Listing of the top SEO Blogs...

Found this yesterday and thought I'd's a pretty good complete listing of world-class (IMHO) SEO blogs...with links that work of course and acutal stats too....

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all, What is the difference between paid and organic search engine listings
Delisting site from SERP's for specific keywords   (176 Views)
I have a very unique situation where our site ranks for a phrase and we would rather not have visitors associate us with this specific phrase. No, this phrase does not appear anywhere on our site and we have no anchor tags that contain the phrase that links to our site. What is happening is that there are 14,000+ instances of our companies name and the other phrase referenced together and that is more than likely the suspect. LSI, not always a good thing. Obviously it would not be viable for us to contact 14,000 websites and ask them to change their content. Is there anyway we can tell the search engines to remove us from their SERP's for different phrases
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please any give me citation sits list.
5 listings in first 2 pages of How to take advantage ?   (278 Views)
Hi On i have positions 3,4,11,13,14. I think this is great but how do i take advantage of this and what do i have to do to get the top position Keyword Term : 99p Wholesalers I have the same story on several other keywords.
Should old for sale listings be deleted?   (162 Views)
I've noticed that some "for sale" websites (eg: cars for sale) retain old listings after then have been sold. I can see why... but in Google's eyes the website would end up being mostly web pages of stuff that no one can buy Do you think it's a good idea to keep the listings as a possible search hit or remove them entirely
Absoluting positioning page content to the top of the page   (184 Views)
In the past I have had dealings with a SEO company that has done a process that they call "reverse build". They move what they believe is less important content such as the header and navigation to the bottom of the HTML document. And more important content such as the page's name and it's individual unique content to the top of the HTML document. They then use absolute positioning to make the page appear in it's correct order. They state that this helps with search engine rankings, do search engines use the order that elements appear in HTML as a factor for how and where a site ranks Is this common practice amongst SEO firms
[GET] Super SEO Software - Get your site to the top of Google in minutes!   (192 Views)
Just thought I'd share with you a tool that's worked well for me. Free seo optimization tool. Super Search Engine Optimization Pinger, Get your site to the top of Google in a matter of minutes! This software can index your website then ping it to make sure you appear first for your keyword. It can index a website in a matter of hours or even minutes! Code: VT Scan Code: Submission date: 2011-07-29 16:04:53 (UTC) Current status: finished Antivirus report: View downloaded file analysis Webscan result: 0 /16 (0.0%)
The scam. STAY AWAY   (412 Views)
I need to vent- is a SCAM. In order to even be on their so-called list of TOP seo firms you must pay- and pay BIG. I sent an email today and one of the owners of the company said that it would cost $1,000 per month to even be 'considered' and ranked on ONE list. So it would cost an additional 1k for every list you want to be on- and that's PER MONTH. What a joke and what a scam! Nobody in their right mind should buy into this and consumers need to beware as SEO firms are simply buying their way to the top. I can understand a reasonable one-time fee so that they can research your company to rank it. But to ask for 1k per month is extortion!
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Hi all Anybody got a good link to which sites produce the most searches daily worldwide. something like this but more up to date, that one doesn't even include twitter with apparently 18bn searches per day
How to reach top in search for this kind of websites?   (563 Views)
hi, can anyone suggest me how to improve one of my clients website to reach top in search results .. the issue with website is, the previous seo's who optimized it have done link building for irrelevant sites irrelevant of themes n irrelevant of languages.. And the problem is few sites are porn sites. Now the site is having a page rank of 4. Now I have few doubts on the present condition, is there any problem that can arise b'coz of link building with those irrelevant sites or irrelevant languages... is there any scope of google sandboxing my website or what are the back drops of such link building And would like to hear some suggestions of how to start on with such site to make it top in search result for a keyword. Now the position is in 2nd page.
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I heard about spyglass but is good enough tool
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We moved and deleted several pages from our website over 5 weeks ago and I'm still seeing them in google search results. Those results are directing people to 404 Error pages. What do I do
Expiring domain listings, and sorting tool   (156 Views)
Hi , wondered if you can help, Need a bit of advice on a few things, Firstly im looking for a tool that will show me all expiring domains on a daily basis (if there is such a thing) and to be able to have this in a excel format. Secondly im looking for a tool that I can import this list in and it will provide me with PR, backlinks, age etc etc. I know this is possible because because i have done it before but have forgetten the tools, any ideas people.
SEO top 10 position   (495 Views)
please take a look of this: www independentladies net I would like to know who is a good SEO person or company to place 95 keywords in first page (well the most you can the better) Recompemse: 1O,OOO Euros.If you think you can then contact me:
SEO internship at top children's charity   (418 Views)
Based in London Duration: 3-6 months About the job This internship role will help to develop and establish a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy for the Be My Parent website. The deed outcome is that we will increase the flow of traffic to the site, thereby increasing the subscription rate and enquiry rate for children. About the charity The Be My Parent website was launched in May 2007 with the purpose of improving the chances of children, who can no longer live with their birth family, finding a permanent new family. Be My Parent is a team within BAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering) and is in its 30th year of publishing a monthly newspaper featuring children needing families. The website is an extension of this family-finding service. Apply for this position For more information, and details on how to apply, please visit the BAAF website. (Please Google URL as unable to post link.)
Stop words or not??.   (547 Views)
, I have a site at The Business Web Pages , my problem is, people can find it in most of the search engines using search term--> thebusinesswebpages, and that brings up the site, but if I use --> the business web pages
Page 2 - Does this sound good? SEO developer guarantees top 3 positions or money back.   (511 Views)
I guess I missed it. (smiley here)
How to stop black hat seo???   (425 Views)
, I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts about this How do you know when your website is being attacked by a blackhat seo How do you stop the blackhat seo attempts Any idea's
Any advice on changing sublistings in Google?   (133 Views)
, Bit confused about this one, in Google some websites are given listings with additional URLS below them with additional pages of the site, for example Book low cost cruises online with easyCruise, offering great value cruise holidays to the Caribbean, the Greek Islands and Holland and Belgium. - 17k - Cached - Similar pages View the cruise - easyCruiseOne : Caribbean - easyCruiseTwo : Holland - Cruise Ships - or see it at*:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7GGIH For listings that are in there how can I change what listings are in there, for example in the example above, if I wanted to change the destination names from Caribbean to somewhere else as well as changing the URL, what would it involve Any ideas apreciated
I want to create a forum like webproworld on my OWN topic   (410 Views)
Hi Friends, I want to create a new forum on my own topic, what things I'd require to do it effectively I am not that tech expert kind of person so please suggest me how can i build an effective forum what things i need to use for it and how much money it would need I have a topic in my mind, I know my target audience, my contributors etc, please just me to get my forum ready