Compare two string objects to display data

People, Iam accessing an oracle database to get a value from atable (varchar), this value is always astring of numbers separated by a coma EXAMPLE:12,39,10,14 each number representing an event category inthe database,once i get that value i have to compare it to a string valueinput by user in myweb application, (user input as string), finally i have to display only the events that match both strings values.
Example: event category: 10,15,16,101,39 user input: 09,10,25,16 result: only events which categories are 10 and 16 must be display.Matching categories Connection to database is perfectly working, i am able to extract the stringvalue from the database.

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people, I want to be checking if the date given is within six(6) months from the current date going backwards. Forexample, if the given date is 24-04-2008. How can I check that the date given is within six (6) from todays date (Current date) going backwards I have this sql below but it is not working as expected. How can I do it sql="SELECT name1,name2,dateperiod FROM students WHERE dateperiod is between "+ Curdate.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy") +" and "+ DateTime.Parse(Datestudent).AddMonths(-6) +"";
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