Rollback segment error


I am executing one sql file which populates our tables in database from other schema. My sql file contents are as follows.
Each procedure populates one table.

set transaction use rollback segment BIG_R01;
-- EOD tables will be populated here

Evenif I am assigning big rollback segment why its giving following error.

ORA-01562: failed to extend rollback segment number 5
ORA-01628: max # extents (500) reached for rollback segment R04

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Hi all, I know this topics had been discussed several times in here and I did look around but I still didn't find the answer I need. our client has problem at the end of the month when they run the accounting end month report. They have the problem ORA-01555 snapshoot too old. I am looking for the best way to fix this problem so it won't occur in the future. I know couple things can be done to fix this problem is : 1. create a big rollback segment and force this transation to use this rollback. 2. commit less often 3. in 9i, we have undo tablespace instead for rollback and I read couple places and I got confused. Some docs said Oracle will manage rollback and ORA-01555 won't happen in 9i and some docs said it's still the problem. 4. this table is getting over 10 million rows now, so the question is partition this table will improve performance, to partion the table will help the rollback problem Please help me to clear my above confusion.
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Came across this is a Distributed Systems Doc: When you issue a SELECT statement across a database link, a transaction lock is placed on the rollback segment. To release the segment you must issue a COMMIT or ROLLBACK. e.g. SELECT a, b, c FROM table1@link; COMMIT; Why I can understand how, maybe, a 'SELECT FOR UPDATE' might lock rollback, but why a 'simple' SELECT BTW - The quote is from the Ora9.2 guide to 'Developing Applications for a Distributed System'.
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DBAs: I was just wondering on the basics If an user writes an update statement, the server process copies the entire block to DBC where the row is residing from the datafile, assigns a lock to the row, then copies the row (pre-image) to the RBS and then changes the row and the pre-post image is written into LBC. say there are 50 rows in the block and i am affecting 1 row. Oracle still copies the entire block into DBC. What i want to know is, does oracle writes the entire block to RBS for the row updated or only the row that affected to maintain the pre-image or read consistent view of the query. I would appreciate if someone can share their views and if they can point to any documentation that tells the same, that will be great Thx
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, regarding perfomance tuning in ROLLBACK SEGMENT. which is faster DEFAULT ROLLBACK SEGMENT or user defined ROLLBACK SEGMENTS. how many user defined ROLLBACK SEGMENT can we create rgds, ramesh
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Hi . 2.0 / VS2005 / Oracle 10g / Microsoft DAAB I am having some thoughts on how to properly implement this, I hope someone can post some good advice on how I would do this. My codes are as follows: Dim strCmd as String = "Select col1, col2, col3 From table1" Dim intExec as Integer Dim oleReader as oledbdatareader = dbdatablock.executereader(commandtype.text, strCmd) If oleReader.HasRows() then Dim strcol1, strcol2, strcol3, strIns as String While strcol1 = olereader("col1") strcol2 = olereader("col2") strcol3 = olereader("col3") Select Case strcol1 Case "A" strIns = "Insert Into table2(col1, col2, col3) Values(strcol1, strcol2, strcol3)" Case "B" strIns = "Insert into table2(col1, col4, col5) Values(strcol1, strcol2, strcol3)" Case "C" strIns = "Insert into table3(col1, col4, col5) Values(strcol1, strcol2, strcol3)" End Select intExec = dbdatablock.ExecuteNonQuery(commandtype.text, strIns) End While Basically, for example my olereader has retrieved 5 rows, then the insert would run 5 times, right How can I do such that for example, when the one of the insert has failed, I could issue a rollback statement to rollback all the insert
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i am so shamed that in last 1 month , roolback seg confused me many many times. the rs tablespace is 1gb and autoexetend, all the 10 rbs r sized properly with initial ,next 1m , optimal 20m ,minextends 20,maxextends unlimited. but the application always report ora01562 error. I chek v$rollstat ,hwk is obly 23mb . Due the application limitation , I can not see the other error code follow 1562 , so what's the actual cause , I still can not get . , can save me
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I'm running Oracle 7.3.4 on AIX 4.3 I'm trying to get a transaction to run in a large rollback segment but i'm having problems!! I set the transaction to run in a large segment (1Gb size with initial and next of 100Mb) with the set transaction statment followed by my update statment. The update statement fails With a rollback segment to small. The rollback segment it's using is not the one specified by the Set transaction command. Any suggestions welcome.
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One of my process is disconnected from the server for a specic set of data while same process is running for some other set of data. error is ora-03113 TRC file is generated in udump directory i am unalble to findout the solution. i am using w2k server, and oracle 8.1.7 database reagards
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, I have noticed a trend in my rollback segments on the production database in that they never seem to shrink. They have remained a static size of 347mb in total over 10 segments for the last few months. Is this normal behaviour or is it something I should worry about Are they at the optimal size or should I be using the alter rollback segment command to shrink them The version of the Dbase is Any hints would be most appreciated. I have looked on metalink but cant find an easy answer just lots of confusing papers.
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is there any way I can migrate a tablespace to be an undo tablespace. I have just migrated an 8iR3 database to 9iR2 and want to use undo, so I thought I would drop all my rollback segments and use my rollback tablespace for undo. Obviously it needs to be an undo tablespace, I was hoping dbms_space_admin might have some procedure to do it and the docs dont seem to mention it. Is there a way of doing it Cheers
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Guys, I had high values in undo_header in v$waitstat, so according to the suggestion given in different threads i increased number of rollback segments , but now the value has increased much more than the previous value. Whats wrong here. Initial value: 632 and 152 for count & time respectively in v$waitstat recent 664 and 201 Any suggestions
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I am creating a database for some software we are going to install. I am following the software's recommended sizing. When I run my build_dtbs script I get the following error. ORA-01593: rollback segment optimal size (3200 blks) is smaller than the computed initial size (12800 blks) The sizing is as follows: SYSTEM 300MB TEMP 300MB RBS 400MB DATA 400MB DATA_INDX 400MB for DATA and DATA_INDX use INITIAL of 500K and NEXT of 500K and the PCTINCREASE = 0. ROLLBACK SEGMENTS. They recommend 10 rollback segments with an INITIAL of 10MB, NEXT of 10MB, and an OPTIMAL SIZE of 25MB THE DB_BLOCK_SIZE = 8192 DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS = 10000 SHARED_POOL_SIZE = 31457280 OPEN_CURSORS = 255 LOG_CHECKPOINT_TIMEOUT = 0 PROCESSES = 100 SORT_AREA_SIZE = 66560 SORT_AREA_RETAINED_SIZE = 66560 DBWR_IO_SLAVES = 2 DISK_ASYNCH_IO = FALSE DB_FILE_MULTI_BLOCK_READ_COUNT = 16 DB_BLOCK_LRU_LATCHES = 1 OPEN_LINKS = 4 When I run my build_dtbs script I get the following error after each of the ten rollback segments.
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I am having this problem on the production server. The error is Failure to extend rollback segment 3 because of 1562 condition Failure to extend rollback segment 3. How Do I sort out this error. I just made the segment bigger than the way it way before.