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I have a user request that when a new row being inserted into certain table, s/he wants to be notified(via e-mail, pager etc) about when, what has been changed and who changed it.

Can this being done by trigger If yes, how If no, what can help to implement this feature

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, i got an requirement where the user inputs the oracle stored procedures,triggers,functions,tables,views or packages and when they press the execute button they should be execute or else if there's an error in the scripts while being debugged they must be roll backed .had any one worked on such stuff before
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I have a trigger that throws that exception. Although it is an after trigger, it still throws that error. How culd i get over this Could someone pls help me When i insert into table IHALE_KATILINANIHALEDETAY(on which triger is created.), i just wantto select two fields into variables from another table named IHALE_KATILINANIHALE that is in relation with the table IHALE_KATILINANIHALEDETAY. By the way, what is strange is , when i delete that select clause in italic in "if inserting" block, it works fine... Here is my triger. (The line is 7) CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER TRIGGER_KATILIMEKLE AFTER INSERT OR DELETE ON IHALE_KATILINANIHALEDETAY REFERENCING NEW AS newRow FOR EACH ROW DECLARE srktkodu number; ihlkodu number; BEGIN IF INSERTING THEN select t2.srktkodu, t2.ihlkodu into srktkodu,ihlkodu from ihale_katilinanihaledetay t1, ihale_katilinanihale t2 where t1.ihlaltktgkodu=:newRow.ihlaltktgkodu and t1.detaykod=:newRow.detaykod; INSERT INTO ihale_katilimcilar t (t.aktif, t.SRKTKODU,t.ihlkodu,t.ihlaltktgkodu) VALUES('0', srktkodu, ihlkodu, :newRow.IHLALTKTGKODU); END IF; END TRIGGER_KATILIMEKLE;
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Is it possible to have a trigger call a .NET executable Each time a new record is inserted or updated, I want to compare the newly inserted/updated record with another record in another database and do further processing. My idea was to have the trigger call a .NET app which will do the comparing and further processing. Has anyone encounter a issue like the one described above
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Ok, I'm trying to create a trigger for my database and from all the various internet sources, my syntax should be fine but MySQL is not agreeing. The trigger I'm writing is (line numbers just for ease of reading): 1 create trigger tr_bi_ewise_slice before insert on 2 ewise_slice for each row 3 4 BEGIN 5 set new.slice_timestamp := dateAdd(now(),INTERVAL -5 MINUTE) 6 END It gives me this: #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') END' at line 5 I really dont see what it is that I'm doing wrong, can anyone tell me what is wrong with my syntax According to the format of my query should be fine.
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I am using SQL Loader to load a text file into an Oracle table. This works ok. I have a trigger set up to insert into an audit table whenever I insert into the other table when I do the load. However, it is writing an audit record as many times as sql loader commits during the load. I realise I ccould increase the amount of records loaded before sql loader commits, but I dont want to put a huge strain on the rollback segments. Are there any suggestions. I am thinking that I may have to do a bit of tricky coding with the trigger! Here is my trigger code. Pretty simple. create or replace trigger sales_data_trig after insert on detail_rep begin if inserting then insert into sales_audit values( sales_audit_seq.nextval, 'LOAD SALES DATA', sysdate, 'N'); end if; end;
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Dear /Members I created an schema export dump file from my production database running (OS win 2000) When I tried to import into development (running, OS is win2000), a lot of objects (packages, triggers) do not get imported and I get the following error messages: Import failed : unable to Create Package Body, triggers , Package "Wrapped" ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel during import Would someone please let us know if they have seen this before and any suggestions as to how to overcome this problem will be highly appreciated!!!
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My requirement is to notify (by email) whenever a row is inserted into sys.aud$(table used for recording audit information) .. My idea is to create a trigger on sys.aud$ table and that would email me whenever a row is inserted into this table.. trigger fires... My version of oracle is Can I use this email feature.. if yes then how.. If no then can i create a trigger in such a way that inserts row into another table in 8.1.7 database and then a trigger on this table to email.. Hope I did not confuse.. Please help
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Hi , I am writing a trigger. The code is as under :- table :- Emp_test empno Number ename Varchar2(25) Crt_by Varchar2(25) Cdate date I am written a trigger on the above table Create or replace trigger emp_trig before insert on emp_test for each row declare a varchar2(25); b date; begin select user into a from dual; select sysdate into b from dual; if inserting then update emp_test set crt_by=a and cdate=b where rowid=:new.rowid; ( i can also write rowid in (select max(rowid) from emp_test) end if; end; When i am trying to insert multiple records into the table its giving me mutating table error.. I tried creating it a statement level trigger but in that case it updates only the last row of the table with user and sysdate while i want all the rows to get updated which have been inserted.. I have also tried doing it through view but it does not works..