When Do Deleted Pages Stop Appearing in Search Results?

We moved and deleted several pages from our website over 5 weeks ago and I'm still seeing them in google search results. Those results are directing people to 404 Error pages. What do I do

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, I have a website, which ranks pretty well for some keyword, but the URL structure is awful. For instance: target keyword is: target keyword URL: For some reasons (difficulties with CMS system) I cannot change the URL to prettier version such as I was thinking of making a subpage - or more precisely 301 redirect which would point with 301 redirect to I would expose the redirect (URL) on website (within links) and in sitemap. Now I'm wondering: is this worth doing Will this have any effects Has anyone tried doing this If not, what else would you recommend to improve structural search keyword targeting
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Hi everybody this is my first post in this great forum. I have a question for you . I'm going to develop a website where I will have a lot of useful links in the pages (think about the SOURCES or EXTERNAL LINKS in wikipedia to have an idea) I read about that having too many outbound links is not a good idea but at the same time those links (some of them with description) will be useful for the users. I thought about using the attribute NOFOLLOW but I'm not sure. Any advice
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Hi On i have positions 3,4,11,13,14. I think this is great but how do i take advantage of this and what do i have to do to get the top position Keyword Term : 99p Wholesalers I have the same story on several other keywords.
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i have created 2 web pages: packers and movers in Hyderabad 1. keyword page: packers and movers in Hyderabad. 2. keyword page: packers and movers in Hyderabad hitech city. the problem started, when i m bulding links for packers and movers in Hyderabad, there is regular reshuffling of 2 webpages, even though i m not building links for packers and movers in Hyderabad hitech city. i the beginning i have build few links for,2nd keyword.
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Hi Folks I have recently relaunched a non commercial fishing website .uk (It's still very new). This site was removed from the internet mid 2006 after being 'on air' since 1998 with a couple of hundred pages. I am seeing the old pages showing in my stats as error 404's which I find very weird. As a precaution, I have created blank html pages named as per the originals with a refresh to the new .php equivalent. Will this cause me any issues with SEO and if not should I remove any meta tags Many
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Hi SEO Chatters, I have a question. How it be benefit a website if we include a contact us form in all pages of a website or it will be good to keep the form only in contact us page
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The owner of a website (or the designer) have disallowed the access of robots on the whole website. I know this might be a very stupid question, but how far can that website go in terms of SEO and rankings without allowing robots What I think is that the position in the SERPs for the deed keywords will only be the result of the backlinks (quality/number) and no on-page optimization will have any effect. What are the flaws in my thinking (If there is any thinking... ). P.S. Any idea why would someone who wants to promote their site disallow robots
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It's easier if I run through an example to illustrate what I mean. Say I'm a painting and decorating firm and my website has a page called Services, or similar. This page ranks okay, but for just one part of the country - the main part the firm operates in, such as "Painting and Decorator in New York". Is it a valid strategy to then create other "Services" pages, which are similar, but are more tuned to rank for other parts of the country. Whilst the content is similar, but stuff like the heading tags, title tags, intro paragraph text, links back etc, are location specific. The structure before might have been, But after, it might be, (main landing one, and in the navigation), etc. To me it seems almost spammy, but I've seen it work on quite a number of websites, including web designers and "SEO's". So when you search for a term and a location, you hit say "". Is this technique frowned upon Or is it actually a valid tactic Cheers, and Happy New Year when it comes
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I've noticed that some "for sale" websites (eg: cars for sale) retain old listings after then have been sold. I can see why... but in Google's eyes the website would end up being mostly web pages of stuff that no one can buy Do you think it's a good idea to keep the listings as a possible search hit or remove them entirely
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The program to display any cheat pages (social networking, video, vote) There you can download a demo version. At present allows to adjust: * Random or final count of visitings * Order of search of a proxy * Manual or automatic method of transition to other page * Add keystroke after the page loads (up to three applications). The ability to click in windows embedded in the page (eg MediaFlashPlayer) * To change a quantity of stream * Limit the response from the proxy There is a built-in parser proxies which will download and check proxies for performance. In the present delivers up to 1,500 workers proxy.
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After the pander update I've needed to take out some pages of my site I was also told it would be a good idea to take the blog out as well. So my question is, can a site still rank well if it has a lot less pages than other sites you are competing against
Negative impact on crawling after upload robots.txt file on HTTPS pages   (208 Views)
I experienced negative impact on crawling after upload robots.txt file on HTTPS pages. You can find out both URLs as follow. Robots.txt File for HTTP: http[://]www[.] DOMAIN NAME DELETED [.]com[/]robots.txt Robots.txt File for HTTPS: https[://]www[.] DOMAIN NAME DELETED [.]com[/]robots.txt I have disallowed all crawlers for HTTPS pages with following syntax. User-agent: * Disallow: / Does it matter for that If I have done any thing wrong so give me more idea to fix this issue.
Getting site pages re-indexed   (187 Views)
I've resubmitted a sitemap xml through webmaster tools after revamping my site. The old pages are the only ones showing up in google. Is it just a waiting game or is there anything else i can do to get the new sites pages reindexed It's been two weeks and still the old pages are showing up when running site:domain in google.
FaceBook likes exchange for fan pages for SEOs?   (346 Views)
It has been a lot of questions about Facebook likes, fan pages and SEO. Rand at seomoz has also presented some data this week about large correlation between high page rank and many likes. So I come up with this crazy idea of increasing facebook likes if there are SEOs with fan pages that would like have more fans. Facebook forbids direct exchange of likes so this is how it works so that we not violate the rules. 1) Post in this threat that you are interested and PM me your fan page facebook url. 2) I will send you the list and you have to visit and like 5 of the users on the list. 3) When you have confirmed than you have found websites that you like and become the fan I will add you to the list. 4) Next time someone new would like to be on the list he may select your fan page. 5) When the amount of increased SEOs increases we will increase the amount of website to like so that the probability of being liked will be the same. From SEO perspective it must be good to have SEOs that like each others fan pages as the likes are relevant. So what do you think the best , Well, very hard words from you DistinctSEO "...grey/black hat 'seos' like you..." and you are the ADMIN of this forum. With your definition all SEOs on this forum would be black hat because any kind of building links is in fact manipulating SERPs (non-organic). And if I can see correct you have links in your signature to your website (Not directly organic) so you are as much black hat as I am. Difference is that I do not sell SEO services so it's not correct to call me for a SEO, and therefore also a black hat SEO. So in my opinion you are preaching one thing and doing the opposite trying to score points. Next thing is that I'm suggesting it and asking what you think and you come with accusations along with your explanation. I feel kind of arrogance in your replay. And I have suggested that you have to select pages that you actually like form a bunch of websites. This means that it could be compared to links in your signature which are widely accepted but not organic. I hope that you have the guts to apologies for your post to me the best
How much effort to put in landing pages ?   (172 Views)
hi, well, I'm in this situation when I don't know what to believe, just to set up the background, I'm the webmaster of my own website on my own time, which is "yoyo(dash)france(dot)net" and I was hired to deal with online referencing and whatnot by "maxiscoot(dot)com" I'm fairly happy with my own website, we have decent traffic regarding the subject and language (about playing the yoyo, in french) and in about 8 months of time we rank ahead a much older competing website. the thing is, with my "job website", I don't get to take the decisions, and my boss keeps telling me to "do some landing pages" where I would use a certain keyword, titles, some general descriptive text and a few pictures. the problem, to me, is that spending months (yes months) doing that is not going to produce adequate results (effort vs reward) and I think we should focus WAY more on quality linking, posting articles on other popular websites, work with affiliate linking with our customers and community. The website is already very popular and we should use that instead of spending months on what is basically "light keyword spamming" but we do the landing pages internally and the backlinking is done by a separate, independant company (which also does it for many others) this is really bugging me, I asked the boss for a meeting in a couple days and I wanted to know, before I go in, if what I think/believe is right or if doing landing pages is so efficient, specially for a website that is already not badly referenced and has already great traffic and reputation. Because if the results aren't there, I'm the one who's going to take it, and right now, I don't really believe in what I'm doing, I think the reward's not worth that extreme amount of effort and that we should focus on some more efficient strategy with more important priorities (proper/quality linking being one) , Kind of guilty here: I havent yet optimized my landing pages. I recently stumbled into Analytics Click Thingy (yes, Thingy!), but other than that, I havent really gotten too much into analyzing my visitors and seeing if they stay and why.
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Just check out this site and it has stuffed all pages with keyword phrases "corporate films place_name" Quote: Corporate Films India Corporate Films Delhi Corporate Films Faridabad Corporate Films Gurgaon Corporate Films Noida Corporate Films Mumbai Corporate Films Pune Corporate Films Bangalore Corporate Films NCR Corporate Films Punjab Corporate Films Jaipur Corporate Films Madras The site is ranking well almost at top for all the phrases. Does this help I was thinking of doing the same if it does help at the cost of unprofessional look of our website. Whats your take
Where can i find a list of deleted domain names?   (190 Views)
i'm not sure that this is the best forum to ask, but here goes: i used to download a list of the deleted domains in .txt format here: (add http - i can't place a link yet in my threads). now their service has stopped, i'm in search for a new site where its possible to download a list of those deleted domains (or pending delete within the next 1-2 days).
Weight of Reciprocal links pages?   (161 Views)
I've read a few conflicting arguments about links pages within your site for reciprocal links. I've read that Google tries to 'deal' with links pages, presumably giving them no weight Does this mean you get little benefit back from the page you link to too Does anyone know how they are found and dealt with by search engines... the url... simply the number of links Can they harm in any way if not abused (whats the definition of abused) Also I have read a tactic, to hold all your link juice within your site, you should not point any internal or external link to your reciprocal links page... Sounds like a ****'s trick... is this regular practice.. why would you / wouldn't you do this Cheers Duckodil
One keyphrase targeting two pages on the one site   (269 Views)
I work on a local news website. Let's just say it's called www. newyork .com . We want the home page to rank for the term "new york news". I've optimized the home page for this term and the home page has got plenty of links pointing at it etc... It ranks fairly well for the term in a very competitive market. Now, being a news website we also have several subsections; news, sport, entertainment, business etc... My problem is here we have a subsection called news (www. newyork .com/news). This contains local and national news. The subsections are all optimized well for their terms. So the sport section is tailored for the keyword "new york sport". So by virtue the news section is tailored for "new york news". So all of a sudden I've got two of the main pages on the site vying for the same keywords/keyphrase. Does this matter My index page ranks much higher than the subsection page and that's what I want. But what I'd like to know is there a shared ranking factor Does the term "new york news" for my home page have an adverse effect on ranking for "new york news" on my inner page ie. does it bleed a little of it's credibility/reputation for the term "new york news". Or doesn't it matter (Duplicate content isn't really an issue here by the way). Hope that all makes sense!
Help - Masses of pages not indexed   (302 Views)
theres a problem with my site in that 1000s of pages arent indexed. the sites been live since january and ive submitted sitemap,s base feeds, created significanly different content for each page, used canonical rel tags to tackle dupe content and lots of other tweaks anyone care to take a look and help me out Mark