SQL Query question (count dates for each month)


Hope you can help me with the following, i have the following view availble:

ENTITY | StartDate | EndDate | CodeA | CodeB | Revenue | Currency
AZERT | 01/01/2011 | 02/01/2011 | SU | BOLD | 100 | EUR
AZERT | 28/01/2011 | 02/02/2011 | SU | BOLD | 500 | EUR

Can someone help with a query to pull the data so that I get the following summed

ENTITY | YYYY.MM | CodeA | CodeB | DAYS | TIMES | Revenue | Currency
AZERT | 2011.01 | SU | BOD | 5 | 2 | 500 | EUR
AZERT | 2011.02 | SU | BOD | 1 | 0 | 100 | EUR

Where YYYY.MM is created depending on the difference between Sdate and EDate.
And DAYS is the variance between the start and end day in the right month
And TIMES is the number of times that the StartDate occurs in that month
Revenue splitted depening how many days there are.

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Oracle 7.3.3 - 7.3.4 I was working on the problem when user called remote stored procedure (user - Oracle 7.3.3, procedure -- Oracle 7.3.4) using db_link. The code is like the next: DECLARE v_emply NUMBER(5) := 11111; v_var1 number(2) := 111 v_sqlcode number(8); v_sqlerrm varchar2(256); BEGIN CHECK_MSG@db_LINK.WORLD(v_emply,v_var1,v_sqlcode,v_sqlerrm); END; The return error code was:PLS-00905: object is invalid; DB_LINK connected to user VIEWUSER. This user did not have direct EXECUTE privilege on the called procedure. EXECUTE privilege was given thru the role. I gave direct EXECUTE privilege. It did not help. So I gave direct execute privilege to all procedures that were called inside of CHECK_MSG. It also did not help -- the same error code. So I recompiled all of those stored procs. The same result. Then I gave direct privilege on all tables that are accessed thru the stored procedure and after that procedure started to work. I can understand everything except of the last step. Does anybody can explain to me why I should perform that last step
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... i'm working with Oracle for the 1st time (i'm used to SQL Server)! I've researched but found no answer: is there anyway to retrieve a value from a Oracle Procedure I know this is possible (and easy) to execute in SQL. I'm devolping a Windows App and the returnValue is kind of important to manage bugs and possible errors!
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. I'm new to ASP .net. I'm trying to build a ASP .net (2.0) webapps to connect to Oracle 8i. I don't have Oracle client (per se) installed my development server, but I have installed Oracle SQL Plus 8.0 and SQL Navigator 4. I can happily connect to the same 8i with Navigator 4 (home folder is C:\orant). My question is (in order) 1. Do I need to install Oracle client or is SQL Plus 8.0 sufficient for me to connect to 8i using OLEDB method 2. If I have similar code such as the one listed below, why is it that I can't connect to my 8i Private objConn as Data.OleDB.OleDBConnection Sub Page_Load() If objConn.State =0 Then objConn.ConnectionString = "Provider=MSDAORA.1;Data Source=ORADB;Password=pass;User ID=user" objConn.Open() End If objConn.Close() End Sub Do I still need to add in and I've added \LOCALPC\ASPNET user in Security section of my Oracle home folder (including subfolders as well).
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Hi I have a Web page where users can upload pictures, and this works fine. But I don't want to save the pictures in the SQL Database, becouse it's gone blow up this Database... I heard, that there are a other solution, where I save only the path from the pictures in the Database, and the pictues is actually saved on a folder on the server. I did some research on the Web and I tried to make it by my self, but with no success... Does somebody can help me, or can give me a tip where I can find a solution for that Tanks in advance
Problem with Connection of Informix .NET Provider with .NET.   (473 Views)
, I am facing problem regarding connection of .NET with IBM Informix .NET Data Provider. I got a help from IBM siteof Manual toconnectwith .NET and accessing informix as a informix .net data provider you need to as a namespace to access .NET based informix classes as similar to access sql server using namespace In that manual written as following---- Before you use the IBM Informix .NET Provider, you must execute the script, cdotnet.sql, against the sysmaster database as the user informix. So, my problem is that howwe can execute procedure written in cdotnet.sql file using a client of informix or after executing it can i getable to import directly from .NET IDE - "". Please reply soon.
HELP ME PLEASE   (508 Views)
I IMPORT NAMESPACE System.Data.OracleClient in my web-page I see that in classes-browser but when i process the page i received an error message. I wrote the following code : Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) --->> Dim conn As New OracleConnection("server=Oracle;Uid=uid;pwd=pwd") and the message error is : ERROR BC30002 Type 'OracleConnection' not defined Where is my error
why can't insert data into mysql database?   (551 Views)
b4 i install mysql5, when i run in mysql4, it's ok. but after i install mysql5 store it in /mysql5 folder but not /mysql, i cannot insert record but can get record from the tables. i just wonder why
Handling NULL value in XML using getStringVal   (623 Views)
I have below query which works fine if column 'XML_COL' has values. This select statement fails if the value is NULL for select xmltype(t.xml_col).extract('//fax/text()').getStringVal() from mytab t How to handle rows with NULL values in the column 'XML_COL'.