I want to create a forum like webproworld on my OWN topic

Hi Friends, I want to create a new forum on my own topic, what things I'd require to do it effectively I am not that tech expert kind of person so please suggest me how can i build an effective forum what things i need to use for it and how much money it would need I have a topic in my mind, I know my target audience, my contributors etc, please just me to get my forum ready

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Thanks , especially NathanielB, for the help and replies
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You can embed a youtube video, make it stop and show an optin form, then play the video again when the user has filled the details in. The script and instructions are free and available to grab at the new forums.
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May be somebody can help me it would be great if you can!! I'm from Russia, and i have a travel site what would be great to optimize. As a begining may be you can advice me what i need to make first I'm already starting link exchange process. What's next and another question - i have a dinamycally building pages. Main content there is a travel articles. But they haven't optimized and analized for keywords. Any solutions! IT WOULD BE GREAT if you answer for this topic!!!!
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