Using a c dll with Delphi


From my Delphi program, I would like to use my dll compiled with c, but I
get a runtime error when the function is called.
The parameter is char* c type, that I translate in PChar in Delphi. (I only
have the problem using char*, if I do a similar function using int type in
C, and integer type in Delphi that works)
My dummy function "TextFunction()" should simply return the string passed
into parameter.

///////////////////////// c code : ////////////////////////
char* DLL_EXPORT TextFunction(char* text)


return (text);



////////////////////////////// Delphi Code : ///////////////////////////////

Text: TextFunction( text: PChar) : PChar; stdcall;

function LoadDLL: boolean;

function LoadDLL: boolean;


Result := false;

DLLtest := LoadLibrary('testdll.DLL');

if DLLtest 0 then


Result := true; //DLL found

//Get the procedure addresses

@TextFunction:= GetProcAddress(DLLtest, 'TextFunction');



Does anyone see what I am doing wrong

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Maybe this is just me, but I'm finding it incredibly confusing and heavy going to install and update my Delphi 2007 for Win 32. I've just built a new computer and am reinstalling everything. Of all the apps I've got, Delphi takes the biscuit for being the most confusing to bring up to date. Just follow me through, here, and tell me if it's me being thick, or CodeGear being unhelpful, would you I've got Delphi installed and the Version number in Help | About is 11.0.2804.9245. I want to know if this is up to date or not. So I go to the Registered User Downloads page and find a mass of confusion. For instance, I spot an ISO called 'Delphi 2007 for Win32 R2/Update 3 ISO'. My first thought is "What the heck's R2". Presumably it's a later version of the product I bought (back in Feb 07). It also mentions Update 3. But that's confusing, because listed above it are 'Delphi 2007 for Win32/Update 3' as a zip or autoinstaller. So does it mean R2 includes Update 3 And do I want Update 3, or the full blown R2/Update 3 In fact, are there two different Update 3s One for the original Delphi 2007, and one for Delphi 2007 R2 So as well as having a product name - Delphi 2007 - we also have Release numbers and Update numbers, which seems one too many to me. Anyway....... ......there are three links mentioning Update 3. My question is, do I need it So I follow one of the links to find...... no pre-requisites mentioned!! It does not say what Version number it applies to, nor what the new Version number will be after installing it. UNBELIEVABLE. Not to worry, let's look a bit higher up the list....... ......and I see that the Updates suddenly get months instead of numbers!! And then, as my eyes wanders ever upwards I find, astonishingly, that as well as Release numbers, Update numbers and Update months, we've now got Hotfixes as well!!! To top it all, none of these seem to appear in the Help | About box in Delphi, which just seems to show a four-field Version number, giving us: Release Numbers Update Numbers Update Months Hotfixes Version numbers (in the application) ......and no obvious correlation between them. This is just unbelievable. Why on earth can't Codegear just do what most other vendors do and stick to version numbers throughout, viz: 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, etc. Simple. Yes, I know they increment the third and fourth digit fields in the version number in the Help About box, but nowhere on the Registered User Downloads page do they tell you which digits relate to which Release Numbers, Update Numbers, Update Months or Hotfixes. Honestly, CodeGear, this is just hopeless. NO OTHER PRODUCT (and I use plenty) has such a confusing system of updates, patches, hotfixes and upgrades as Delphi. Furthermore, if I updated any of my own software like this, I'd be lynched by my users! I'm still only moderately confident about how to proceed, but as far as I can glean, it's: 1/ Original product 2/ Update 3 3/ December 07 Update 4/ April 08 Hotfix 5/ Help Update 3 Does that seem right Is there any chance at all of CodeGear getting a grasp on this situation SteveT PS: I've just spotted something else, which I almost couldn't believe. CodeGear releases these "Updates", but tells you to run "setup.exe /upgrade". Yes, "upgrade", not "update"!
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A few days ago I noticed that I quit getting debug info when I put a break point on a variable, stop during runtime and hold the cursor over the variable. Nothing happens. I am not even told it was optimized. Can someone help me , Larry Killen wrote: > Actually, when I hold the cursor over a variable, it flickers as if > it is trying to retrieve a value. > > I think something is screwed up. If you are sure the appropriate checkbox in the Tools->Options dialog (under Code Insight) is checked then it looks like your system has gotten into a state where hint windows are not displayed on top of the window they belong to but beneath it. I have seen that even for the popup hints of the Windows taskbar buttons, so it's not Delphi specific. A reboot of the machine fixes it, at least for a time. -- Peter Below (TeamB) Don't be a vampire (, use the newsgroup archives :
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