How to collect category wise top keywords?

I was searching for category wise top keywords world wide. Can someone give me the reference

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Complete novice needs wiseness please   (182 Views)
Hi , this is my first post, ive decided recently to do my own SEO, as the guy who was doing it for me is extremely busy, very expensive, and i feel i can do it anyway if i learn. These questions will probably seem way basic for you , but please bare in mind i am literally just starting to do this thing. I have a fairly succesful online store, majority of the traffic comes from AdWords, and about 30% organic hits, which needs to be a lot higher. The site is Joomla! virtumart based. Firstly - Do i put a title meta tag for EVERY page My SEO guy says this is a bad idea as it could be seen as over optimisation, i doubt this as every site ive seen has a page title, is he talking rubbish. The pages i have are, Home page, Catagory pages, product pages, and articles - about us, delivery, privacy, terms ect ect. Is it unwise to repeat the same key terms in the title tags (we only do a limited number of products). Do the keyterm tags, and description tags, make any difference to SEO. And finally should every picture, including product pictures, have an ALT tag Like i said all probably very basic stuff, but im a beginner so any help would be very much appriciated. thanks J , There could be a bit of confusion here. Maybe it would be best for us all to refrain from ever using the term "title tag". There are title elements like so: Home BTW that was a very BAD example of a title element These elements are important, but they have nothing to do with images. Then there are title attributes like so: These are completely unimportant when it comes to SEO, except maybe if you don't want your spammy alt texts to pop up when people hover over your images
Best/Favorite Sites You've Come Across..SEO-wise   (120 Views)
Im in a non-professional mood these last few days and was thinking about what sites you have come across that you said, "wow, this site looks nice and is optimized quite well" What made you say it I'm not looking for self-promotion or for anyone to blow smoke up your own a$$es. Through your random searching endeavors, which site(s) you consider the best/favorite from: - a design element - navigation element - on/off page element - etc. On-page wise, I am a fan of I like the layout, the presentation of the information and the ease for me to get additional info. Non-commercial and big brand wise, I am not so sure of. Maybe there will be some participation or maybe there wont but I say, what the hell and see what happens.
Does SEOLinkVine is good tool to collect backlinks   (147 Views)
Hi Guys i am thinking to use seolinkvine tool to collect the backlinks. They offer their service in $67 per month we just need to give articles to them and they will add our articles in thousand's of article submission sites .I was just wondering as per new Google panda update we will only submit one article in one article submission site so how could we get the thousands of backlinks from that sites .And yes In seolinevine sites they have also show the result in 3 months you will get the thousands of backlinks otherwise they will refund you money.. So please suggest me should i use seolinevine service or this is just a scam
Other sites using a forum category   (152 Views)
I've discovered a site that's using a forum category on their site. Is it good, bad, being one of the webmasters of this forum should I tell them to get it off their site or shut up and say cool thankyou I'm thinking... It's copied content but it's also a page full of links to the forum. Here's the site with the forum category.. what would google think of it
When Do Deleted Pages Stop Appearing in Search Results?   (500 Views)
We moved and deleted several pages from our website over 5 weeks ago and I'm still seeing them in google search results. Those results are directing people to 404 Error pages. What do I do
SEO top 10 position   (514 Views)
please take a look of this: www independentladies net I would like to know who is a good SEO person or company to place 95 keywords in first page (well the most you can the better) Recompemse: 1O,OOO Euros.If you think you can then contact me:
SEO internship at top children's charity   (445 Views)
Based in London Duration: 3-6 months About the job This internship role will help to develop and establish a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy for the Be My Parent website. The deed outcome is that we will increase the flow of traffic to the site, thereby increasing the subscription rate and enquiry rate for children. About the charity The Be My Parent website was launched in May 2007 with the purpose of improving the chances of children, who can no longer live with their birth family, finding a permanent new family. Be My Parent is a team within BAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering) and is in its 30th year of publishing a monthly newspaper featuring children needing families. The website is an extension of this family-finding service. Apply for this position For more information, and details on how to apply, please visit the BAAF website. (Please Google URL as unable to post link.)
Does class names (CSS files) are important SEO wise..? intresting point to see....   (256 Views)
Hi , I was working on my one of the site as I have seen one confusing result in it. The issue was most of header checker tools are giving me "200" status in return as they just use weak validators. (not considering HTML code). While Strong validators are returning "206" code surprisingly. As I have checked everything I found nothing special on page except one thing that is "Class name" of CSS file. So at some moment mine HTML code is like this. text So there are 3 sites from them I have used this class in one site which is returning 206 code has this class name. So is anybody has any ideas & thoughts on it.. thnks in advance.
Stop words or not??.   (565 Views)
, I have a site at The Business Web Pages , my problem is, people can find it in most of the search engines using search term--> thebusinesswebpages, and that brings up the site, but if I use --> the business web pages
Page 2 - Does this sound good? SEO developer guarantees top 3 positions or money back.   (544 Views)
I guess I missed it. (smiley here)
How to stop black hat seo???   (442 Views)
, I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts about this How do you know when your website is being attacked by a blackhat seo How do you stop the blackhat seo attempts Any idea's
How good are long sales letters SEO wisely?   (136 Views)
So you must know those big ebook sales letters that are a single page very long! How are they SEO wise good or bad
I want to create a forum like webproworld on my OWN topic   (427 Views)
Hi Friends, I want to create a new forum on my own topic, what things I'd require to do it effectively I am not that tech expert kind of person so please suggest me how can i build an effective forum what things i need to use for it and how much money it would need I have a topic in my mind, I know my target audience, my contributors etc, please just me to get my forum ready
Listing of the top SEO Blogs...   (403 Views)
Found this yesterday and thought I'd's a pretty good complete listing of world-class (IMHO) SEO blogs...with links that work of course and acutal stats too.... GO here... Jim
Broad VS Exact for showing up in top spots. who wins?   (410 Views)
So assuming these given factors.. Who would show up for #1 organically on google. Lets say there are no authority sites on the first 5 pages for google for an exact search for the keyword "home business success" ME: Lets assume that I have a page that is optimized perfectly where I have the keyword "home business success" exactly as is showing first on the title. Meta keywords: home busines success, Description, H1, body (mention 1-2). etc. As far as inbound links, I have articles, videos, social media, that only is optimized for that one keyword too linking to my page.. THE SEARCHER: A searcher now types in the keyword "home business success" as a broad search in google but i'm optimized for the "exact match" and now authority sites are showing up for the broad match.. Will I win the number 1 spot on google if someone does a broad search on "home business success" when i'm optimized for the exact match and someone else isn't hope this makes sense!
Does this sound good? SEO developer guarantees top 3 positions or money back.   (463 Views)
I am currently looking for an SEO developer for my website. I recently just hired one based in India (which I found through, about 8 months ago. He was able to do onpage optimization and create 150 inbound links to my site, along with other SEO works such as article submission, directory submission. The problem is that the 150 inbound links were mostly PR0, PR1, and sometimes PR2. They were somewhat irrelevant to my niche market. I started with about a top 10-12 position with my main keyword, and now I am in the top 8-9 position. Not really that impressive in my opinion. Anyways, Ive been doing research online for SEO developers, and I stumbled upon this site called www(dot)internet(dash)empire(dot)com. I emailed them for a quotation and the person I am speaking with is very professional and great to speak with. It is a company based in Singapore. You can check their website. The guarantee he has is that he will guarantee me at the top 3 positions for 5 of my main keywords (I choose the big main keywords I have), or my money-back, full refund. This will be done in 6 months or less, and I will pay him the remaining 50% as the 5 keywords reach the top 3 position. The price is $2,500 USD. I wanted to ask the opinions here at Warrior Forum before I move forward with this. I believe that $2,500 is a little heavy on my end, but if it would mean getting the top 3 positions on for my top 5 keywords, this would be a wonderful deal.
Should I stop using WebCeO?   (431 Views)
Ok, Ill be brief. Ive been using the popular WebCEO software for a little over a year and found it to be a great resource in my overall SEO strategy. Over the past couple of months, Its become more and more evident that Google pretty much hates me using the WebCEO tool because each time I do, I always get the infamous Google message Were sorry, but your query looks similar to automated requests ... whenever I try to check a cache of a search result. My questions are: 1. Do you have evidence of someone actually getting banned by Google for using WebCEO 2. If you have been using WebCEO for some time now, do you feel Google penalizes your site/IP address for using the tool 3. Do you have any opinions on other alternative software/tools that provide the same comprehensive data as WebCEO I really do like the tool but, my paranoia is getting the best of me. I know is really busy so
Need help breaking into the top 10   (413 Views)
Hi , I need some suggestions as i know that lots of experts are here. The problem is my website is stuck on 13th position (2nd page) on google and making no progress. I want it to trip up to the top ten. I'm using off page techniques like Forum's posting, blog comenting , web 2.0 and social book marking but no return... stuck on 13th, 13th with both keywords, please suggest me some techniques to get it on first page of google.. Your replies will be highly appreciated.
Pls any one help me How to bring the keyword in top of google?   (436 Views)
Pls any one help me How to bring the keyword in top of google The website is creationcarpets dot com And targeted keyword r carpet franchise carpet business opportunity Flooring of America carpet business Flooring business Carpets dealer flooring dealer Creation Carpets of America Creation Carpets and Flooring Carpets of America america carpet Laminate Flooring Hardwood Flooring Tile Flooring Carpet Carpeting Hardwood flooring
Page 2 - How to get top 3 position in Google with a singe keyword?   (478 Views)
Thats and easy question to answer. Pick a keyword and then type it in google. Count how many google results there are for that keyword and then simply get one inbound link for each! This assumes the rest of your page is optimised.