Create and dynamically change buttons in jtable column

I am having a lot of problems fully grasping tablecellrenderer and tablecelleditor. I have researched a lot, looked in a lot of forums, but still can't solve my problem.
Without posting an sscce (because my code is probably very incorrect), how would I do the following:
Create a jtable with a column that has ButtonX in it. Then when another column in a specific row gets a certain value, ButtonX will change to ButtonY, but other rows will remain what they are already. In the following example, all rows started with ButtonX, but when Progress changed from Uploading to Complete, ButtonX became ButtonY.

Row Name Progress Abort/Complete
0 File 1 Complete ButtonY
1 File 2 Complete ButtonY
2 File 3 Uploading ButtonX

The buttons need to update accordingly if a row is deleted. For example if row 0 is deleted, it should look like:
Row Name Progress Abort/Complete
0 File 2 Complete ButtonY
1 File 3 Uploading ButtonX

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