ORacle9i on SOLARIS 9: Same CD's?


we've just received our new db-test server, and it is preinstalled with Solaris 9. On the installation CD's of Oracle I only see Solaris 8, can I use these or do I need a new package of installation CD's

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Hi We have recently moved from Oracle8i to Oracle9i. And we are encountering some problems in database performance. We had few jobs on oracle8i which used run in 2 hrs are now taking almost 9-10 hrs. Can anyone advice me on how to approach or the best way to address this problem. Iam confused and don't really know where to start. If anyone of you faced simillar problems or can guide me to some good documentation, I would be really glad.
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RDBMS Version: Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production Operating System and Version: Windows 2003 Performance degrade after migration from oracle8i I have shifted database from oracle 8i to 9i thru export and import. I also ran gather stats thru command execute dbms_stats.gather_schema_stats(ownname => 'username',estimate_percent=> 33,cascade => TRUE,degree => 4); The database ran two days perfectly. On third evening database performance degraded drastically. I check buffer hit and cached hit, which were above 99%. Then I ran gather stats again and performance restored. Now fourth evening database performance down again so I ran gather stats and database start performing. Any idea where things are wrong...
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I am trying to upgrade oracle9i on solaris 2.6 to the latest version I believe I need to run the script u0900010.sql but I have tried to find it on metalink were can I find the upgarde script.