windows CE 5.0 and delphi 7


Hope you all are keeping well.

I need to know how can I write application for Windows CE 5.0.
Any clue any example of any simple application will be highly appriciated.

Does it requires any third party tools/componets

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I am invoking a horizontal band using bho in windows explorer while starting up I tried the following, but it doesnt invoke, results in an error "Invalid variant operation", the code is in delphi. Following is the code snippet IE := pUnkSite as IWebbrowser2; if Assigned(IE) and (InitialiseShellType = stWindowsExplorer) then begin BandId.vt := VT_BSTR; BandId.bstrVal := '{CC546B07-8E2E-4D7B-AAF6-BDDBFDD738F5}'; vtShow.vt := VT_BOOL; vtShow.boolVal := True; vtSize.vt := VT_INT; vtSize.IntVal := 0; IE.ShowBrowserBar(BandId,vtShow,vtSize); IE := Nil; end; From some other newsgroup, I gathered that there might be something wrong with boolval := True, which I am not very sure. I would appreciate if any one could shed some light on solving this
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"Vadim" wrote in message news:47f3d056$ > I used both GetEnvironmentVariable('TEMP'); and > Windows.GetTempPath, they return the same string. FindFirstFile() can return the LFN version of an 8.3-formatted path. Gambit , Vadim schrieb: > Remy, > > You probably mean FindFirst() function, I tried it the following way: No, there is a Windows API function called FindFirstFile(). Put Windows into your uses clause. The abstract is: function FindFirstFile(lpFileName: PChar; var lpFindFileData: TWIN32FindData): THandle; The lpFindFileData.cFileName field will hold the long filename after call. You need to close the search by passing the returned handle to Windows.FindClose() -- The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax. -- Albert Einstein ....und wech Danny , "Vadim" wrote in message news:47f3fe31$ > You probably mean FindFirst() function No, I meant what I said. FindFirstFile() is a Win32 API function, not a VCL function. > s := sr.Name; > s has value of 'Temp' now instead of c:\Documents and Settings\....\Temp Because sr.Name only contains a single folder name, not the complete path. You would have to call FindFirst/File() for every individual folder name in the path to resolve them one at a time. Gambit , "Martin Stoeckli" wrote in message news:47f48622$ > To be sure you have the long path, you have to convert it. You can use the > Windows function "GetLongPathName" to do it, here you can find an example: Jus an FYI, that function is only available on Win2000 and later. Gambit
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I have maybe a dozen d2007 programs that I'm working within an xpPro vm with Vista Business as the host. I copy these programs to a network drive on the vista machine and then switch from the vm to vista to verify the appearance and function in vista. So far none of them have asked this uac question when I try to run them. But this latest program that I'm working on, even though it doesn't yet do anything except make an INI file in it's own folder, gets this uac prompt. I've made maybe two dozen tiny test programs to check out something or other and have never seen this problem before. I just copied another test program to the vista drive and it ran fine. The only thing working in this program is the user interface. Everything pops up a showmessage saying that it's doing this or that function. I can't see what's different or why this program has the problem. What the hell! Did something happen to the UAC settings on vista I just tried some of the other programs that I've treated exactly the same and they still start without any bs. I have the service pack 1 on a flash drive but have not installed it on vista yet because I haven't taken the time to image everything first. This is really frustrating. Any ideas what could be causing this uac garbage with just this one program or where I could look for a solution The only thing I can think of to do is start another project and duplicate this, testing every time I add something else to the form until it breaks. What a royal pain. I've got a lot done on this. I'm using a couple of jedi components and a couple of tms components and I've used all of them before with no problems. The only new thing I've used is the tmsmainmenu and their menustyler which makes a really nice mainmenu. Yeah Vista --
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, I try to catch any exception occur when connecting to a database file failed. In case of exception I need to display the exception message as it is then closes the application - I tried to do it with try..except but it did not work !! please advice
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Hi ! My Delphi app launch onother program(fprwin.exe) with an ShellExecute command. After the execution if everithing is ok, fprwin must write something on disk (somefile.txt). My app must read somefile.txt end do something. If fprwin do not write the file on disk he raise an error. Fprwin is completely undocumented, but for me is important to catch and read programatic the error message from fprwin. How can I do that Thank's for any hint ! Marian
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, I am using PostgreSQL and I need to run certain sql statements, however some of the records I have in the database have characters like ' inside them. Example "She's a mstery". I add the records by using QuotedStr and that is fine, however when I come to search I need to do something like this. SELECT count(izf_serial) FROM izfiles WHERE izf_name LIKE "she\'s" As you can see the ' is now escaped and I am not sure how to do this manually using StringReplace as I can not get the ' into StringReplace because Delphi uses ' for the actual string. I tried StringReplace(TheFile, '''', ''\'', [rfReplace]); but it did not like that. Kept saying illegal character. Any idea on how I can achieve this please BTW: There is no function (that I know of in PostgreSQL that does this as have checked my books and online resources).
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Hi Env = RAD Studio 2007 I need to update all the files in my project and replace the TBitBtn with TButton. Is there an "easy" way of achieving this If I have to manually open each file, in D6 if you opened the .dpr you could see a list of all the files in the project and then print this list, is there a way in 2007 the .dproj project is no longer listed in the "View Unit" option
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I'm not sure how, but my BDS 2006 debugger has lost the ability to catch exceptions. It used to be if I called something and that raised an exceptions, such as a database exception, the IDE would pop up and tell me that the exception was raised and I could continue or break. That doesn't happen any more. I thought maybe it was because I enabled the Internet Explorer debugger, but I disabled that again and even hunted down the registry entry and made sure it pointed to the BDS debugger. Anyone can make it so my exceptions stick in the debugger again
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I experiencing access violation errors when i run/compile my application The message is not always the same. Often is an access violation in BORDBK70, other times a generic memory could not be read. It makes the IDE almost unusuable. I have found many others post that talk of this thing but not a solution, expect maybe remobe WIndows XP SP2. I don't consider this a good solution. Does someone knows something
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Having installed the December update to 2007 it's fixed one of the compiler errors I was getting (good!) but now I'm finding that the IDE locks up and seems to go into an infinite loop fairly frequently. It seems to be related to code completion - it'll lock up just after typing the opening parens for a function call or hitting Ctrl-Space - but it's not all the time, it seems fairly random. When it does lock up, the IDE will sit there, Task Manager shows it allocating more and more memory - eventually I have to kill it as it never seems to recover and starts the machine thrashing the pagefile. If I never let code complete pop up it won't lock up but obviously that's not a great solution What's the best way to try and get this sorted - is there a way to take a stack trace of the IDE or similar to submit that would help track this down Unfortunately I've not managed to work out yet exactly what triggers it (the code I'm working on is unfortunately fairly complex with a lot of generics - so if it's due to the specific code it'll take a while to boil it down to a 'simple' test case, especially since I can't reproduce it 100% even on my code...) Cheers, David Capps -- Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:
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I have a Delphi application that loads a from from a dll as a 'child' window (effectively). I'm trying to set the forms up so they mimick an MDI/Child situation. So if both forms lose focus (by the user going to a different application), and the use clicks on the Delphi form, I want the dll 'child' form to also come to the front. I've tried overriding the WM Activate function, doing a BringToFront on the dll form, then reactivating the Delphi form or bringing it to the front, but this calls the Activate function again and I get stuck in an endless loop. Does anyone know a way of doing this i.e. of bringing a window to the front without activiating it It's no good if I just bring the child window to the front and don't bring the main window back, as then I can't access the controls on the main window as always loses focus.