mysql connector auto update command specifies incorrect database need another way to update

I use Typed Datasets for my DAL and class files for my BLL The Application uses multiple databases depending on what user logs in. The MSSQL autogenerated update method uses a sort of agnostic database variable [dbo]. so when the app passes in a different dabase name in its connection string it updates the correct database. However the MYSQL autogenerated code for the update command actually specifies the name of the dabase that the tableadapter is using when you create the typed dataset. so even if you pass in a different database in the connection still goes to the original database name. This is how I currently update rows in a database in my BLL using System; using System.Data; using System.Configuration; using System.Web; using VinWinBLL.DAL.CONTACTDAL.CompanyDALTableAdapters; using VinWinBLL.DAL.CONTACTDAL; namespace VinWinBLL.BLL.CONTACTBLL { /// /// Summary description for CompanyBLL /// public class CompanyBLL { private tblcompanyTableAdapter _tblcompanyAdapter = null;internal tblcompanyTableAdapter CompanyAdapter { get { if (_tblcompanyAdapter == null) _tblcompanyAdapter = new tblcompanyTableAdapter(); return _tblcompanyAdapter; } } public bool UpdateCompany(long companyid, string company, bool active) { CompanyDAL.tblcompanyDataTable companies = CompanyAdapter.GetCompanyDataByCompanyID(companyid.Value);if (companies.Count == 0) { return false; } CompanyDAL.tblcompanyRow comp = companies[0]; comp.Active = active; comp.Company = company; int rowsAffected = CompanyAdapter.Update(comp);return rowsAffected == 1; }
I apparently need another way to handle this since the autogenerated code using teh mysql connector has this bug. I am thinkingof adding a query in the tableadapter to "Update" the databale. I do this with the insert and it works properly making use of the connection string databse name. Mainly because the sql statement doesnt specify the database name like the autogenerated methods do. For example the autogenerated insert this._adapter.InsertCommand.CommandText = "INSERT INTO `vinwin_base_dbo`.`tblcompany` (`Company`, `Active`) VALUES (@Company" + ", @Active)"; My added insert methods sql statement this._commandCollection[5].CommandText = "INSERT INTO tblcompany\r\n (Company, Active)\r\nVALUES (@Com" + "pany, @Active);\r\nSelect last_insert_id();\r\n"; Notice how my sql statement doesnt specify the database name. To access the insert I use the following in my BLL class file private tblcompanyTableAdapter _tblcompanyAdapter = null;internal tblcompanyTableAdapter CompanyAdapter { get { if (_tblcompanyAdapter == null) _tblcompanyAdapter = new tblcompanyTableAdapter(); return _tblcompanyAdapter; } } public long AddCompany(string company, bool active) { byte b_active = Convert.ToByte(active); long companyid = Convert.ToInt64(CompanyAdapter.InsertQuery(company, b_active)); return companyid; }
So what I am wondering is if I create in teh table adapater an update method so that it looks like this this._commandCollection[6].CommandText = @"UPDATE tblcompany SET Company = @Company, Active = @Active WHERE (CompanyID = @Original_CompanyID) AND (@IsNull_Company = 1) AND (Company IS NULL) AND (Active = @Original_Active) OR (CompanyID = @Original_CompanyID) AND (Company = @Original_Company) AND (Active = @Original_Active)"; Problem is I am not sure how to handle this in the BLL. If I try to handle it in the same manner using the new "UpdateQuery" methodI get a build error No Overload for Method UpdateQuery takes 1 argument.

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