SEO & Meta tag keywords?

Am helping improve SEO on a site and am wondering what influence the meta tag keywords have For this particular site their are a lot of more really more or would they be better (in general) to have less but more specific keywords

Any help would be great!

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hi, i know that in the robots.txt file i can tell google what pages on my site not to crawl. are there any other uses of this file can it be useful for seo in any way i dont think theres any pages on my site that i dont want search engines to crawl so im thinking i might not need this file unless there are other reasons for it
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Bookmarking is something that help in promoting the website pages and improve the traffic. it also helps in getting the page indexed and dofollow bookmarking sites also help in getting backlinks for the website pages.
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is it advisable in search engine optimization to use these meta tags: i want to use these tags on my website in order to see immediately the updated pages without clearing the cache in the browser tools.
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hi to all! have someone tried to optimize a website which is in industry with process control and instrument products i tried to use google keyword tool for all the keywords suggested by the company. the company is based in Singapore (main target audience is also from singapore) so i used Singapore location in Google keyword tool. Here's the result: Keyword Global Searches Local Searches "flotech" 6600 320 "flotech controls" 320 110 "process control" 135000 1900 "process instrument" 1300 22 "process instrumentation" 5400 91 "process measurement" 3600 36 "valve automation" 1600 36 "process control and instrumentation" 720 28 "industrial process solutions" 140 0 "level control" 27100 320 "scada" 368000 2900 "industrial wireless communication" 110 0 "instrument water treatment" 0 0 "instrument wastewater treatment" - - "bulk flow" 4400 36 "port crane anti collision system" - - "belt scale weighing system" - - "process weighing system" 28 12 "btu meter" 2900 110 "energy meter" 49500 390 "conductivity analyzer" 720 12 "moisture analyzer" 8100 170 "refractometer" 60500 480 "ph / orp analyzer" - - "suspended solid analyzer" 16 0 "turbidity analyzer" 260 12 "process camera" - - "process lighting" - - Code: Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches "flotech" 0.02 6600 320 "flotech controls" 0.03 320 110 "process control" 0.06 135000 1900 "process instrument" 0.16 1300 22 "process instrumentation" 0.04 5400 91 "process measurement" 0.03 3600 36 "valve automation" 0.1 1600 36 "process control and instrumentation" 0 720 28 "industrial process solutions" 0.03 140 0 "level control" 0.19 27100 320 "scada" 0.19 368000 2900 "industrial wireless communication" 0.3 110 0 "instrument water treatment" 0.45 0 0 "instrument wastewater treatment" - - - "bulk flow" 0.02 4400 36 "port crane anti collision system" - - - "belt scale weighing system" - - - "process weighing system" 0.1 28 12 "btu meter" 0.24 2900 110 "energy meter" 0.35 49500 390 "conductivity analyzer" 0.25 720 12 "moisture analyzer" 0.43 8100 170 "refractometer" 0.36 60500 480 "ph / orp analyzer" - - - "suspended solid analyzer" 0.26 16 0 "turbidity analyzer" 0.17 260 12 "process camera" - - - "process lighting" - - - "flow control" 0.06 135000 1600 "electromagnetic flowmeter" 0.47 2400 36 "variable area flowmeter" 0.75 590 22 "float indicator" 0.01 390 16 "positive displacement flowmeter" 0.5 480 0 "solids flowmeter" - - - "portable ultrasonic flowmeter" 0.76 210 0 "pressure transmitter" 0.3 40500 880 "radar level transmitter" 0.27 1900 46 "level float switch" 0.77 880 16 "ultrasonic level transmitter" 0.54 1900 36 "level switch" 0.39 33100 480 "level radar" 0.14 720 12 "rtd / thermocouple" 0.13 590 16 "temperature transmitter" 0.32 12100 260 "ballast water treatment" 0.46 3600 260 "alarm monitoring" 0.5 49500 140 "anti-heeling control" - - - "fire detection" 0.21 22200 320 "gas detection" 0.46 18100 320 "remote valve control" 0.32 110 0 "bilge control" - - - "tank gauging" 0.2 4400 170 "ballast control" 0.01 1000 36 "fuel oil monitoring" 0.37 12 0 "ready light" 0.02 1900 0 "cooling tower water treatment" 0.46 1600 58 "chemical free disinfection system" - - - "eca disinfection" - - - "eca cip beverage" - - - the local monthly search is very low. i will also try to suggest to the company to focus more on high search volume. but the main problem is only few keywords have high local monthly search volume. i want to add more to increase the traffic. any advice, suggestions or comments
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. New to the forum. Looks really cool. I see advertised on the top of this page. Is this considered black or white hat Is paying content writers to produce articles considered black hat If I did do this... would i want to submit these articles to other blogging websites Or should I just post the article to my own blog Last question : ) What about paying for manual directory submission. I see people doing this on other forums and getting submitted to about thousand of directories for less than 50 bucks. Is this considered black or white would this help We are only interested in doing white hat at this point. If anyone has any suggestions on what to do that would be great. We are willing to spend some money for results... Thank you for any help. , For me, onpage SEO is whitehat (legal), everything else, buying links and stuff is black, black and it will be black hat
Would this be good or bad for seo   (131 Views)
We have a printers store, according to lots of things I have read, the most important thing for SEO is content. For each item we have a small description a table of specifications and thats it. However I have found that in the manufacturers site they provide a small 3-4 page article of each item in PDF format, they also provide users manuals, etc. I wonder if it would be good or not, to take at least the small article, save it as HTML and put it on my website linked from the product page. The content is extremely good writter and with good keyword density. I wonder the same about manuals, but those are 50 pages or more. Maybe for those I could put a link to the PDF to download only. Thank you , DarrenHaye is providing good guidance. The least problem you may have is duplicate content penalties. The worst could be losing your printer supplier because of plagiarism of their documents/page content. Content is king... true. I would approach your supplier for permissions to use their text/documents. Lacking that, use their articles as a template for your own writings that may parallel theirs. In that way your content will be original.
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hai most of them saying about the black hat seo. and if we did black hat seo google will spam our sites. its true. i want to know the dfference between black hat seo and white hat seo.... waitting for the good replay
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I have just made a forum on topic: blogger community - but don't know how to make it visible on search engines. Actually i don't know how to optimize a forum so that it shows up on search engine. I am using mybb script
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Selling fresh Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail/Aol/Youtube Accounts Here we offer Complete solution for Fresh email accounts Includes Gmail accounts(Stocks available) Yahoo accounts (3 Million fresh accounts available) Hotmail accounts (Stocks available) My space accounts(24 hours delivery) Friendster account (24 hours delivery) AOl Account (24 hours delivery) Bebo Account (24 hours delivery) Black planet account(24 hour delivery) MyYearBook Account (24 hours delivery) Wayn Account (24 hours delivery) Tagged Account (24 hours delivery) Youtube Account (24 hours delivery) captcha entry We are Interested to Start this Project Immediately. We also assure that we will provide Quality services in timely manner which satisfies the client needs
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Hi forum member I am Design Above and let we discuss top seo tips,which very use full for any company or individual. 1>. Search Your Keywords Wisely I have analyzed people just see a keyword with HIGH number of searches and start doing SEO for it . NO ! Never do it . If your TARGET is to earn through ADSENSE then first check the CPC , CPC means cost per click .It means how much you will be paid for that particular keyword.Also see how many ADVERTISERS are for that keyword . Because if there are not enough advertisers then your ads will not be displayed in some countries . But if your TARGET is to earn through AFFILIATES , then there is no need to go for CPC. 2>. Analyze What Your Visitors Really Want Each content on your website must be exactly according to visitors need , means if someone comes to your website by searching Oral infection home remedy then it means he wants to know only home treatments .So on that page discuss only about home treatments. 3>.Make sure you have done on page optimization on your max You should do on page optimization in the perfect way , you can read these seo tips and tricks for on page optimization here
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Hi I am Design Above,I like to work with search engine let us discus more about about seo. SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization" or "search engine optimizer." Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site. Many SEOs and other agencies and consultants provide useful services for website owners, including: * Review of your site content or structure * Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript * Content development * Management of online business development campaigns * Keyword research * SEO training * Expertise in specific markets and geographies. If you're thinking about hiring an SEO, the earlier the better. A great time to hire is when you're considering a site redesign, or planning to launch a new site. That way, you and your SEO can ensure that your site is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up. However, a good SEO can also help improve an existing site.
The scam. STAY AWAY   (438 Views)
I need to vent- is a SCAM. In order to even be on their so-called list of TOP seo firms you must pay- and pay BIG. I sent an email today and one of the owners of the company said that it would cost $1,000 per month to even be 'considered' and ranked on ONE list. So it would cost an additional 1k for every list you want to be on- and that's PER MONTH. What a joke and what a scam! Nobody in their right mind should buy into this and consumers need to beware as SEO firms are simply buying their way to the top. I can understand a reasonable one-time fee so that they can research your company to rank it. But to ask for 1k per month is extortion!
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We will be setting up a cart, well moving to a new one, and we want to incorporate a forum as well so we can build a community and create a lot of content for the site(s). What would be the best way to do this for best seo effectiveness I would assume the cart and the forum would be best put under/on the same domain. If that is the case then what would be best at that point: Cart at and forum at (subdomain) or cart at (subdomain) and forum at or Simply neither solution. Just curious.
Page 2 - Is seo work boring ?   (330 Views)
Quote: Originally Posted by eimroda It is not boring at all, actually it's fun. Seeing your site competing in the SERP moving north and south is a very exciting one. here is a lit of dofollow forums, you can find some forums that allows you to put your signature the day you registered.
Html+js links - advanced seo question   (208 Views)
hi , the following questions regards a + javascript on click combined in a link. look at the following code: elements we have: 1. A href link - to 2. onclick JS event who links to 3. img src , inside the A HREF, with an alt tag. my question for you are: 1. which link will be counted to site domain.con - will it be the A HREF or the Javascript one (the a href is a clean hardlink, the JS is a long affiliation link). 2. can the alt tag be counted as an anchor text for this link 3. can this be called a "sneaky javascript redirect" can this be picked up by SE as cloaking sorry to say, but i have not live example to show you , but based on your understanding, what do you think happens here
What is do-follow link? How it helps on seo?   (363 Views)
Since I've plunged in the sea of seo one name always confuse me "Do-follow" What is it actually I want to know how it helps build good backlinkI read somewhere that Do follow enables humans to follow the link but not search engine bots.Please give me an example How Please help me.
Suggest me..seochat heatlers....   (152 Views)
How to recover my site from panda effects its now on 6th page.... say me what are steps and changes i have to do in my site or out of my site... Egol,Lb1878,KernelPanic,khushimistry,Doodled,Elect ricPrez and other people who are interested with my question.. plz suggest me... i need to do push my rank up and i need help... can you help me .....
Blackcat and whitecat seo   (303 Views)
what is the difference between blackcat seo and whitecat seo can anyone tell me about this......
Page 2 - Url good for seo??   (192 Views)
Quote: Originally Posted by gaptrast , If I have a website, like, I'll get high ranking on searches containing "computers". But if I change the name to, and let be redirected to Will I still get high ranking on searches containing "computers" [domains are just examples]