Hi all,
I have a bug to be fixed in Utl_file .Utl file writes to the most
recent open file .
My proc will open the file, write the data from the cursor into it
and will set the flag to 'y'such that the file remains open .And at the
end of the loop the file gets closed.

> Sample data:
> 1245 Cmmm M (MORE THAN 1)
> 2444 Cdr D
> 7878 SOp A
> 7899 SOp A
> 1245 PROS M (MORE THAN 1)
> 2344 PINT B
According to my procedure , first data goes to M file, followed by
D, A, A,next record (5th record) should go to 'M' file but
utl_file writes the data to the most recent open file where the file is 'A'.
How can i avoid this and these files names are generated during the process.

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