Replication for Standard Unleaded Edition

I have recently read in an article (by Prakash) regarding 'Simulating Multi-master Replication in Standard Edition'.

With the difference of costs between Standard and Enterprise editions, customers are having large interest in this solution.

Can you please give a prototype on how to do this. Examples and scripts would be appreciated.


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I need to replicate data from plant to head office and vice-versa. Following is our business case. exisitng application is running independently at 7 locations Developed using Visual Basic with backend oracle. Now we need to maintain data of all locations at all places. Can you please help me to handle this using oracle standard edition.
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In a updateable snapshot replication, when only one column is updated on the master, will the entire record be updated on the replicated site or only the column on which the changes happened will get replicated. Eg: col2 changes(updated) on the master table log.(There are 4 col: Col1,col2,col3,col4). When the refresh process happens, Will the oracle refresh the entire row (all the columns) or only the col2 is sent to the replication site: We need to change the logic of one of the batch programs based on this input. Please let me know.
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Hi I am working on Oracle database 10g. I am trying to implement advanced replication on my database. Till now I have replicated tables and those are working fine. Now I want to replicate procedure, in this case on running all the procedures(adding packages and generating replication support) I am not getting any error. But after this I am not able to resume replication. In DBA_REPGROUP status of master group is QUIESCED. I want to know why I am getting this problem and how can i solve it. I am running following code for this : BEGIN DBMS_REPCAT.create_master_repobject (sname => 'REPADMIN', oname => 'PKG_COMMON_ERROR', TYPE => 'PACKAGE', use_existing_object => TRUE, COMMENT => 'Added on ' || SYSDATE, retry => FALSE, gname => 'MYREPGRP' ); DBMS_REPCAT.create_master_repobject (sname => 'REPADMIN', oname => 'PKG_COMMON_ERROR', TYPE => 'PACKAGE BODY', use_existing_object => TRUE, COMMENT => 'Added on ' || SYSDATE, retry => FALSE, gname => 'MYREPGRP' ); END; BEGIN DBMS_REPCAT.generate_replication_support (sname => 'REPADMIN', oname => 'PKG_COMMON_ERROR', TYPE => 'PACKAGE', DISTRIBUTED => TRUE, min_communication => TRUE ); DBMS_REPCAT.generate_replication_support (sname => 'REPADMIN', oname => 'PKG_COMMON_ERROR', TYPE => 'PACKAGE BODY', DISTRIBUTED => TRUE, min_communication => TRUE ); END;
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Dear members , i am having two database in two different city. City A is my HeadofficeDatabase and CityB is my factoryDatabase. Now all the Master entry will take place in CityA and Transactions in both the places.I am having around 200 Master Tables that i am planning to replicate using Simple Snapshots. The Transaction tables are having more than 200 and that will be replicated using Master to Master Replication .CityA will be the Master Definition site and CityB will be the Master site. The lease line from City A to City B is 64kpbs out of which i will be getting only 24kpbs for data transfer. If i am implimenting the above system will i be able to replicate properly Please guide me on this issue..
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I have a snapshot log on a master table but I can delete any rows from master table. nothing in alert.log, no tablespace full I can neither select * or count(*) from my snapshot log with any users. It's take long time my snapshot log is not purge.
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Hi , we have a setup of replication in 8.0.5 as single master defenition site and 4 snapshot sites . our requirement is to add two new snapshot site in 8.1.7 release. is it possible (with mastersite as older version and othersite as new version database) if so is there any restriction for thatwill replication work fine in this setup please reply as soon as possible
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gurus... Urgently help required. In oracle,How do we implement replication based on triggers(Once the data insert /update /delete the trigger should fire and the data should be replicated.At pressent it is happenig based on job interval)
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Any idea on which replication software is more stable and easy to manage 1. oracle replication. 2. quest shareplex
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what is the exe file to be executed to open oracle replication manager on sun solaris platform
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, There is a peculiar situation in our office,here is its description. I want to create a replicated environment.since there is a limitaion on network traffic,so i want to have a Master site at hq's and updateable Snapshot site at remote site.It required that the changes made at snapshot site to be replicated to master site after office hours say after 15:00 hrs.For this how to configure the shedule link and purge that every dayafter office hours these changes are made at hq's. When i scrolled through some of questions posted on this site,some one told that it is not possible to send the changes made at snapshot to master site,its only single direction. in the above situation if i want to have multimaster sites at both the ends that too the changes to be replicated only after office hours so that there will not be any traffic on network. please can i have your valuable remarks on the above situration. Thank u very much my e-mail is
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HI I have a oracle 8.1.5 database on win2k server. i have updatable snapshots for this database at a different location. when i insert a new record into the snapshot and update the master site it is working if i update any record at snapshot site and push the data to the master site it logs error at the master site "no data found."the same error when i delete a record at snapshot and try updating the master site.Plz note i am not talking of refreshing. i am using oracle replication manager. can anyone tell me what does oracle use for updating replicated data,primary key or row id.i checked the oracle documentation but couldn't get anythig.Plz let me know if i skipped any parts of the docs
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, I created snapshot at remote site.From the oracle manuals it is noted that Oracle 8i will not support the LONG and LONG RAW datatypes,actually we are going to install a outside vendor application on remote site in which one of table consist of LONG datatype which is used to capture the images of people,since Oracle will not support this datatype,can any one tell which datatype will replace the LONG so that it will not affect the replication. Thank u
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In a replication environment(use the replicated db for reporting only), when you do a refresh, either complete or fast, what rollback segments are being used The rbs in the master db, or in the local db
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The data in node1 is slow applied in Node2 when i first startup stream replication,the time is one hour,I don't known the reason,who will tell me
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, respectfully, i have not any knowledge regarding REPLICATION. plz tell me about the replication and why we use replication in fully details. and i want to some knowledge about the STAND BY.what is the mean of STAND BY in ORACLE 10g.
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Hi: O.S. => Windows NT Oracle => Is advanced replication part of OEM Also, is there any other option that I can use to take the snap shot of the database periodically Let me know.
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How do we switch off replication for an import session, if its possible
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i m not getting the point what is replication plz tell me
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Hi Friends, I read the oracle docs about replication and It didnt give me clear explaination about it. Do u have other links that explain steps by steps on how to do it (for dummies ) For example th replication group: If I have 10 tables to replicate in a schema PROD1 and another 10 tables to replicate in schema PROD2 on db server SERVER1 Can I call them 2 groups of 1 group.