Page 2 - Does this sound good? SEO developer guarantees top 3 positions or money back.

I guess I missed it. (smiley here)

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Holding page/construction page   (263 Views)
Hi I have a website, its still in the design stages, and will be complete in the next 7 days. Instead of me putting up "an underconstruction page" which it currently has, will it be advisable to place up an article on the site instead
Need some help on yellow pages sites & 411 directory sites   (221 Views)
I am new to this, plz help me I have site, for that i have to do the on-line marketing, i have to post the yellow pages and 411 directories espesically in USA in all cities. Please help me to provide the list of free yellow pages or 411 directory sites with better PR in USA. I am waiting for best replies from all.
50 links per page - gulp   (163 Views)
Hi what a great forum this is!! I have my first SEO client and while looking at his site I noticed that each page has at least 50 outbound links, some pages 75! There are a lot of product links and many images linking everywhere. Does anyone have any comment on this It seems to me that this would be a problem and my instinct is to tighten this up by reducing the links and making them much more focussed. Mr English.
Company name defaulted as start of page title - good or bad?   (178 Views)
, My company's in the process of developing a new website, and each page title is currently set up so that our company name is defaulted as the first two words. So for example, if the company name was ABC Widgets, the title for the About Us page would appear as "ABC Widgets - About Us". As I understand it's a good SEO practice to include the most relevant keywords for a page as close as possible to the front of a page title, I'm wondering if we should look at removing our company name as the default beginning. I think the counter argument to this would be that from a usability perspective, there's merit to having the company name at the beginning. For example, if someone were to bookmark a page, the company name at the beginning would serve as a reminder for where the page was from. Would love to hear anyone's opinions on this, if you think removing the company name would help in terms of SEO, hurt usability, or if it won't make much of a difference either way.
Want some tips for on page optimization ?   (176 Views)
Hi all, I want to know something for on page optimization. Please give me some advise on it. In advance
When using many keywords for one page   (176 Views)
When you use many keywords for one page and some are of low competition and some are of high competition and you can only put some of them in the title tags, h1 tags, etc which ones should go into the tags. The ones of low competition are low enough that I may be able to rank high for them with no linking at all just with on-page optimization alone. So in this case am I better off putting the low comp ones in the tags and doing extra linking for the high comp ones or putting the high comp ones in the tags since they may need the extra boost and just doing a little bit of linking for the low comp ones. I hope that was understandable.
Explain URL canocalization & Drive pages   (166 Views)
Please explain URL canocalization & Drive pages in detail,any suggestions / comment would be highly appreciable
Key words - how many, brand-named, 1 for each product or page?   (320 Views)
I have a question to which I've heard numerous contradictory answers re. KEY WORDS. If my site has 20 pages and there are 20 to 30 individual products on each page - what are my key words going to look like Do I need explicit KW's such as MARTIN BRONZE ACOUSTIC GUITAR STRINGS -- or acoustic guitar strings And, do I need a KW for every product on every page - so that the source code reads 20 or 30 keywords long or more when you add in the generic [non Brand name] KW's You are welcomed to take a look at my site and any of the source code on any of my pages. Very grateful ... lgc252 -- US Ps. We are right in the middle of changing homepage products and copy as we speak. One other question - what is he importance of a site map
Multiple incoming links from one page: does domain vs. page matter?   (217 Views)
all, I know that if I have multiple inbound links with the same anchor URL coming from one particular page, then only the first of these links is going to count for anything in search engines' eyes. But what if I have 3 inbound links coming from one page, and each of the 3 is directed toward the same DOMAIN, but to a different PAGE on the domain For example, Link 1 anchor URL = Link 2 anchor URL = Link 3 anchor URL = Should all 3 be recognized by search engines The reason I ask is because I am using SEO Spyglass to analyze a situation just like this one, and it is only showing me the first of these links as an incoming link. I was under the impression all 3 would be counted as long as they were to different pages. Is SEO Spyglass right Will search engines only count the first link to my domain, regardless of specific page
Link building - Can i link from the same page that already links to another page   (178 Views)
Im starting building backlinks for a new keywod for a page on my site. I currently rank well for 1 keyword phrase on google. Is it ok to use the same webpages that have a backlink to my one page and add on a link to another page on site with a different keyword. this mostly conserns blogs. e.g blog comment links to one keyword on one page, can i add another comment on the same page which links to another page on my site with different key words.
Has my page been banned by Google - page rank bar grey?   (149 Views)
This is my new flights+hotel page can someone tell me if the page has been banned The page rank bar at the broswer window is greyed out and the page has been built recently. S
How to create a static URL to point to a PHP page?   (187 Views)
I've got a Products page on my client's PHP site which I want to make a hub for various link building efforts. Would also like it to show up as a clean looking URL such as, instead of what it looks like now: Is there a way I can do this, with a redirect or some other measure which doesn't require rocket science Can it be done without a major SEO sacrifice
Optimizing second page title tags   (161 Views)
Hi I was wondering if any one has any ideas on optimizing second,third,fourth etc... catolog pages title tag For say go-carts. My first page title tag is Go-carts | carts from 1.00 I obviously don't want to dilute the overall title tag of those pages by adding any more second hand words like - the, and, a, just to make each title tag unquie, but in the same token I don't want to keep them the same. I also need a dynamic approach if possible as the site I'm working on has over 3000 products. Any suggestions
SEO-friendly switch from a Blogger page to my own page   (161 Views)
Last year I bought a domain ( and rather than build a page myself, I just dumped content into Blogger ( and then arranged the redirect. So not surprisingly, all my good search engine rankings are for the address. Now I'm ready to replace the blog with my own site built from scratch, which I would like to be accessible from Does anyone know how I can manage this transition without screwing up the SEO Does this situation call for a simple 301 redirect Or is there some added step I need to take.
Subdomains duplicating domain pages & folders   (174 Views)
I have a site which lists personal adverts. These adverts are categorised. What I'm wondering is if it's worth creating subdomains for these categories. At the moment, they are accessed like this example: / ads.php type=friendship & sex=female And I'm wondering if I should use subdomains and... 1) forward from subdomains to above pages OR 2) forward from above pages to subdomains OR 3) have the subdomains duplicating the page content Any thoughts of any kind welcome, as I'm a bit confused by what to do. Especially since the categories type and sex could be combined e.g.
Need Help regarding Cahed pages in Google   (181 Views)
Hi Guys.. I had just uploaded a new website, but because of no optimization work , website uploaded has a lot of flaws .. like dynamic url... no proper tags... and those uploaded pages has been cached by google.. Now i want to change URL's of my all website.. so what should i do Should i change URl, by doing redirection of pages... or should i remove pages from Webmaster tool... what will be the better way
How can i fix my URL pages   (164 Views)
Dear all, My pages have dynamic urls, i want to re-write all to static pages. But in static page, it can have major keywords. Ex: Click on "Accounting/Finance" category, i have this url: After re-write, i have page: So, Can i replace 1 to "Accounting/Finance" Please help me!
My home page Title: comments welcome!   (165 Views)
I am redesigning my website. I offer web design, hosting, domain names and optimisation. I have heard you need to keep under 64 chars to get the full title in google and list keywords with most important first with the title beinf the most important aspect of SEO. Also different title on every page. Do you think the following follows good practice for the business i do I had a dilemma as to specify my area (eg town, region, country) or add my company name TITLE (63 chars) Website Design, Hosting, Domain Names & SEO: CML Web Design Ltd Also how should I vary this for each page Keep the business name at the end on every page and add relevant keywords at the start for that page but keep under 64 chars
Having some pages shiftted to another domain, advise pls   (201 Views)
Hi Some of my pages are ranking in the first page . I am transferring those pages to another domain. Please advise what is the best approch to do that Will it be any problem if I keep same content in both sites
Webpage Redirect without affecting search ranking? Please Help!   (154 Views)
How to redirect webpages (not the whole website) without affecting search engine ranking. Do We use 301 redirect or some other redirect Please Help!