Printing from programs written with delphi 2007 for win32

i just switched from D4 to D2007, because D4-programms can not know
the new drivermodel, witch is since w2000. Now i have a HP ColLaserJet
1600 (same as 2600). application can use this printer, the IDE too,
but programms, compiled with D2007 crash. Any ideas

Ernst Gerlach (germany, bad english)

Posted On: Monday 8th of October 2012 05:58:05 AM Total Views:  436
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This one is called - DBA Manufacturing Next Generation It is a very software for manufacturing firms. It is like an ERP but bloated though and works like a charm. I have downloaded the freeware single user version of DBA though. I am currently evaluating it and borrowing a few UI ides from it for my own soon to be released software! Do check it!
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Hi! Does anyone know if it's possible to interact with the formdesigner via OpenTools API I would like to create a plug-in that prompts me to set a name for each component I add to the form. It would be nice to hav the name set when the component is added instead of having to grab the mouse, select the component and find the Name property in Object Inspector. To add a button would be like this: 1. Press Ctrl+Alt+P to jump to Component Palette. 2. Type TBut and press enter. 3. Enter OkBtn in the dialog that appears and press enter. The dialog should either display the default name or leave it blank so if you just press enter twice it will be as it is today.
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all, I am using the wonderful "synapse" library in many projects. However, Delphi 2007 is causing me problems. Whenever I "build" a project that uses synapse, the IDE throws an error in unit SYNSOCK.PAS that it can't open the included file SSWIN32.PAS because it is in use by another application (which is b###shit). If I edit SYNSOCK, remove the $include directive and copy and paste the complete contents of SSWIN32 in its place, everything works as it should so I have a workaround. Any idea what may cause this -- Arthur Hoornweg (In order to reply per e-mail, please just remove the ".net" from my e-mail address. Leave the rest of the address intact including the "antispam" part. I had to take this measure to counteract unsollicited mail.)
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I am printing out RichEdit content. When I print out I add detail at the begining regarding the printout which I remove after the print. I want a "Page Break" to occur at a set point. What do I insert to the RichEdit to tell it that there is a "Page Break" at that set point
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I'm trying to do something fairly simple. I just need to copy a folder along with all it's contents to another location. Unfortunately the only way I can find to do it is some huge recursive procedure. Isn't there a simple Delphi command to copy/move folder with contents Or failing that is there a simple, and clean recursive script which I can use to copy the folder & files - Dan
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if ( TaskMessageDlg( 'Warning', 'The image has been modified.' + #13 + 'Save ' + ImageEnView1.IO.Params.FileName + '', mtConfirmation, [ mbYes, mbNo ], 0 ) = mrYes ) then or if ( MessageDlg( 'The image has been modified.' + #13 + 'Save ' + ImageEnView1.IO.Params.FileName + '', mtConfirmation, [ mbYes, mbNo ], 0 ) = mrYes ) then shows a dialog with an "!" icon instead of a "". What is wrong RADStudio 2007 Dec update, Windows Vista Premium
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I had a package called "VCLSkin" installed and working perfectly on another machine. They upgraded me and I've spent the last day or so trying to move everything across, re-install applications and so on. One final bit I'm stumped on is the use of this package in my Delphi 7 project. I've followed the instructions, and the controls and package from "VCLSkin" get installed. However, the package is nto selected for my project. So I do this: * Project Options * Packages tab * Find the "VclSkin Design Package" in the list (not selected) * Select this package * Click OK Everything works fine. Then I shut down Delphi 7 and reload, and the package is back to unselected and I have to select it again from scratch. This only happens with this package, not any of the other packages in the list (which store whether they are selected or not). Can anyone help, please
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Actually I'm working on an Delphi wrapper for a 3rd party C++ DLL. Since the DLL still is under development, I would like to keep it in a dedicated directory, together with the compiled packages and test programs. While the applications can find the DLL at runtime, D7 refuses to install the compile time packages, because the DLL is not in the (Windows) search path. Did I miss something, or must all DLL's, used by design time packages, reside in directory on the Windows path DoDi
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I want to create a unix-like filter with stdin/stdout piping. I'm assuming I'll create a Delphi ConsoleApp. I want to use it under linux. I'm hoping I can cross it under Kylix as I have with other Delphi apps. On linux I sort a 5Gig file using the linux sort command (one item per line). I want to stdout the strings in file1 that are not in file2. diff breaks down because it may be a million lines before it finds the match. grep is way too slow. Both files are sorted. If anyone knows a perl or bash script solution I would appreciate it, otherwise I'll create a kylix filter. Does anyone have a console template to pick args off the command line in a unix like way (supporting -, --, and 'stacking options': -a -b -c as -abc (It has to work under kylix as well.) TIA