to Calculated Columns, then to update another column in same table in ADO.NET

toget severalColumns, then pass those Columns into one function which will return a result,
then using the result to update another column in same table in ADO.NET, How can I do this

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We are facing some performance issues with nested table queries, A table has 5 nested table/varray columns. We selected the table using TABLE() operator. But still the performance is vey slow. Can any one help us in this regard. We've indexed all the nested tables.Also indexed the parent table. The query is something like this, Select id,a.*,b.* from parent_table p, (p.nestedtbalecolumn)a,(p.varraycolumn1)b where p.timestamp=sysdate. timestamp column is also indexed. Query takes 5 to 6 minutes. The number of records is 1 lakh. If we remove the nested/varray columns from query, query takes just few milli seconds only. Please help us in this regard.
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I am supporting a development effort which includes tables with BLOB columns. One of the issues to be resolved is the security of these columns. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with how images stored in BLOBs could contain malicious code or otherwise negatively affect the DB or web servers Is there any special consideration with BLOBs, or will my generic security paradigms related to DB access suffice
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We are needing to setup a replicated copy of one of our Oracle 10g databases to be used as a research/reporting database. One big limitation is that the research database will not have all the columns that the source database contains. For example, one of the tables that is to be replicated can not have the employee socail security # (ssn) column replicated. Since I may not have control over the research databsae, I don't even want to send the ssn to the replicated database, through archive logs or streaming. Keep in mind, some of the tables contain millions of rows. I am needing some advice on the best method for setting up this type of configuration.
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Hi. About Oracle table's Psuedo Columns (e.g. ROWID). I want to find more about them - i.e. what other psuedo columns there are and what they are. Do any of you know where to find out more about psuedo column, or have come across them yourself
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Hi Guys, Beentrawling the various SQL posts on here but haven't found anyone with the same issue as me, whcih is as follows: I'm writing a reporting toolthat, as a starting point, needs to create a DB table from a csv file. This csv file will have been created from exporting data from our old system (with the new system being the reporting tool) and can have up to 300 columns of data. I've been trying as follows: temptable=DBtabletobecreated strDomain=pathtocsvfile strFileName=thecsvfilename but am finding that only the first 255 columns get put in. I am assumg that the Jet driver is the one that is limiting the columns, or is there a registry setting somewhere that'll solve it quickly Is there another approach that'll work I've though of the following, but as it'll take a while to recode and test each time I thought I'd ask the experts first!! BULK INSERT: would mean that I'd need to pre-create the table first, but if the issue is with the Jet driver I'd surely get the same problem Use a datatable: it seems pretty fiddly and probably a lot slower, but I guess I could read into a dataset and then bind that to a table to insert Again the table would need to exist and the driver that I use to read from the csv would be the issue Do it one row at a time in a loop in the code: assuming I can read the file as text, I could then split the data in code into an array and create a insert statement (again to an existing table) for each row. With what could be 1000s of rows I can't imagine that this is the fastest solution! Any top tips on what is causing the limit, how I cna overcome it or alternative solutions would be greatly appreciated! Thx.
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, i did the mysql data export into excel in row wise when button click... here i want the same data export into columns wise.. i used datatable and dataset for this function.. here i need all data should export in column.. here i used some code.. OleDbConnectionexcelcon=null; stringpaths=""; stringconstr=""; stringstrPath=""; try { if(con.State!=ConnectionState.Open) { con.Open(); } DataSetds=newDataSet(); MySqlDataAdapterad=newMySqlDataAdapter("SELECTitem_id,item_name,category_id,item_price,store_idfromitem",con); ad.Fill(ds); DataTabledt=newDataTable(); strPath=MapPath(@"ExcelFiles"); //declaredatetimeforspecifythefilename DateTimecurrent=DateTime.Now; stringext=".xls"; stringfilename="Invoice"+current.Date.Day.ToString()+current.Date.Month.ToString()+current.Date.Year.ToString()+current.TimeOfDay.Duration().Hours.ToString()+current.TimeOfDay.Duration().Minutes.ToString()+current.TimeOfDay.Duration().Seconds.ToString(); //getputfilename stringfull_fname=filename+ext; paths=Server.MapPath(@".\ExcelFiles\"+full_fname); TextWritersw=newStreamWriter(paths); DataViewdv=newDataView(ds.Tables[0]); / DataTabledt1=newDataTable(); dt=dv.Table; introwcount=dt.Rows.Count; introw_count=rowcount-1; if(rowcount>=1) { sw.WriteLine("ItemId\t\t\t\t\"red\""+"item_name\t"+"category_id\t"+"item_price\t"+"store_id\t"); for(inti=0;i
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I'm trying to use a calculate field to show Years of Service in a column...I can use a static year and return the correct results but I'd like tobe able to do the same thing without using the static value for the year...... This returns the correctvalues for ServiceYrs with the static value: SELECT T2.PRFNME FName, T2.PRLNME LName, T2.PRBDDD BrDay, T2.PRBDMM BrMonth, T1.PRDPT Dept, T1.PRDIV Div, T1.PRHDMM HireMonth, T1.PRHDDD HireDay, ((19+T1.PRHDCC)*100+T1.PRHDYY) HireYear, (2010) - ((19+T1.PRHDCC)*100+T1.PRHDYY) ServiceYrs FROM HTEDTA.PR503AP T2 LEFT JOIN HTEDTA.PR500AP T1 ON T2.PRSSNO=T1.PRSSNO WHERE (((T1.PRTDMM)=0)) ORDER BY BrMonth , BrDay Is there a way to get the Year value in the query..........
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For manycolumns in our database we have defined default values, and we would like to lookup those default values to display them in textboxes etc. in DetailsViews in insert mode. The DataTableReader.GetSchemaTable method should return a datatable with, among other things, a column named 'DefaultValue' (see I've tried that, but the value reported for DefaultValue is always System.DBNull, even if I know for sure that I should get a "real" default value as defined in the database (like 0 or sometimes 99 for numeric fields). Any ideas how to solve this Some of my VB.NET source code: PublicFunctionGetColumnDefaultValue(ByValp_sTableAsString,ByValp_sColumnAsString) Trace.WriteLine("wsDataProvider.GetColumnDefaultValue:"&p_sTable&"."&p_sColumn) Diml_vDefaultAsObject=Nothing,l_bErrorAsBoolean=False If(IsColumn(p_sTable,p_sColumn))Then Diml_sSqlAsString If(UsesAccessDB())Then l_sSql="selecttop1`"&p_sColumn&"`from`"&p_sTable&"`" Else l_sSql="select`"&p_sColumn&"`from`"&p_sTable&"`limit1" EndIf Try Diml_oDataSetAsDataSet=FillDataSet(l_sSql,"DataColumns") Diml_oDataTableReaderAsDataTableReader=l_oDataSet.CreateDataReader(l_oDataSet.Tables(0)) Diml_oSchemaAsDataTable=l_oDataTableReader.GetSchemaTable() l_vDefault=l_oSchema.Rows(0)("DefaultValue") CatchexAsException System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("wsDataProvider.GetColumnDefaultValue:"&ex.Message) ' l_bError=True _oErrorHandler.LogError() EndTry EndIf Ifl_bError=TrueThen _oErrorHandler.DisplayErrorPage() EndIf Returnl_vDefault EndFunction
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asdas I wanted to fetch the rows as columns in mysql. Same as the MAX(DECODE()) in oracle. The requirement is I have a table like this , considering a student database Name Subject marks Nideesh Maths 80 Nideesh physics 70 Nideesh Biology 85 suresh Maths 82 suresh physics 83 suresh Chemis 84 I want the result set to be Name Maths Physics Biology Chemistry Nideesh 80 70 85 null suresh 82 83 null 84 I took the students database for simplicity. Exact business requirement is different. d
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Dear Team, i have an requirement that : i want to search all the columns of all the tables in the particular database based on the specific key word or an free text.i tried it by looping it with all the tables but it is taking so much of time . so is there any alternative way for doing this. If any one can provide me any link or any procedure or any alternative way of doing this . it will be very help full for me . Thaks in advance