outlook file DBX file extract using

hi i want to read email in dbx file using plase help me ....

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hi, i'm running windows vista and installed Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET with Oracle10g Release 2 ODAC ODTwithODAC1020221 When i call our old classic asp project it will break with (on win xp it was working without a problem): Oracle Automation Error "800a01b8' OIP-04109: Error creating temporary file at the line OraDatabase.CreateDynaset is called. The sql statement to be executed is a standard (0815) select statement. I also tried: 10203_client_vista and ODAC92070 (but this one is obviously not for windows vista) without success. Please help - i get mad on this! Do i have to switch to Win XP again :(
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Anybody can share code/experience on how to upload file(s) from a webform as data in an Oracle database. I am trying to develop a photo lib. with Oracle database and .Net. And would like to store the pictures as database column for the ease of maintenance.
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, we want to create TNS name in the oracle tnsname.ora file dynamically. For example, customer maybe want to change to another oracle server, we want to create the tns config in the tnsname.ora file automatically with the customer's input.
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The Client has a mainframe which has data in flat files they will export this data in plain text file(not CSV) formatted in a tabular format, I am writing an .NET app which will query this txt file and do data manupulation and saving the file.. which will then be used by the main frame to updata the flat file.. do you know if there is a way to query this .txt file and bind the result to a datagrid and then modify the data and submit the changes to the txt file..
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Hi all, Our database is currently 4GB and we are projecting it to grow to 40GB end of next year. What is the best way to allocate the tablespace/datafile config for this. Current config is : we have 4 mount points and 1 - system 2 - Redo 3 - Data - with single datafile of maxsize 8GB 4 - Index - with single datafile of maxsize 8GB Would it be better to add more datafiles to the existing tablepsace mount points or is it better to distribute the datafiles acorss the mount points in a round-robin fashion
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We have quarterly and yearly processes that deletes, archives millions of rows from different tables. To make room on the file system I would either like to shrink back down the datafiles (because auto extend is on) or coalesce them. Is there a rule of thumb I should follow when shrinking or coalescing Can somebody provide provide a query that would show me the free and used extents in a TS, and when I should coalesce or a query to show me how much free space is in a datafile so I can shrink it. THanks in advance to all who answer.
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, When I started my database this morning I got a message telling that the database should be open in RESETLOGS or in NORESETLOGS. I opened it in RESETLOGS as configured in my control file. I then got the ORA-01113 and ORA-01110 message, where I discovered that my system datafile was corrupted. I copied it from the backup location, to the original location then I started the DataBase in mount mode and issued the ALTER DATABASE RENAME command, but then It told me that the file does not exist. Not knowing what step to follow next, I ventured issuing the RECOVER DATABASE command,upon which it instructed me to recover using the BACKUP CONTROLFILE option. I did issue that command specifying the full path of the control file, and I got the ORA-00905 Keyword missing error. I re-issued the same command, this time without specifying the location where I did back up my control file and I got the following: SQL> recover database using backup controlfile ORA-00279: change 1329085 generated at 12/11/2007 07:59:13 needed for thread 1 ORA-00289: suggestion : D:\ORACLE\ORA92\RDBMS\ARC00012.001 ORA-00280: change 1329085 for thread 1 is in sequence 12 specify log: {=suggested | filename |AUTO | CANCEL} Now I'm stucked and I do not know how to proceed. Any tips
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I have lost one datafile, I don't need it....but now how can I start up the instance without it. The DB is not in ARCHIVELOG. How can I put it OFFLINE Thanx DB Version 8.1.7
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OS:HP-UX 11.0 Database: Oracle 8.0.5 After i finished the installation ,then i run svrmgrl oracle@test%svrmgrl Oracle Server Manager Release - Production (c) Copyright 1997, Oracle Corporation. Rights Reserved. ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel SVRMGR> p.s: tnsname.ora ,listener.ora and sqlnet.ora has not touched yet My setting /etc/passwd oracle:*:501:501::/home/oracle:/usr/bin/csh /etc/group dba::501: Two mount points /u01 and /u02 the kernel parameter are adjusted according to the Oracle 8.0.5 documentation.
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Has anyone ever created a script file in sql that is called by server manager from a command prompt and is passed a parameter I need to create an sql script that will be fed a parameter from a batch file and I am not sure how to do it. Example: Batch file accepts parameter then executes svrmgrl which in turn runs a sql script and is fed the parameter accepted by the batch file. Oracle Windows NT 4.0
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Hi I am getting some client details in formated mail.(say outlook express (excel formated) or outlook). I need to transfer that data into my database. How to insert the details automatically into my oracle 8i database. ( We want to automate that process).
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I like to save the OUTLOOK mail as an HTML file in local folder. I get the MailItem and get the HTML string using MailItem.HTMLBody. When I save the HTML text as a HTML file and open in browser I am unable to view the images in from that mail. When I saw in developer tool img tag has the cid: as the source. How to make this image display in browser Here is my code snippet. Code: //Getting the mail item. item = (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.MailItem)oInbox.Items[i]; // Creating a list class. MyMails mymails = new MyMails(); mymails.ItemNo = i.ToString(); mymails.From = (String)item.SenderEmailAddress; mymails.To = (String)item.To; //Saving the HTML text. mymails.Subject = item.HTMLBody; mails.Add(mymails); Please refer the screenshot.!106&authkey=kncSGivpKss%24