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I heard about spyglass but is good enough tool

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HELP!!!Why would my site drop from the 2nd page to the 20th   (192 Views)
I am web designer with limited SEO knowledge. I have redesigned 3 sites for my client and successfully his placement on google has increased.But yesterday his main site I redesigned dropped worse then the stock market from page 1 on some keywords to page 20 , No one can tell you why & how drop your site from google. google ranking factor depends for many terms. you need to wait & build more related backlink for your site. Also you can enrich your site with original content.
Absoluting positioning page content to the top of the page   (198 Views)
In the past I have had dealings with a SEO company that has done a process that they call "reverse build". They move what they believe is less important content such as the header and navigation to the bottom of the HTML document. And more important content such as the page's name and it's individual unique content to the top of the HTML document. They then use absolute positioning to make the page appear in it's correct order. They state that this helps with search engine rankings, do search engines use the order that elements appear in HTML as a factor for how and where a site ranks Is this common practice amongst SEO firms
Page swapping and page jacking   (185 Views)
can anyone tell me the diffrerence between dese 2 techniques Page swapping and page jacking.Provide proper information regarding dis topic. E Cigs | E Cigarettes
Does an H1 need to be the first heading on a page?   (194 Views)
I wants heading to be very large at the top of a page to say "Blog" and underneath it have an h1 with the keywords, but very much smaller, saying "Keyword keyword keyword blog". I could make the larger heading at p span or could I make it an h3 Does an H1 need to be the first heading on a page Does an H1 need to be the biggest text on a page I hope this makes sense.
Google should update in offpage activity   (376 Views)
Hi all, I have a question in my mind after read lots of replies by SEO Experts that below mention activities not working for SEO point of view.If these are not effective to improve our ranking or traffic then Google should update off page optimization activities.Why we say that these activities are the part of off page optimization. High pr directory Article Sites Forum posting press release sites Social bookmarking Blog posting
Page 2 - Google should update in offpage activity   (192 Views)
Hi all, I don't understand the argument. yes i agree, the point is valid that articles submission, dir submission comes under off page activities. But when you all know what off page means Well off page also means getting good quality links related to niche without spamming the forums, others blogs. Its about quality links, the article submission, dir submission are only ways to get those. Google never says do articles submission. Say take example of article submission Article submission involves writing articles related to the theme of your site and submitting to article directories. By doing this, you will get permanent one-way links from these directories. In addition to that, your article will be put under the most relevant category as well. Now only will you be getting a link, you will also be reaching out to more people. Visitors of that article site will get to know about your site and may even link to you if they think you are an authority figure and like your site. So i guess we should talk something like ways to get quality links.. !! LOL
Creating a page for the main keyword.   (169 Views)
, First post here ! Just a quick question we are trying to rank for a competitive keyword and at the moment we are currently ranking 6th on the first page. We have a good domian it's currently 11years old and has a page rank of 4. We have noticed that our main competitor has just created a page dedicated to the target keyword - this new page is now below his top listing meaning our site has moved down a rank. If we were to create the same page on our site with fresh content and get some links pointing to it do you think we could have the same effect or at least move that page up above some of our other competitors who are ranking higher than us but don't have any authority like we do..... Cheers Guys. Scott
Marquee, how to add content without boring the viewers to gain SEO page ranking   (166 Views)
I would like feedback concerning this idea using a Marquee. For those not familiar with what a Marquee basically is, it is a boxed-in grouping of words that are visible on screen that can be scrolled to the left, to the right, down, up etc........This grouping of words is basically limitless. You could have complete sentences or even paragraphs.Within this boxed-in group the font can be re-sized, font color or border width and the colors of the borders as well. You can even match the background color of the web page so there is no color differentiation between the two. I am NOT implying to color match the text to background color so the text is visually hidden from the viewer. So now to the meat of the question. Since page content is King for SEO placement of your website (and your link juice), but at the same time if your website reads like Wikipedia you just may loose viewers because your site is overly boring or extremely lengthy to read, so why not try this. Have enough good content concerning your topic, but add a Marquee (only showing a very SMALL selection of words of the total number within that Marquee at any one time) to each web page placed in a less than attractive area of each page (meaning at the bottom or other area). Within each Marquee you add your additional informing that does read like a sales pitch based upon Wikipedia information overload. Now scroll this Marquee at such a slow speed nobody will actually be interested and they will ignore this Marquee, but the SEO will read the content and perhaps give a higher ranking to your website because you are content rich. Any experience you have on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Any other input would also be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you all......................
Banners and off-page factors   (187 Views)
we all know that the better link is that one which is more visible to visitors. I mean footer links are bad becouse they are not visible. So are the backlinks from BANNERS better than classic text backlinks Banner are more visible than text. What does give us more of OFF-page factors like page rank and others Sorry for my english hope you understand.
FaceBook likes exchange for fan pages for SEOs?   (346 Views)
It has been a lot of questions about Facebook likes, fan pages and SEO. Rand at seomoz has also presented some data this week about large correlation between high page rank and many likes. So I come up with this crazy idea of increasing facebook likes if there are SEOs with fan pages that would like have more fans. Facebook forbids direct exchange of likes so this is how it works so that we not violate the rules. 1) Post in this threat that you are interested and PM me your fan page facebook url. 2) I will send you the list and you have to visit and like 5 of the users on the list. 3) When you have confirmed than you have found websites that you like and become the fan I will add you to the list. 4) Next time someone new would like to be on the list he may select your fan page. 5) When the amount of increased SEOs increases we will increase the amount of website to like so that the probability of being liked will be the same. From SEO perspective it must be good to have SEOs that like each others fan pages as the likes are relevant. So what do you think the best , Well, very hard words from you DistinctSEO "...grey/black hat 'seos' like you..." and you are the ADMIN of this forum. With your definition all SEOs on this forum would be black hat because any kind of building links is in fact manipulating SERPs (non-organic). And if I can see correct you have links in your signature to your website (Not directly organic) so you are as much black hat as I am. Difference is that I do not sell SEO services so it's not correct to call me for a SEO, and therefore also a black hat SEO. So in my opinion you are preaching one thing and doing the opposite trying to score points. Next thing is that I'm suggesting it and asking what you think and you come with accusations along with your explanation. I feel kind of arrogance in your replay. And I have suggested that you have to select pages that you actually like form a bunch of websites. This means that it could be compared to links in your signature which are widely accepted but not organic. I hope that you have the guts to apologies for your post to me the best
How to know your page rank?   (168 Views)
Do you know, Google may ban also, If You are Requesting again and again So many times for knowing the page rank provided by the Google to your site! Well, To prevent yourself from this situation, I mean, To prevent Yourself from getting banned, I would like to suggest for Setting up the SEO quake tool that help you to let you aware about this of information easily and so not to request more and more times to Google For page rank.
Page 2 - How to know your page rank?   (195 Views)
I don't know about it before read your post,
What is the difference between page rank and TLD Page Rank?   (260 Views)
What is the difference between page rank and TLD Page Rank I need some information. I search goolge, yahoo but I am not properly understand.
How much effort to put in landing pages ?   (172 Views)
hi, well, I'm in this situation when I don't know what to believe, just to set up the background, I'm the webmaster of my own website on my own time, which is "yoyo(dash)france(dot)net" and I was hired to deal with online referencing and whatnot by "maxiscoot(dot)com" I'm fairly happy with my own website, we have decent traffic regarding the subject and language (about playing the yoyo, in french) and in about 8 months of time we rank ahead a much older competing website. the thing is, with my "job website", I don't get to take the decisions, and my boss keeps telling me to "do some landing pages" where I would use a certain keyword, titles, some general descriptive text and a few pictures. the problem, to me, is that spending months (yes months) doing that is not going to produce adequate results (effort vs reward) and I think we should focus WAY more on quality linking, posting articles on other popular websites, work with affiliate linking with our customers and community. The website is already very popular and we should use that instead of spending months on what is basically "light keyword spamming" but we do the landing pages internally and the backlinking is done by a separate, independant company (which also does it for many others) this is really bugging me, I asked the boss for a meeting in a couple days and I wanted to know, before I go in, if what I think/believe is right or if doing landing pages is so efficient, specially for a website that is already not badly referenced and has already great traffic and reputation. Because if the results aren't there, I'm the one who's going to take it, and right now, I don't really believe in what I'm doing, I think the reward's not worth that extreme amount of effort and that we should focus on some more efficient strategy with more important priorities (proper/quality linking being one) , Kind of guilty here: I havent yet optimized my landing pages. I recently stumbled into Analytics Click Thingy (yes, Thingy!), but other than that, I havent really gotten too much into analyzing my visitors and seeing if they stay and why.
SEO of a one page site   (169 Views)
I'm looking to redesign our company website and had the idea of a one page vertical site - using jQuery smooth scroll. The site in effect would be 6 'pages' long - however all of these pages would be on the home page - a similar effect to what I'm looking to achieve is here - What are the pros and cons SEO wise of having a site like this I realise that targeting particular keywords would be difficult as essentially all of my keywords are all on the same page. Is this idea one that should be completely avoided Any advice would be appreciated,
Having to backlinks on the same page/domain?   (264 Views)
I was wondering is there any benefit of having 2 backlinks on the same page of the same site I know you wont get credited with two different backlinks because both links are on the same page/domain. So you only get one backliink. but what if both backlinks had different anchor text. For example: One link has anchor text "cheap books" and another link has "buy books online". both for the same site and both backlinks are on the same random blog, on the same page. would i be helping my site rank better for both those key phrases even tho its counted as one backlink
Link missing from Google page   (171 Views)
Hi all Need some help please as one of our links has gone missing from Google. One of our links was on the first page of Google for a few months but after checking it last week it seems to have dissapeared. I've left it for 4 days but checked again today and its no where to be seen. I've looked on pages 2 to 5 but still no joy. Does any one have any idea what's happened
Quick question: 'keyword phrase' links on all pages helps?   (187 Views)
Just check out this site and it has stuffed all pages with keyword phrases "corporate films place_name" Quote: Corporate Films India Corporate Films Delhi Corporate Films Faridabad Corporate Films Gurgaon Corporate Films Noida Corporate Films Mumbai Corporate Films Pune Corporate Films Bangalore Corporate Films NCR Corporate Films Punjab Corporate Films Jaipur Corporate Films Madras The site is ranking well almost at top for all the phrases. Does this help I was thinking of doing the same if it does help at the cost of unprofessional look of our website. Whats your take
1247 URLs found in the home page it's amazing change   (223 Views)
1247 URLs found in the home page it's amazing change hello every one here, i have a real estate website (www) realestatetg (.)come first time i have update this website it has only 65 URLs at the home page after 30 days when you are search for the key words Egypt real estate at yahoo my link was the second result which is Great, than when i mad a big change i add 1247 URLs at the home page than after 3 days i found out when i search at the key word Egypt real estate my website it's at page 3 which is so bad . so please advice.
Webpage removal request tool and SEO   (173 Views)
. After removing some images from my website, I intend to use Google's Webpage Removal Request tool within Google webmaster tools to remove the outdated image from Google's cache. However, I am hesitant because I am worried this will have an effect on SEO. The images in question and urls stored in Google's cache no longer exist. Please can anyone verify whether or not this will affect SEO for my website