The scam. STAY AWAY

I need to vent- is a SCAM. In order to even be on their so-called list of TOP seo firms you must pay- and pay BIG. I sent an email today and one of the owners of the company said that it would cost $1,000 per month to even be 'considered' and ranked on ONE list. So it would cost an additional 1k for every list you want to be on- and that's PER MONTH. What a joke and what a scam! Nobody in their right mind should buy into this and consumers need to beware as SEO firms are simply buying their way to the top.

I can understand a reasonable one-time fee so that they can research your company to rank it. But to ask for 1k per month is extortion!

Posted On: Tuesday 9th of October 2012 09:26:23 PM Total Views:  432
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