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I have attached a report after running UTLBSTAT AND UTLESTAT when the system was slow. Can somebody help me out interpreat the results.

Posted On: Wednesday 7th of November 2012 06:55:47 AM Total Views:  157
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DBA's, I ran utlb/estat on my production server bacusae performance came down a bit. Here are some relevant sections: Statistic Total Per Transact Per Logon Per Second --------------------------- ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ bytes received via SQL*Net 5784845 18721.18 26354.65 3869.46 bytes sent via SQL*Net to c 9284694 30047.55 42299.29 6210.5 WAIT EVENTS: Event Name Count Total Time Avg Time -------------------------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- rdbms ipc message 2042 629261 308.16 smon timer 5 153602 30720.4 Does this indicate some sort of Net 8 issues And what is this RDBMS IPC message and SMON timer the session is waiting for