Re: delphi without dfm

Francisco Sanchez wrote:

> we have a library which does exactly that: compresses, encrypts and
> obfuscates dfms. It's called Citadel (

Very Interesting.

Are there any known issues (Vista etc)
Can the component be used for encrypting other resources (such as bitmaps,
incorporated into the executable using $R) as well

Also, I notice the latest version is for Delphi 2006, not 2007.
Will this component also support Delphi 2008 etc

Arthur Hoornweg

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On 2008-04-17, Remy Lebeau (TeamB) wrote: > > "Alan Rose" wrote in message > news:48068e79$ > >> Hi I understand some of the memory management routines >> in FasttMM is now in the recent versions of Delphi. > > Not some - all. FastMM is the new memory manager now. The old Borland > memory manager is gone. One can still dl it off BDN. I run D2006 with the old one.
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Given the fact that Embarcadero doesn't own the "" domain, what'll happen to online activation of older Delphi versions -- Arthur Hoornweg (In order to reply per e-mail, please just remove the ".net" from my e-mail address. Leave the rest of the address intact including the "antispam" part. I had to take this measure to counteract unsollicited mail.)
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