) { return COLUMN_NAMES[column].toString(); } @Override public Object getValueAt(int row, int column) { return CELL_VALUES[row][column]; } }); table.setDefaultRenderer(Number.class, new DefaultTableCellRenderer() { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; @Override public Component getTableCellRendererComponent(JTable table, Object value, boolean isSelected, boolean hasFocus, int row, int column) { JLabel label = (JLabel) super.getTableCellRendererComponent( table, value, isSelected, hasFocus, row, column); label.setHorizontalAlignment(SwingConstants.RIGHT); return label; } public java.awt.Color getBackground() { return; }; }); table.setFont(new Font("Tahoma", Font.ITALIC | Font.BOLD, 13)); printButton = new JButton("Print"); printButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { @Override public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { Printable printable = table.getPrintable(PrintMode.NORMAL, null, null); PrinterJob pJob = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob(); pJob.setPrintable(printable); if (pJob.printDialog()) { try { pJob.print(); } catch (PrinterException e1) { e1.printStackTrace(); } } } }); JPanel contentPane = new JPanel(new BorderLayout()); contentPane.add(printButton, BorderLayout.NORTH); contentPane.add(new JScrollPane(table), BorderLayout.CENTER); setContentPane(contentPane); pack(); } public static void main(String[] args) { SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { new TablePrintTest().setVisible(true); } }); } }

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I am printing a JTable in this manner: StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(); PrintRequestAttributeSet attribs = new HashPrintRequestAttributeSet(); attribs.add(new Copies(1)); attribs.add(OrientationRequested.PORTRAIT); int xx = 1; //left and right margin int yy = 1; //top and bottom margin. Note that bottom margin cannot be less than 15 mm int ww = 845; //Width int hh = 599; //Height int units = MediaPrintableArea.MM; attribs.add(new MediaPrintableArea(xx, yy, ww, hh, units)); String title = "My Table"; sb.append(title); MessageFormat footer = new MessageFormat("Page {0}"); getPayrollHeadcountList().getTable().setPreferredSize(new Dimension(500, 500)); getPayrollHeadcountTotalList().getTable().setPreferredSize(new Dimension(500, 100)); try { getPayrollHeadcountList().getTable().print(PrintMode.FIT_WIDTH, header, footer, true, attribs, false); //getPayrollHeadcountTotalList().getTable().print(PrintMode.FIT_WIDTH, header, footer, true, attribs, false); } catch (PrinterException pe) { Debug.trace(pe); }
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, I am using NetBeans 6.8 and got some problems when I want to add something to binded data. I have created a JTable (myListTable) that is binded with LinkedList (myList). I have created JButton (addRowButton) that should add new MyItem to myList which (probably) should add a row with that item to myListTable... and this is where the problem occurs. Firstly I have tried this:@Action public void addRow() { myList.add(new MyItem(myList.size(), "Random num: "+Math.random())); }
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I've got a swing JTable of about 20 rows ans 40 columns that I want to print on paper. I tried the table.print() method but that doesn't work, I just get one big empty cell on the paper. I tried an example from another site and that one works perfectly ( Does anyone know what's going wrong Is my table too large for the paper and do I need to resize it, and if so how
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I'm developing a dialog for that I've written a class. In that class I've to implement an interface MouseListener but dont want to implement all method. but I have already extended one class JDialog. Is there any way to not to implement all method
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Hi Members, First of all thanks to Javaranch for providing this nice tutorial JProgressBar. This has almost solved my problem. I am not able to understand that how should I calculate and update my JProgessBar in case of reading long file and parse it accordingly. Each time the progress bar does not update immediately . I do not know how should I do