Re: delphi without dfm

Francisco Sanchez wrote:

> we have a library which does exactly that: compresses, encrypts and
> obfuscates dfms. It's called Citadel (

Very Interesting.

Are there any known issues (Vista etc)
Can the component be used for encrypting other resources (such as bitmaps,
incorporated into the executable using $R) as well

Also, I notice the latest version is for Delphi 2006, not 2007.
Will this component also support Delphi 2008 etc

Arthur Hoornweg

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CodeGear and Embarcargo Prediction 1. Embarcadero is going to take a few developers off of CodeGear's front line to build a new modeling tool using Delphi source. 2. Embarcadero is going to let at CodeGear keep their job and continue on as if they have not been bought out. 3. Delphi and C++ Builder will follow the roadmap as projected. 4. If you're a Delphi or C++ Builder you have nothing to worry about. 5. If you have never heard of Embarcargo you probably will see no new benefit over what CodeGear was already going to do. 6. If you are currently using RemObjects or some other middleware you will probably switch to Embarcargo. 7. In short: nothing new to see here move along.
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Marco van de Voort wrote: > > I agree Arthur. A quick glance at task manager > > shows that I have 65 processes running on my > > workstation. It is hard to imagine how 4 cores > > would not help with that. > > So they are all eating CPU at once Or do most of them happen to be > "0%" You drive your car 24h by day -- Cesar Romero Liws - Software Development
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Marco van de Voort wrote: > And how many release builds do you do a day Enough to have a 2nd > core on standby Note that one can imagine fringe uses. (a bit > compression here, odd photoshop filter there), but is that really > worth it Absolutely yes, in my opinion. The job of a computer is to enhance my life, by making my work easier, my entertainment richer, my X more Y, what have you. Any time that I have to sit and wait for something to run lessens that positive effect. The cost of multi-core CPUs is quite low, and on my current dual-core I quite often have both cores cranking at a mid-range percentage. That will only increase - another of the 'fringe' cases you mention is digital audio workstations, with virtual instruments and effects. These are effectively multiple separate programs, performing heavy calculations to render audio, running simultaneously. For my current needs my dual-core is fine, but if I get into more complex compositions, I'll certainly be able to make good use of a quad - or larger - core.
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