web application from DB

This is sethu murugan from chennai.

Iam working for a Finance Company in chennai.

Iam in a situation to develope an web based applciation [ should be running on a browser ] for my MD.

The situation is, we have oracle 8i database. We have developed an applciation and it is smoothly running.

Now My md wants to see some critcal reports from his laptap which is not connected to the office network.

He does not want to me to load any apllication in his sytem. So i have to use the browser for this.

I have seen in some places that ppl r using broser for data view etc.

Now I dont know any idea how to acheive it and where to start and wht to use.

Can any one of u help me in this regard.

1. Wht to use
2. where to start
3. wht all i need
4. With orale 8i database itself can i acheive this.
5. I was searching thru the ineternet
6. I found some thing called webdb.
7. We have that media [ the pack was n't opend for past 3 yrs ]
8. Can i use that to acheive wht i want

If any one is around chennai and willing me to help on this, pls buzz me on my mobile 31109842 if u cant reach me pls leave voice mail and i will keep i touch with u..

or u can reach me on my email

Thank u all..


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