How to insert fetched value in cursor in temp table and use that table to show the values in DataGrid

, Currently i am working on project which is having 1 requirement, in which user is selecting some time period to get all the existing data in Oracle 9i Database. This logic is written in stored procedure, this is the conditional query which is formed on the basis of user roles and how much access he is having to the other plants/business units. In the end after completing all the scenarios i used to execute this query by using Cursor. While using this some times it retrieves more than 10,000 rows. I need to channelise this by using either pagination or suggest me whats the best option to display these fetched rows. I don't know how to do the pagination on the cursor, hence requesting you to please help me out to solve this issue. v_select:='SOMESELECTCOLUMNSTATEMENT' v_common_where:='WHERECOLUMNCONDITIONS' IF(p_userNameISNOTNULL)THEN IF(p_userName=p_loginName)THEN v_common_where:=CONCAT(v_common_where,'ANDENTERED_BYIN('''||p_userName||''')'); ELSIF(p_userName='ALL')THEN -- v_dyn_stmt:=CONCAT(v_dyn_stmt,'ANDENTERED_BYIN(SELECTDISTINCTENTERED_BYFROMT1)'); ELSE v_common_where:=CONCAT(v_common_where,'ANDENTERED_BYIN('||p_userName||')'); ENDIF; ENDIF; v_common_where:=CONCAT(v_common_where,'ANDTO_NUMBER(YEAR||MONTH)BETWEENTO_NUMBER('||p_from||')ANDTO_NUMBER('||p_to||')'); v_from1:='FROMT2'; v_from2:='FROMT3'; v_where2:='WHERESTATEMENT2'; v_from3:='FROMSTATEMENT'; v_where3:='WHERESTATEMENT3'; v_scenario1:=v_select||v_from1||v_common_where; v_scenario2:=v_select||v_from2||v_common_where||v_where2; v_scenario3:=v_select||v_from3||v_common_where||v_where3; --GetUserRoleanddependupontheroledisplaytherecords. v_role:=null; SELECTUSER_ROLEINTOv_role FROMT3 WHEREUSER_ID=p_loginName; --CreateSQLforRole==Site. v_site_from:=v_from1||',T4'; v_site_where:= 'ANDUSER_ID='''||p_loginName|| ''' ANDLOC_ID=LOCATION_ID'; IFv_role!='AD'THEN v_scenario1:=v_scenario1||'ANDENTERED_BY='''||p_loginName||''''; ENDIF; IFv_role='AD'THEN v_dyn_stmt:= v_scenario1; ELSIFv_role='ST'THEN -- v_dyn_stmt:= v_select||v_site_from|| v_common_where|| v_site_where; v_dyn_stmt:= v_scenario1||'UNION'||v_select||v_site_from|| v_common_where|| v_site_where; ELSE v_dyn_stmt:= v_scenario1||'UNION'||v_scenario2||'UNION'||v_scenario3; ENDIF; OPENcur_OUTFORv_dyn_stmt; End;

This is how i am generating query and getting the results. I need to put pagination into this or insert these retrieved values in temp table and then access this table using pagination.

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