Stop words or not??.


I have a site at The Business Web Pages , my problem is, people can find it in most of the search engines using search term-->
thebusinesswebpages, and that brings up the site, but if I use --> the business web pages

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, Is it considered spam to have two web-sites that sell the exact same product (same description, price, pictures, etc) with different index pages that target a different set of key words The two sites are exactly the same but index page and logo. My competition is doing this. If this is wrong can someone point me to the rules/regulation where it states this is wrong.
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Hi , I'm brand new to the forums and this is my first post. I apologize if this is something that has already been covered in detail - I've done several searches and didn't find an answer. I currently have a domain name that is basically "". My industry has basically two or three keywords that people tend to search for, so in conjunction with the SEO related site redesign we're currently doing, we were considering switching our domain to "" and just doing 301s from our original URL to the new one. My question is: Is this worth doing or am I better off just sticking with our original URL
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I have a question to which I've heard numerous contradictory answers re. KEY WORDS. If my site has 20 pages and there are 20 to 30 individual products on each page - what are my key words going to look like Do I need explicit KW's such as MARTIN BRONZE ACOUSTIC GUITAR STRINGS -- or acoustic guitar strings And, do I need a KW for every product on every page - so that the source code reads 20 or 30 keywords long or more when you add in the generic [non Brand name] KW's You are welcomed to take a look at my site and any of the source code on any of my pages. Very grateful ... lgc252 -- US Ps. We are right in the middle of changing homepage products and copy as we speak. One other question - what is he importance of a site map
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Read this very carefully :
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Fathom you raise some excellent points. I think that what some of the posters that use metas fail to understand is that google picks relevant snippets from the page to queries. I think that if you pages are well written you may see a benefit from removing metas. You have convinced me to a degree. I have removed metas on some of my landing pages and are monitoring results.
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just kidding. i finally ranked top 10 (front page) for a term that results 14,000,000 results THANK YOU SEO CHAT!