Should I stop using WebCeO?

Ok, Ill be brief.

Ive been using the popular WebCEO software for a little over a year and found it to be a great resource in my overall SEO strategy.
Over the past couple of months, Its become more and more evident that Google pretty much hates me using the WebCEO tool because each time I do, I always get the infamous Google message Were sorry, but your query looks similar to automated requests ... whenever I try to check a cache of a search result.

My questions are:
1. Do you have evidence of someone actually getting banned by Google for using WebCEO
2. If you have been using WebCEO for some time now, do you feel Google penalizes your site/IP address for using the tool
3. Do you have any opinions on other alternative software/tools that provide the same comprehensive data as WebCEO

I really do like the tool but, my paranoia is getting the best of me.

I know is really busy so

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