Establishing a database connection using Putty to tunnel over SSH

I currently have an ASP.NET web application that is using a MySQL database as the source data. I would like to connect to this database using the standard MySQL listening port of 3306 and tunnel the database connection over SSH (Port 22). I have Putty on my Web server and will configure Putty to do Port Redirection (3306 > 22 > 3306). I would like my web application to first open the Putty connection (somehow have my web application pass the credentials to the server via Putty) which would establish an SSH connection to the distant server. Once that SSH connection is established, I would then establish a standard MySQL database connection using a connection string. I would prefer not to leave the SSH connection open all the time and want Logi to handle both the SSH and database connection calls only when it is needed. This methodology of tunneling a database connection over SSH is not MySQL specific and could be used to securely tunnel any database connection. Has anyone done anything like this and if so could you provide me with how you had the web application establish these connection calls

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connection stiring in webconfig like this when we create connection need to MySql Provider. MySqlDataAdapter mySqlAdap = new MySqlDataAdapter("select date_format(HDate,'%Y-%m-%d') as Date,Occassion from tblholidays order by HDate", clsConnection.MySqlConn); DataSet ds = new DataSet(); mySqlAdap.Fill(ds); tye this. It will helps you. working copy fully tested.
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I have been given a .Net app connected to quite a large oracle database, and I have been given the task of optimising / tuning the database, i.e adding indexes partitions etcthat will enhance performance.. The system has not been rolled out yet, so I am unaware of any bottle knecks or areas where performance needs enhancing, my job is to predict and alter the database as a precursor to it being rolled out.. To do this does anyone have anythaughts about the following process: 1. Predicthow the system will beused and write up a list of scenarios, eg reports on x, y, and z, searching of x, y z.. 2. Run the sql for the proposed scenarios to observe quiery times 3. Add indexes / Re-format SQL statements / partitions to optimise the performance ========================================================================================= Does anyone have any idea of better strategies Also, in terms of re-writing SQL statements, I believe there are tools around that will auto generate alternatove optimised SQL ststements from the one given, does anyone know of any of these
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For manycolumns in our database we have defined default values, and we would like to lookup those default values to display them in textboxes etc. in DetailsViews in insert mode. The DataTableReader.GetSchemaTable method should return a datatable with, among other things, a column named 'DefaultValue' (see I've tried that, but the value reported for DefaultValue is always System.DBNull, even if I know for sure that I should get a "real" default value as defined in the database (like 0 or sometimes 99 for numeric fields). Any ideas how to solve this Some of my VB.NET source code: PublicFunctionGetColumnDefaultValue(ByValp_sTableAsString,ByValp_sColumnAsString) Trace.WriteLine("wsDataProvider.GetColumnDefaultValue:"&p_sTable&"."&p_sColumn) Diml_vDefaultAsObject=Nothing,l_bErrorAsBoolean=False If(IsColumn(p_sTable,p_sColumn))Then Diml_sSqlAsString If(UsesAccessDB())Then l_sSql="selecttop1`"&p_sColumn&"`from`"&p_sTable&"`" Else l_sSql="select`"&p_sColumn&"`from`"&p_sTable&"`limit1" EndIf Try Diml_oDataSetAsDataSet=FillDataSet(l_sSql,"DataColumns") Diml_oDataTableReaderAsDataTableReader=l_oDataSet.CreateDataReader(l_oDataSet.Tables(0)) Diml_oSchemaAsDataTable=l_oDataTableReader.GetSchemaTable() l_vDefault=l_oSchema.Rows(0)("DefaultValue") CatchexAsException System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("wsDataProvider.GetColumnDefaultValue:"&ex.Message) ' l_bError=True _oErrorHandler.LogError() EndTry EndIf Ifl_bError=TrueThen _oErrorHandler.DisplayErrorPage() EndIf Returnl_vDefault EndFunction