Broad VS Exact for showing up in top spots. who wins?

So assuming these given factors.. Who would show up for #1 organically on google.

Lets say there are no authority sites on the first 5 pages for google for an exact search for the keyword "home business success"

Lets assume that I have a page that is optimized perfectly where I have the keyword "home business success" exactly as is showing first on the title.
Meta keywords: home busines success,
Description, H1, body (mention 1-2). etc.
As far as inbound links, I have articles, videos, social media, that only is optimized for that one keyword too linking to my page..

A searcher now types in the keyword "home business success" as a broad search in google but i'm optimized for the "exact match" and now authority sites are showing up for the broad match..

Will I win the number 1 spot on google if someone does a broad search on "home business success" when i'm optimized for the exact match and someone else isn't

hope this makes sense!

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