Where I should use the most popular keywords

Where I should use the most popular keywords on my website topic

- title
- content
- , tags for img

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, can anyone tell me from where i can get the google updates, i mean the all the latest Google SEO informations, like algorithm changes etc
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Black Hat SEO techniques usually helps you to get SERP faster. But is is not permanent. If Google found then your site will not appear in search results anymore..!
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! I am working on my site www. militaryscalemodelling . com. With this site I promote my hobby and in the future will put usefull info on it. Scale modelling is my hobby, and therefore I write build logs every once with updates on my progress etc I wonder how I could sum this up in my site. lets say I work on three scale models at the same time. that means three build logs: - Log A - Log B - Log C should I make a new post everytime I made progress with the scale model so that I can make a link in my menu that redirects to the tag "Log A" so they can see all the posts of build log A should I name each post like this: - Log A update #1 - Log A update #2 - Log A update #3 - Log A update #4 - Log A update #5 - etc. wont this have negative effects with SEO since I got serveral posts with almost identical post names and meta discription etc. just wondering before doing all the work. I dont think updating each post everytime I make progress will work, cause users cant see that I "added" some contecnt to an existing post. the way described above would work nice with RSS and email newsletters aswell since I make a new posts, and thus mails get sent to my subscribers I hope you could follow my explanation, Im from Holland so sorry if I am not clear.
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Was wondering what all should be the steps taken The site have a very good number of links which I think is not liked by dmoz and yahoo directories. I initially had a page rank of 2 after I submitted the site to google and still has the page rank of 2. So how to improve my Keywords Strategy
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I am developing product based shopping website, which have different main categories and than sub categories and then products in those sub catageories, so i want to know how should i make their url, so that they remain seo friendly and remain short as well, is there any benefit if your urls is short after your domainmane like My developer has given me three option for url to be shown on website and in search engine which are mentioned below, Please suggest which one to use which will be best option. Thank you Danny
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I know has a site and they are doing SEO for the same, but the question is how they started at the initial stages how many links one should build daily What one shouldn't do with a new site Should i create sitemap and submit it to webmaster tool after each backlinks or only one sitemap is enough If someone can explain how to approach a new site it'd be of great help for me.
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Which is most preferable option for title tag (- | , ) --- please put your suggestions. I also want to see examples of best performing tags.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Russellc How do I get my files indexed by the search engines after a redesign where file names have changed Well, from an seo perspective, if you have decent link juice going to your current pages, then you want to redirect your old pages to your new ones to preserve the authority. Then signup for Google Webmaster Tools and submit a new sitemap. But if you want to just remove the old ones, sign in to Google Webmaster tools, then you need to go in and request url removals of the old ones. Google will require that you disallow the old ones in your robots.txt file. Google Webmaster tools > Site Configuration > Crawler access > Remove URL Make sure you read their instructions completely. Good luck
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I am starting a new website. I have a host and one domain name. My domain is not key word rich. I am going to offer several products/services each which would have different key words associated with them. The question is should I buy key word rich domains to SEO or just use key words in titles on secondary pages Can I use a seperate URL for a secondary page under my main website The key words I would target have a huge amount of monthly searches. In the millions. If the answer is to buy these domains...should I use 301 redirect (if they don't have their own websites) or park them Can I register them for keyword purposes but not actually make a site for them I was thinking of just using one site to start with. Maybe develop multiple sites later on.
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Hi all, I have a question in my mind after read lots of replies by SEO Experts that below mention activities not working for SEO point of view.If these are not effective to improve our ranking or traffic then Google should update off page optimization activities.Why we say that these activities are the part of off page optimization. High pr directory Article Sites Forum posting press release sites Social bookmarking Blog posting
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Hi all, I don't understand the argument. yes i agree, the point is valid that articles submission, dir submission comes under off page activities. But when you all know what off page means Well off page also means getting good quality links related to niche without spamming the forums, others blogs. Its about quality links, the article submission, dir submission are only ways to get those. Google never says do articles submission. Say take example of article submission Article submission involves writing articles related to the theme of your site and submitting to article directories. By doing this, you will get permanent one-way links from these directories. In addition to that, your article will be put under the most relevant category as well. Now only will you be getting a link, you will also be reaching out to more people. Visitors of that article site will get to know about your site and may even link to you if they think you are an authority figure and like your site. So i guess we should talk something like ways to get quality links.. !! LOL
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yaul, My website has a lot of links to external sites, including amazon but also tons of other sites. Should all of these have rel=no follow I also have my own amazon links with tracking id - what about those
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I run a classifieds dog website for the San Francisco Bay Area. Users can buy, sell, adopt dogs and puppies on my website. There are many cities in the Bay Area, over 20. I want people to be able to find my site if they search for "buy puppy Palo Alto" or "buy puppies san jose". How can I achieve this
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How many targeted keywords should a site have
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hey if i use only 2-3 blog comment, forum posting on 3 sites, it'll be sufficient to promote my website enough currently i have no rank and i have made around 200 directories submission and bookmarking.
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We have been worked hard over the last three months on optimization and building links to our .com site. Now we have been given google PR and Alexa is improving our score every week. However, on another forum site, I was told that if we are targeting primarily the UK market, we will never get good SERP in google or yahoo if we use .com and are hosted on US servers. Well, changing to a UK server is out of the question. Too much hassle and they are not cheap. The question is, what are the implications for us to do a 301 redirect to from .com Will we loose our PR, value of backlinks, Alexa rank
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Looking for honest opinions about this SENuke
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Why we should have our main keyword in domain name is it necessary to have if it is how much it useful and how
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My website ranking was 5 on but now it is nowhere in google..Can you please suggest me that what went wrong,i mean how my site disaapeared in google.Please i need your help to regain the ranking of my website. My link is:- www(dot)webrextech(dot)com
My site should be higher? tips? help please   (287 Views)
Hi all, I am pretty new to SEO but have been reading about some good ways to get a good ranking. My website is (hair-21). The search engine i am working with is the biggest to start with "google". The seach term i am entering is "mobile hairdresser bournemouth" I am a bit confussed as to why my site is only ranked 11th for the above search term I have taken a look at the sites code that rank above mine and see that some of them look like they have much poorer code and some have not included things that i have. Some have less back links then mine when i check within google. So far i have done the following: checked my html is valid added a site map submited my site to google added meta tags changed my titles to include search term added back links where i could If any one can point me in the right directions as to why im only ranked 11th id be very very greatful. many