Value of a variable

Hi ,

FOR c2 in (select name from emp) LOOP
FOR i in 1..40 LOOP
vvci := Replace(upper(vvci), ' :INTERMEDIATETABLE.VCOLUMN'||to_char(i), c2.vcolumn||i);

In the above code I want to get the value of c2.vcolumn||i. Is there any function which returns the same in PL/SQL.

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, Recently i created two pages, one for creating user accounts and the other one for updating user information. Now I have no problem with creating accouts, as i pass the textbox values to my mysql command and add this code to a onclick of a button. everything works perfect. The strange thing is that i'm doing the same thing with 'update information' pageonly It only puts the old values and does not retrieve the new typed ones! The steps i followed are: 1- in my page load I load the current user information to the fields.(no problem here) protectedvoidPage_Load(objectsender,EventArgse) { MySqlConnectionmysqlc=newMySqlConnection("Server=localhost;Database=test;Uid=;Pwd=;"); StringIDString=TextBox1.Text +TextBox2.Text +TextBox3.Text +TextBox4.Text +DropDownList1.SelectedValue +TextBox8.Text; try { // // mysqlc.Open(); MySqlCommand sqlCommand = new MySqlCommand("", mysqlc); sqlCommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text; //For checking duplication sqlCommand.CommandText = "select id from alumni where id='" + hashString + "'"; MySqlDataReader checkReader = sqlCommand.ExecuteReader(); checkReader.Read(); 42 textbox1.Text = chechReader.GetString("Name"); } catch (MySqlException mse) { Label1.Text += mse.Message; } finally { mysqlc.Close(); } } 2- Then I let the user to type whatever he wants in the fields (except my primary key field which is read only). 3- When the user clicks on the button 'Save Changes' I again define some mysql command(a stored procedure) protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { MySqlConnection mysqlc = new MySqlConnection("Server=localhost;Database=test;Uid=;Pwd=;"); try { mysqlc.Open(); mysqlcommand test = new........; Then I have lines like: test.parameters.addwithvalues("secondaryemail",textboxEmail.text); .... then i run the test.executenonreader(); And I get no errors } } 45 catch (MySqlException mse) 46 47 { 48 49 Label1.Text += mse.Message; 50 51 } 52 53 finally 54 55 { 56 57 mysqlc.Close(); 58 59 } 60 61 } Sorry, I'm posting this from my house, I will try to update it to the exact code when i get to the office. So my problem is that the new typed values in the asp controls do not go to my mysl database. Note that all of my textboxes and combo boxes have the default definition by 2.0. I didn't touch any viewstate or any postback thing. I do not want to go through the java script or ajax method because my server administrator is not willing to install ajax for now. Another reason is that it works for my user account creation and it should work for this one as well. I checked my stored procedure and it seems that there isn't any problem with it. I will post my mysql procedure later as well. I do not get any mysqlexception errors or any page errors,... Please help me if you could as i'm stuck with this problem for more than a week and unfortunately there is a deadline for me on friday. Best
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