How to get top 3 position in Google with a singe keyword?

Hi Guys..I am back once again...

Although what i am going to ask here is a very common query but trust me i never found any organised answer to this wherever i tried to seek the answer. Here is the question:

how to get top 3 position in Google with a singe keyword which is very competitive

I hope this forum will provide me the right knowlegde.

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Thats and easy question to answer. Pick a keyword and then type it in google. Count how many google results there are for that keyword and then simply get one inbound link for each! This assumes the rest of your page is optimised.
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Hi I'm new here, but I'm not new at seo. I been doing quite well until I had to fix this mayor pain in the a** problem. Here we go: A friend of mine decided to buy some old website and move it to his host and while doing this, he also switched from some custom cms to wordpress cms (it's simple 6 page business page, just basic stuff and yes, urls are same as before and 301 is also fixed). I helped him with setting everything on localhost (xampp), so that we had everythig set up for the move. He decided to move domain to new registrar. While moving domain, he already sign in new nameservers (the deal was that we will set up whole site at new host before before changing nameserver, but he is new to this and he forgot it). The next morning domain was pointing at new host where you could see brand new instalation of wp and nothing else, but that's ok. The weird thing is that site disappeared from google index the same night domain transfer was going on and now we can't get it back. We fix the site the same day and we thought everything will be ok when google comes back to visit. But no. We listed site into google webmaster tools and hook up analytics. Traffic is comming, but just not from google (site if fully indexable). Webmaster doesn't show any errors and even says that site was indexed. I went trou whole gwt to see if tool reports any error or anything else that could prevent site from showing in serp, but nothing comes up. GWT say everything is ok. It even says site was indexed today. But site is still not showing up. Yes, I tried with, but no resoults. Now,a month and half went bye and we still can't make this work. I never had this problem before. Not even close to this. Of course I tried to ping the site, bookmarked, twitted, I even build about 10 different articles over my own high quality support blog network, but nothing happens. What could be wrong I'm totally out of ideas.
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Hi , By doing link building like directory submission,social book marking,classified ads,rss feeds...etc. Are there any chances to get leads through this or there any other way that we can get quality leads could you please suggest me!!!
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Guys, Pls suggest me on how to get some quality traffic very quickly (like visits, search traffic...) for the website..... Apart from doing Social book marking,directory submission......after doing off page optimization, there is no much increase in traffic.....
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I am launching a new website in multiple languages targeting lots of countries. I want to do the following: .com target USA target UK .ie target Ireland .es target Spain .sk target Sweden The websites will be very similar, if not identical apart from flags and languages. Uk and USA will be the same apart from flags and a small amount of text. sites will be hosted on the same server based in the UK. How can I ensure that each site targets the appropriate country Does anyone have any tips or experience attempting to do this Dan
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Hi I got a new client few days back. His site is ranking within 20 in Google SERP and now he wants to get top 3 spot for the very very competitive terms " seo" and "internet marketing" . He wants me to work on offsite optimization for these targeted keywords and in short period. My question is : How to get High PR links effectively How can I assure the client that I am seriously putting all my efforts and trying to do a great job which i am really doing. He wants results within the span of 6months from now. How to get more traffic to his site I hope to hear from experts out here.